Deal With Arthritis Pain and Stiffness Naturally

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Arthrit-Eze is the most advanced formula on the market today. It offers potential relief and rejuvenation for all forms of Arthritis, safely, naturally and without side effects.

We developed Arthrit-Eze in response to customer requests for an effective formula to help relieve arthritic pain and to target the underlying cause of the pain. Our aim with this product is to help address:

* The root causes of Arthritis
* Restoring cartilage and Glutathione depletion
* Increasing mobility
* Reduce joint inflammation, swelling and stiffness
* Target the cause of pain and provide long-term relief
* Protect and RESTORE affected joints
* Increase immune support and even improve skin condition.

Arthritis is not a ‘natural part of aging’. Over 100 forms are preventable and potentially curable. Providing the body with the correct nutrients to help this process is a significant step in the right direction in achieving this objective.

Benefits of Arthrit-Eze

Usually a natural ‘arthritis supplement’ contains only a few ingredients to either support the regeneration of cartilage, or perhaps some other substances that may help reduce pain through reduction of inflammation.

In most cases these products are a combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, and with some people these ingredients are all they need, so they are a logical first choice as these substances are inexpensive. However, if your problem is severe, and/or Glucosamine has not been effective for you, then it would be prudent to try our Arthrit-Eze.

Why? Well, what we have done is designed this formula like no other in the market. We have addressed:

* Multiple symptoms and causes of a wide variety of arthritis
* The issue of pain, which generally accompanies these conditions.

Our R & D team has researched each ingredient in the formula…at molecular level to ensure synergy and maximum efficacy and been able to combine it into a single product tablet. It is arguably the most effective natural formula of its type in the world.

Oh…and unlike many prescription products for arthritis, Arthrit-Eze has no negative side effects. …PLUS, consumers report added benefits of better skin, and overall well-being!

Ingredients of Arthrit-Eze

You will find ingredients in Arthrit-Eze that would be rare to find in another natural arthritis formula… mainly because of cost and difficulties of formulations.

Some examples are SAMe, Cetyl Myristoleate, Celery Extract and Phellodendron Bark.

It is not only the cost of the ingredients that is a deterrent to other manufacturers but also the need to protect some of the ingredients as they pass through the stomach to the upper intestine.

For example, SAMe which is a very important ingredient in this formula would be rendered ineffective if released in the stomach.

What our customers say about Arthrit-Eze

All customer comments are authentic. Original copies of customer feedback are on file at our HQ. Should you wish to verify any comments by contacting the customer concerned please Contact Us.

“Chantal, Xtend-Life Arthrit-Eze is an essential part of my health efforts and seem to really be helping me. I am very thankful and grateful…” Kaye

“I just wanted you to know that since I’ve been taking your Arthritis formula I’ve been completely without pain in my knees. This is amazing. I’ve now recommended this product, as well as your Vitamins, to any friends who have arthritis. Thank you for the care you put into delivering excellent products.” Joan, USA

“Just a note to say thank you for Arthrit-Eze. It works. I am 43 now and I had radiation for cancer 5 years ago. My joints deteriorated noticeably along with making horrible grinding noises! After 2 weeks on Arthrit-Eze I am back hiking without pain - my knees work again!! Thank you!” Jennifer, USA

“I’ve only been using the Arthritis supplement for a few days now, but it seems to work. I’ve almost cut out the pain meds I was taking. GREAT!!!!!!!” David, USA

“I have experienced wonderful results from taking Arthrit-Eze and I no longer need to use pain medications to get relief from the secondary osteoarthritis in my knees. Previously I had taken tablet and liquid formulations of Glucosamine without getting any meaningful relief.

Approximately one year ago, I began taking Arthrit-Eze. I followed your recommended protocol of six tablets per day for two months, then three tablets per day starting in the third month….Toward the end of my first month I found that I could walk up flights of stairs without feeling pain in my knees. During the second month I was able to stop leaning on the handrail for support when climbing stairs and I continued to be free of pain in my knees during the following months.” Eric, USA

”I have been using your products for one and a half years now and I tell everyone about them. I have rheumatoid arthritis and your products have helped me so much I can’t tell you. I feel better then I have since I was diagnosed seven years ago and I swear that I have fewer flare ups because of the Arthrit-Eze and Total Balance Womens Plus formulas….Keep up the good work and thank you for making my life much better.” Laura

“I used to take 24-32 ibuprofen pills a day. Now, I might take 2 in the morning to assist with my chronic lower back pain. I always take 4-6 Arthrit-Eze each day.” Brent

“5 years ago I began taking 4 extra strength 750mg/750mg combination of Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Supplements every day to combat the beginnings of arthritis in my left hand. These worked great for about 2 years, but then my problem seemed to worsen and the Supplements weren’t working as well anymore.

So, when we were transferred to China I decided to not bring any of these Supplements with me. Since then I have been basically just toughing it out with Aspirin or Naproxen and experimenting with various arthritis creams until your supplements came out, at which time I decided to give them a try.

I do think that the Xtend-Life Arthrit-Eze formula is helping. As I mentioned earlier, I have been taking 6 per day already for one month now and plan to continue 6 per day for another 30 days before dropping to 3 per day if the supplements are working. I also take extra Tumeric 1/8 tsp, and 1/8 tsp Ginger every day with this product.” Marla, USA

“Hello Lois, thanks for your response. For your information Juan’s wife told me that he’s experiencing less pain now.” Monica, Canada

“Thanks Lois. I’m really impressed with the arthritis formula.” Jane, Canada

“I’m sure you’d like to know about the Total Balance Womens Plus and the Arthrit-Eze…I take 1 or 2 Arthrit-Eze half to one hour before going to bed at night. Here in Melbourne it is getting cold and sometimes icy. That is when I suffer with throbbing pains in the legs, arms, hands and sometimes hips and thigh areas. The Arthrit-Eze has done the job most efficiently. I am now enjoying a full sleep every night. The Total Balance Womens Plus is effective for the muscle pain that I get after manual labour in the garden. It does the job superbly…” Diana, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arthrit-Eze?

Arthrit-Eze is a revolutionary new product from Xtend-Life. It is designed to work on the causes of joint pain, stiffness, inflammation and joint disfigurement instead of just masking the symptoms.

It is also designed to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and many associated conditions. It encourages the body to restore its own essential healing to improve joint flexibility and overall health.

What are the benefits of taking Arthrit-Eze?

Arthrit-Eze targets the cause of your symptoms to achieve long-term pain relief. It combines 31 key ingredients to form an advanced formula never before achieved.

It is an all-in-one complementary formula, allowing you to reduce the number of separate supplements and other medications taken.

Xtend-Life uses an enteric coated delivery system to ensure all ingredients are absorbed in the right place at the right moment, achieving maximum effect.

Xtend-Life’s manufacturing system guarantees all ingredients are fresh and of the best quality. We supply direct to our customers and do frequent production runs. This is quite unique in the supplement industry.

Prior to manufacturing, sensitive raw ingredients like specialized enzymes and SAMe are held in our chillers at 4 degrees Celsius. This ensures full potency is maintained (after these ingredients are incorporated into the tablets they are no longer heat sensitive).

Is Arthrit-Eze safe?

Yes. Arthrit-Eze is made of 100% natural ingredients. It has a specific combination and dose of Vitamins, minerals, Amino Acids, essential enzymes, herbal extracts and other natural supplements. Each ingredient has undergone vigorous clinical studies for evidence of it’s benefit to the human body, then has been carefully incorporated into the formula by experts to ensure maximum effect.

The interactions of active ingredients are studied at molecular level to make certain they are compatible and able to enhance each other’s effects.

How many tablets are in a bottle of Arthrit-Eze?

There are 90 tablets in each bottle.

Does Arthrit-Eze require a prescription?

No. Arthrit-Eze is completely natural and does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients.

How many bottles do I need to purchase to see a difference and how long will it take Arthit-Eze to work?

To see the most rapid results we suggest you follow our ‘recommended protocols’ incorporating Arthrit-Eze, and Omega 3 DHA / Esters.

An even better option is to also incorporate Xtend-Life Total Balance as part of an ‘Intensive’ protocol for best results.

You may need to use as many as 5 bottles over 3 months in order to begin feeling the potential benefits. Each person is individual however and you may experience faster or slower results depending on your health status.

If after following the recommended protocol benefits are not noticeable you may refer to our conditional 100% money back guarantee offer.

Are there any discounts for bulk purchases?

Our policy is to keep our selling price at the lowest possible level to ensure customers get maximum value for money. However, we do offer a genuine customer loyalty program for those customers who order regularly. This program provides product discounts and shipping subsidies.

There are a large number of ingredients in Arthrit-Eze, why is this?

Xtend-Life’s R & D team have spent time researching thousands of clinical trials to find an exact regimen of ingredients. These have been formulated in a specific way to complement and enhance each other, providing optimum results never before achieved.

On their own, each ingredient will only be moderately effective in treating the symptoms or the underlying causes of joint disorders. Working together however, in a precise combination and dose, each ingredient complements the other for the best results.

Each ingredient has been examined at molecular level and formulated with others to work in a particular way to ensure the desired effects.

Do you have any proof that these ingredients work?

Yes. All ingredients in Xtend-Life Arthrit-Eze have been vigorously studied for their molecular and structural benefits and beneficial interactions.

They have consequently been manufactured precisely to suit the requirements of people suffering from arthritic symptoms and related conditions.

Are there any side effects associated with taking Arthrit-Eze?

Arthrit-Eze is a complete natural product, therefore the potential for negative side effects is greatly reduced and in most cases even eliminated. Some people can still have reactions to particular ingredients however and conflicts with prescription medications can occur.

Can Arthrit-Eze be taken while Pregnant or nursing?

Other than our Omega 3 formula, we are not able to recommend any of our supplements to women who are Pregnant or nursing. If you are in this situation and wish to take this product please consult your personal physician before use.

Will Arthrit-Eze interfere with other prescription medications?

Many chemical and synthetic drugs will interfere with natural ingredients and vice versa. It is always recommended to consult your physician prior to adding any supplement to your medication regimen. Alternatively, you may Email Us for advice on any concerns you may have.

Does Arthrit-Eze contain hormones or steroids / any chemical or synthetic ingredients?

No. Arthrit-Eze is a high quality advanced natural supplement, 100% guaranteed. It contains only ingredients the body needs and/or produces, at specific levels and in a precise combination, to encourage natural systemic healing and increase overall well being.

I am a highly allergic person, especially to shellfish, will Arthrit-Eze affect me?

Unfortunately, Arthrit-Eze contains Green Lipped Mussel extract an N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine, which is made from crabshell, and so will not be suitable for you if you suffer from such Allergies.

I am taking Ibuprofen and Naproxen (Naprosyn) as prescribed by my GP. Is it safe to take Arthrit-Eze with this?

As Arthrit-Eze is an all-in-one natural product it should be safe to take with these and most other pharmaceutical medications. However, as with all medications you should discuss taking this supplement with your physician. We also recommend leaving a 3 - 4 hour gap between taking Arthrit-Eze and any prescription medication.

I have a problem with Lupus erythematosus, will I notice a difference?

Yes, it is very possible you will notice quite a difference. Lupus is a condition associated with arthritis and arthritic symptoms and, as with many autoimmune and joint degenerative conditions, Arthrit-Eze will work to ease common symptoms like pain, swelling, limited movement and chronic inflammation, and at the same time help restore joint condition and increase the body’s Immune System.

I am taking other nutritional supplements and natural medications, is this ok?

Although there is generally no problem with taking additional remedies from other suppliers it is usually unnecessary as Xtend-Life have combined Arthrit-Eze, Total Balance and Omega 3 Fish Oil protocols to cover most peoples’ needs.

You can of course still add other supplements, whether they are from us or from someone else. It is important to remember that an excess of additional supplements or particular ingredients can cause negative results, and in severe cases become detrimental to your health. Xtend-Life product ranges are designed to be taken in combination, eliminating these risks.

What else can I do to help alleviate my Arthritic symptoms?

There are many things that can be done to help ease the pain and discomfort caused by joint disorders.

Many people find that relaxation techniques help to relax muscles and ease Tension. Reiki has proven effective, as have certain types of massage and acupuncture, as well as regular exercise such as swimming, Yoga and Pilates.

It is essential to ensure your diet and nutritional regimes are of the best quality and are made up of nutrients helpful in easing your symptoms. A qualified Nutritional Consultant will advise on specific foods to eat and which to avoid dependent on your particular health status.

Simply following a healthy balanced diet is a good start. Consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat more sulfur-containing foods such as asparagus, eggs, Garlic and onions (sulfur is needed to repair and rebuild bone, cartilage and connective tissues) and avoid excess fat from milk, dairy products and red meat.

Other good foods include green leafy vegetables (supplying vitamin K), whole grains, oatmeal, brown rice and fish. Also pineapple (containing Bromelain to help reduce inflammation), fiber (e.g. ground flaxseeds), oat bran and rice bran.

Can I get ongoing advice and help from Xtend-Life?

Yes. Xtend-Life experts are here to answer any questions you have regarding their products and their uses for your condition. Please Contact Us anytime for further help.

Arthrit-Eze has been proving so effective that we have put together a special guarantee for this product.

Special Money Back Guarantee

To ensure you can try Arthrit-Eze with total confidence, Xtend-Life offer you a 100% money back guarantee on this formula for customers following the below criteria:-

* The guarantee applies only to customers following our Arthrit-Eze doses and protocols, in accordance with our recommendations - 6 tablets a day for the first 2 months, reducing to 3 tablets a day for the 3rd month, plus at least 2 Omega 3 DHA / Ester soft gels per day, or the Intensive Arthrit-Eze protocol which includes Total Balance as well.
* If no relief or benefits have been noticed after this 3 month period customers may complete a claim form and fax it to us. This includes a signed declaration that they have followed our recommended protocol. Upon receipt of this we will, within 2 business days, issue a 100% refund on the Arthrit-Eze formula only. We will not make any deductions for shipping or handling.
* Customers have 12 months from the date of purchase to make this claim, but refund liability is limited to cover the first 3 months only and is limited to 5 bottles of Arthrit-Eze. Our standard return policy of a refund for returned unopened bottles still applies to this product.

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