Are your Arteries likely to kill you?

We are bombarded constantly with messages about how important low levels of cholesterol are to good heart health. But, this is really only part of the story.

If you are going to remain clear of cardiovascular disease you have to address much more than just cholesterol. You have to ensure that you are nourishing your heart with the nutrients that it needs to remain strong and healthy.

In addition, you have to do everything possible to remove any build up of deposits in your arteries which will cause blood flow restrictions which may lead to not only high blood pressure but also a heart attack. Of equal, or even more concern than a potential heart attack is the prospect of a stroke, which I personally consider to be worse that a heart attack!

At least with a heart attack you are either dead first time, or, if not then through lifestyle changes, diet and careful supplementation you can generally repair the damage and still enjoy life in the meantime.

However, if you suffer a stroke which impairs not only your movement but also your speech you may confined to a living hell for the rest of your days. Having seen people in this condition I think it would be fair to say that I am a bit paranoid about this condition and would hate to have it happen to either myself or any of my family or friends.

Of course, I hate to see it happen to anyone but I can’t communicate to everyone what may be done to help prevent it.

Because I want to do everything possible to prevent a stroke occurring to myself and those I care about I commissioned Prof. Dr. A. Munem Daoud in 2005 to work on developing a formula which would focus on keeping the arteries clean. He developed a unique formula and we completed the first production run of it just recently.

Even though I don’t have any heart or circulation issues I am now taking a full dose as part of my supplement regime and will do so for at least 6 months. This is for purely preventative purposes as I want to be sure that not only my arteries are as clean as possible and free from debris but also that the same applies to the capillaries in my brain.

We have called this product Cardio-Klenz and it is now available. It can safely be added to your current Xtend-Life supplement regime.

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