Healing With Sound Vibrations

Everything in this universe is made of energy; it is the essence of life itself. Science is only just beginning to speculate as to the immense ramifications of this understanding, through mystics have recognized and spoken of this energy force down through the ages. You might even remember hearing it referred to at various times, as for instance in the movie Star Wars when Luke was told, “Let the Force be with You”.

As of recent times this force has been termed the Universal Energy Field. We, as human beings are part of this energetic system; having what is know as the Human Energy Field which utilizes various means of receiving, moving, transferring, communicating, and integrating these energetic vibrational frequencies throughout our body.

Our Human Energy Field is comprised of three systems:

1, the major and minor chakras of the body,
2, The subtle energy fields or energy bodies that surround the physical body, and
3, the energy meridians within the physical frequencies to the tissues, organs and other systems throughout the body. Our health and vibrancy is determined by our own individual access to, and assimilation of this Universal Energy Field, the ease of movment with which this energy travels, and overall balance these three systems.

Fortunately, we human beings contain unimaginable intelligence that will strive to the best of it’s ability to keep ourselves healthy as long as we maintain balance within our bodies, and life in general, and this is where my work as an energetic healer comes into play. Everything we come into contact with within our environment affects this system, whether this is from internal toxins such as drugs or particular foods, external forces such as stress, various chemical toxins, or the emotional environments we surround ourselves with, even physical accidents and maladies we have incurred throughout lives are all held within our Human Energy Field.

Every attitude, belief, thought, and emotion we carry within ourselves also affects this field. Unknowingly, we can have blocks and interruptions of various kinds all of which hinder this flow of energy resulting in a much less healthy or vibrant physical state of being. My job as a sound healer, is to work in partnership with my client to unblock these energetic systems, healing, clearing, balancing and transforming all areas of their Human Energy Field, allowing for their own internal intelligence to guide them back to perfect health. This can be accomplished through various means, i.e., techniques or energetic applications such as Crystaline Reiki, Spiritual Healing or other hands on healing modalities, by which I use my own energy field to channel Universal Life Force Energy through myself and my hands providing the necessary energy to my clients.

I can also use other Progressive Healing means, again adding extra energy to your system, with such application as color, stones, crystals, aromatherapy, shamanic healing, vibrational yoga therapy, essential oils. All of these things have their own vibrational signature and our Human Energy Field responds to this energetic input.

As far as what you can expect with a treatment, that is almost impossible to say; I have found that every session is unique and special to the individual. I do believe that Great Spirit is guiding each session and knows what the clients needs at the time of the session for their particular situation. It also depends greatly on the receptivity of the client and their willingness to work with me in releasing the blocks or clearing whatever is standing in the way of the healthy state they desire.

I will say that every person I have treated has had a positive experience experience, anywhere from feeling less stressed and more open, to very profound life changing experiences. Even as I work with individuals repeatedly over time, they will experience each session unique unto itself. This is something that I find absolutely amazing, and to me magical in that I have witness my spirit guides at work and see the results that have taken place.

About the author

Charles Lightwalker is a Metis shaman, author, medical intuitive, and healer. For more information visit the web site: www.thefamilyoflight.com.

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