Crystal Properties


It is fossilized resin. Amber absorbs and changes negative energy into positive energy. It calms, purifies, increases motivation and creativity. Amber is a powerful amulet when worn for protection.


This type of quartz has the power to control all types of harmful behavior. It has the power to heal and balance physical, emotional and mental energies as well as clearing the aura. Amethyst is excellent in inducing a calm and peaceful energy to aid in both entering and maintaining a state of meditation. Other attributes include stability, strength, protection against psychic attacks and helps one find freedom from addictive personalities.


This form of Chalcedony is wonderful for healing, courage, renewal, enhances creativity and helps one to be unselfish. The green, red spotted bloodstone is also a prosperity stone. It has been used to facilitate admittance to the spiritual realms of the ancestors, providing an open avenue of communication.


This form of Chalcedony stimulates analytical capabilities and precision. It also relieves feelings of anger or hatred when worn near the heart by instilling powerful sensations of well-being. Carnelian can also relieve sexual tension by redirecting energies stored in the reproductive center of the body; it can also stimulate sluggish sexual energies.

Cat’s Eye

This form of Quartz or Chrysoberyl enhances awareness, stimulates intuition and may be used to see into the future or communicate with the spirit world. Cat’s Eye has also been used to increase longevity, bring prosperity, happiness, serenity and luck.


This form of Quartz is very special in that it does not hold and accumulate negative energy but dissipates and transmutes it. Because of this, it never needs clearing or cleansing. Citrine stimulates mental focus and endurance. It promotes inner radiance making for a constant happy disposition.


Copper has been used successfully to transmit thought and provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies. It also stimulates initiative, optimism, diplomacy and independence.


Diamond has been used to remove voids from one’s aura and to fill the emptiness with a pure and loving energy. It inspires creativity, ingenuity, inventiveness, inspiration, faith, endurance and helps to manifest abundance in all areas of one’s life.


This form of Beryl increases creative imagination, prosperity, love and fertility. It also instills sensitivity and loyalty within the self, domestic bliss, enhances memory and brings harmony to all areas of one’s life.


Garnet enhancer’s one’s internal flame to bring out creative energies. It also aids in love, purification, cleansing and the elimination of things in disorder.


Hematite is an excellent grounding stone. It encourages one to reach full potential, assists in balancing body, mind and spirit along with mental attunement.


Jade helps to remember and understand dreams. Set in gold or silver, it is thought to prolong life and bring riches to the wearer. Jade also inspires and brings ambition toward completion of goals. Other attributes include confidence and self-sufficiency.


This type of Chalcedony may be used for nurturing, stabilizing the aura and aid in safe astral travel. Red Jasper is for protection, Yellow Jasper clears the mind and Brown Jasper aids in concentration and may be worn for grounding and centering.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli expands awareness, attunes to creativity, fine-tunes the feelings and instincts, helps to overcome depression, protects and enhances a state of serenity. It also assists in entering other realms with wisdom to understand the information received. Deep azure-blue, pyrite-streaked stones are powerful healing medicine when worn with purposeful intent.


Malachite exudes maternal love and warmth and is often used for healing purposes, however it absorbs negativity therefore requiring a thorough cleansing and recharging after each use. It also enhances one’s psychic abilities and aids in one’s spiritual evolution. Malachite clarifies emotions and helps one accept responsibility for one’s own actions.


Moonstone stimulates confidence and composure along with understanding through intuition and emotions. It cleanses the chakras and enhances all feminine aspects of one’s nature bringing calmness coupled with awareness. Moonstone is trance inducing and may be used for all divinatory work. Its other attributes include balancing and new beginnings.


Obsidian is useful in healing providing clarity to both the subject and the healer. It is also an excellent grounding and protective stone. Along with these attributes each type of Obsidian also has their own specific qualities.

* Apache Tear - promotes comfort in times of grief and forgiveness.
* Black - induces creativity.
* Grey - aids in tact and cooperation.
* Brown - increases initiative and independent thought.
* Blue/Green - helps one speak and understand from the heart.
* Electric Blue Sheen - (black that contains radiance of electric blue) promotes patience and tolerance. It is an excellent third eye stone as it stimulates intuition and enhances awareness. It also has protective qualities.
* Gold Sheen - helps to identify the heart of a problem.
* Green - stimulates and cleanses the heart chakra.
* Mahogany - provides strength in times of need by stimulating growth of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual centers. It increases vitality to fulfill one’s aspirations.
* Purple - enhances the growth of the spiritual self.
* Purple Sheen - helps to see beyond the immediate reality, promotes psychic ability and stimulates clarity.
* Rainbow - induces light, love, happiness and gratification.
* Red - enhances stability in ones physical attributes and brings validity to one’s being.
* Silver Sheen - helps to see the self as others do.
* Snowflake - helps to recognize unnecessary patterns in life and redesign one’s thought patterns to provide relief from undesired conditions. It also aids in purity and balance to the body, mind and spirit.


This form of Chalcedony is a powerful grounding stone that aids in concentration, absorbs negativity, banishes grief, enhances self control, stimulates wise decision making, encourages happiness and good fortune along with being a good choice for protection.


The main aspect of this stone is balance. It may crack if the wearer is stressed, in danger or just out of sync. Opal helps to recognize and feel creativity within oneself along with inspiration, imagination and mystical qualities. It may render the wearer invisible by bringing one the quality of “fading into the background.”


This type of Sea Shell has a soothing effect and helps the wearer overcome obstacles. It tends to absorb negative energy and must be cleared before wearing. Pearl also induces faith, charity, innocence, focus and enhances personal integrity.


Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy, regulates cycles (physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and life), along with being excellent for healing and protection.

Quartz (clear)

Quartz crystals have been used in magical and healing rituals since the beginning of time as we know it. Quartz crystal can create altered states of consciousness as well as unlocking abilities of the mind. It can be used to clear and activate energy centers of the body attuning well to the heart and third-eye chakras. Quartz purifies the physical, mental and spiritual self along with healing inner negativity transforming it into positive thoughts and feelings. Whether the clear quartz is carried, worn, or simply in one’s environment, it’s magick and energy remain attuned to the one with whom it is connected.

Rose Quartz

This crystal emits a gentle and calming energy that can bring harmony to a chaotic situation. Rose Quartz is especially helpful in matters of the heart and learning to love one’s self as it promotes feelings of love and happiness.


This form of Corundum encourages one to follow their bliss, promoting creativity and the ability to expand beyond oneself. Ruby stimulates the heart chakra while leading the emotions toward nurturing, spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth. It is also an excellent shielding stone, protecting the wearer on all levels.


This form of Corundum aids in eliminating frustration and allowing for the fulfillment of dreams and desires. Sapphire can also be used to remove unwanted thoughts by opening one’s mind to beauty and intuition. It is said that sapphire has the power to counteract negative witchcraft and attract good spirits and that star sapphire (milky or grayish blue) is the best guard against the evil eye.


Silver provides a very strong connection between the physical and astral bodies giving the wearer assurance that they may always return home from the astral plane. Silver smoothes out the roughness of one’s personality improving speech and bringing an element of culture to one’s presence.

Smokey Quartz

This crystal can be used to dissolve negative emotions and thoughts allowing positive energy to take its place. Natural Smokey Quartz can protect one from harm along with heightening one’s connection and understanding of Earth and the environment. It is an excellent grounding stone and also promotes personal joy of life.

Tiger Eye

This form of quartz is helpful when clarity is required to intelligently sort through and organize scattered details. It can also enhance psychic ability bringing awareness and perception. Tiger Eye allows one to admire purity and beauty letting one’s passion for life blossom. This crystal may bring prosperity, abundance and financial independence to the wearer.

References include the following:

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Published in 1997 by Llewellen Publications

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