Crystal Healing FAQ

Crystals or gemstones are potent sources of energy which can be used as an aid to healing. During a crystal healing therapy session, universal energy is channelled through the healer and this energy is magnified with the use of crystals.

Each crystal has unique properties that deal with specific issues.

The crystals used in healing are chosen, not by the healer, but by the client�s higher self. This is done by making a connection with the client using a pendulum and a method known as dowsing. There are many methods of healing with crystals. Some, such as relieving a headache or toothache, can take as little as five minutes while full healings can take between 60-90 minutes or longer.

What can crystal healing heal?

Essentially, crystal healing helps you heal yourself. This is not a quick fix or an alternative solution to conventional medicine but a complimentary therapy. Crystal healing works with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual problems with a view to removing the dis-ease and making you at ease with yourself. This in turn will bring relief from physical pain and help you move your life forward.

How does crystal healing work?

Crystal healing works by using the crystals to interact with the energy field that surrounds you and energy points known as chakras. Whilst this is all invisible to the eye, the client usually experiences some physical sensation as energy blockages are moved. Sensations can vary from heat, cold, tingling, heaviness, etc and pain is drawn out.

How can a crystal which is just a lump of rock help the healing process?

Lumps of rock known as quartz are used world wide to power many things from wristwatches to lighters. This example shows that man has already harnessed and used crystal energy in the material world. Crystal healing and uses crystal energy to heal in the metaphysical world but that healing impacts on your physical self at an emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical level.

Do I need any particular belief?

No. Crystal healing has no concern for your religious or spiritual belief. It has even worked for those that are sceptical about such techniques. All you need is the will to work with your healer to heal yourself. The healing process is something that is discussed during your consultation.

How do I choose crystals for myself?

There are many ways to choose crystals: for their beauty, because you are drawn to a particular color, or because the description of a crystal’s energies appeal to you either intuitively or because its characteristics correspond to an issue you are ready to work on.

It can help to make a list of what is missing or what you’d like to have more in your life. Then look at descriptions of crystals.

Why would I clear a crystal?

When you first get a crystal, in order to make it yours you want to remove from it all energy which is neither yours or the crystal’s. After you’ve been working with it for a while you’ll want to remove any energy you may have released into it.

How can I meditate with crystals?

There are many ways. You can simply sit with a crystal in your hand and make feeling its energy part of the meditation. You can place crystals on body areas which correspond to chakra points. You can also meditate with crystals to which you are drawn, either holding them or, again, placing them on your body.

Is it true that a crystal only works for you if someone gives it to you?

No. However, when a crystal is a gift of love it can hold a special kind of energy.

Which are better, rough or tumbled stones?

There’s no overall “better.” When a stone forms into points and clusters, I prefer to use them because their energy has not been altered. Stones which don’t usually appear in such formations, such as chrysocolla, malachite, and rhodochrosite, are often enhanced by being polished. Certainly, they are often more beautiful. When a stone is carved into a shape with particular meaning, i.e., spheres, eggs, pyramids, this can also heighten its power.

What’s the difference between natural crystals and Austrian crystals?

Natural crystals are found in the earth, where they were formed millions of years ago. They come in a variety of mineral compositions, colors, and shapes. Austrian crystals are human-made, and can also be called leaded glass.

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