How and Why Crystals and Stones Work

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by Naisha Ahsian

The Following is an excerpt from the Crystal Resonance Therapy� Certification Training Course. For further information on the course, please visit

This physical universe that we inhabit is a manifestation of the conscious energy that created it. Waves of energy in a multitude of frequencies fill and penetrate every part of the universe. Huge tracts of space that were thought to be empty are actually seething with waves of energy. Some of these waves are of a frequency that is not only a wave, but is also a particle. These frequencies of energy/matter are the foundation of physicality, being the doorway through which energy can be identified as having mass, and therefor, being physical. Some of these particles may be familiar to you, such as the quark, the gauge particle (such as photons and gluons), and the leptons (such as an electron). These particles are called fundamental particles by scientists.

These fundamental particles are affected by the energy around them. For instance, it is the attraction between the proton and electron that form the atom. Many physicists now believe (through observation) that these particles are responsive to the energy of thought– even though the energy of thought has not been classified by science. When fundamental particles interact, they create energy, depending on what type of particles are interacting. For instance, photons carry electro-magnetic interactions. The decay of particles into several particles creates nuclear interaction. There are four types of interaction that have been classified to date. These are strong nuclear, electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and gravitational.

These types of energy form our experiences here on the earth plane. Since these types of energy are only created by the interaction of fundamental particles, we can think of them as being generated by matter. In other words, in order for these types of energy to be existent in our dimension/reality, there must first be fundamental particles present. Now things get interesting!

If fundamental particles can be affected by thought, but do not create thought through their interactions, then thought must be of an energy frequency that is pre-physical, suggesting that thought pre-exists matter. The idea that thought pre-exists matter is fundamental to all types of vibrational healing. From this hypothesis springs the idea that consciousness created our physical universe. The idea that your thoughts create your reality is true to the deepest levels of reality. Your thought (consciousness), literally moves these particles, changing the types of interaction they have, and the forms they manifest.

One of the miraculous things about fundamental particles is that they can change into one another! Photons can change into leptons, which can change into gluons, etc. Each of these types of particles also has its own identifying mass, electric charge, spin, and color. All of these traits are mutable, and particles can take on the traits of other particles as they change from one type to another. It is this change or fundamental interaction that is the basis of physicality. This basic idea of particles changing from one type to another suggests that matter does not have a permanent form at all, but is constantly changing and shifting.

The recent rediscovery of the science of particle physics signaled a time of great change in the consciousness of humanity and the understanding of this limited but wonderful realm we call physicality. The understanding about the very nature of humanity has changed. We, as conscious beings, pre-exist and outlast our physical forms. Our very consciousness influences our reality on the most minute and basic level. We are creators of our physical existence.

With this understanding, we can look at most types of imbalance and healing in a totally different way. Instead of treating a physical being as solely a physical being, and utilizing the gross treatments of physicality, we can now utilize the finer and more subtle treatments of vibrational medicine. This type of treatment influences the very basis of our physical reality– treating the originating imbalances instead of the symptomatic manifestations of the physical world.

When fundamental particles interact, they create energy. The type of energy created by these interactions depends upon the type of fundamental particles that are interacting. Remember that we can direct fundamental particles with the energy of thought. In other words, our thoughts are capable of creating energy on the physical plane. When we practice vibrational medicine with intent, we are directing the interactions of fundamental particles and therefor directing the types and intensity of energy created. These different types of energy can have differing effects upon the way in which a consciousness manifests in physical form.

Similarly, if we switch from the microcosmic view to the macrocosmic view, we can view our own consciousnesses as fundamental particles that are directed by a larger consciousness, and so on back to the source of creation. Like fundamental particles, we also have the ability to completely change our physical form and attributes in order to experience different frequencies of energy when experience fundamental interactions with other particles of consciousness (other beings).

To us, this shift in form primarily occurs when we change our physical form through death and rebirth of the physical body. The other “particles” that we encounter are the other people and beings that we interact with in order to learn our life lessons. When humanity becomes fully conscious in physicality, we may even be able to change our physical form during one lifetime, or perhaps evolve into a different type of being altogether. There is the possibility that the great amount of energy released by the interaction of fundamental particles within a fully conscious being could cause the physical body to become metastable and luminous– in effect, becoming a “light body” or “energy being”. I personally believe that this could be the future of human evolution in the distant future.

When one shifts one’s attention from the physical self and recognizes that the physical self is only one small part of the total consciousness that creates it, one is able to affect the underlying structure of physicality. I’m sure that you have heard of the psychic powers of psychokenisis, which is the ability to move objects with the mind. This power occurs in people who’s natural ability allows them to connect with that frequency of consciousness that can cause kinetic energy to be released from matter. They can, literally, move matter with thought. This is a talent that we are all capable of. Some of us just need more practice than others!

Some people have also been documented as having the ability to create fire by Concentration. By directing their intent, these people can set paper on fire with the energy that is produced from the palms of their hands. There is a sect of Tibetan Buddhist monks that practice a type of energy Yoga that allows them to heat their bodies in freezing cold. These monks are capable of sleeping in the snow in -30� temperatures overnight in the Himalayas. The heightened thermal radiation from their bodies melts the snow around them, and dries freezing wet robes in a half an hour. These monks, through practice, have learned to affect matter so that fundamental particles will interact in order to produce thermal radiation.

So how do all of these very tiny particles gather together to create our physical bodies? Well, that will be explained a little further on in the course. Suffice it to say at the moment that our consciousness is the founder and director of our physical reality. Our own consciousness is an extension of a greater consciousness that creates and directs the basic laws of physicality. Our physical well being depends upon our conscious direction of our physical body; and through conscious thought we are able to direct physicality to take or change form according to our direction.

So, you ask, what does all of this have to do with Crystals? Everything! Lets procede to the next section in order to take a look at how particle physics relates to spiritual healing with Crystals and stones.

So here we are. The great consciousness has created our little consciousness, and we have, in turn, created fundamental particles to build our physical experience with. We know that it is the interaction of these fundamental particles that form our reality. But how does energy change from the level of the greater consciousness through the progressive levels of frequency until it becomes physical? And how does physicality, in turn, affect energy frequencies? The first question must be explored in future lessons, as it is this process of creation from energy to matter that is the foundation of energetic neoteny. The second question, however, has direct bearing on why and how Crystals work in the physical and near energetic planes.

Before I go any further, however, I would like to clarify the way in which I am using the term “physical”. As we have seen previously, the physical plane encompasses not only matter, but also the frequencies of energy that are created by the interaction of fundamental particles. The “physical” plane, then, would consist of fundamental particles and their interactions. The “near energetic” plane consists of those energies that are created by the interaction of the physical fundamental particles. The “true energetic” plane consists of frequencies of energy that pre-exist fundamental particles, and are not generated by them. Such energies would include soul level emanations, higher guidance from pre-physical sources, the pre-physical consciousness (we’ll discuss this more in-depth during our look at energetic neoteny), and all “spiritually” derived frequencies. I have included these definitions in your glossary for your convenience.

So far, then, we have explored the fundamental particles as being the first true bits of matter, and therefor, the building blocks of the physical plane. We know that our conscious thoughts can direct these particles to interact in certain ways that create both forms of matter and energy, thus creating our reality here on Earth. By carrying this understanding to its logical conclusion, we can also deduce that all matter on earth, because it is constructed of fundamental particles which interact, will both carry and generate specific frequencies of energy. This energy is carried through the physical law of Resonance.

Lets go back a bit, and consider what happens when fundamental particles interact. One of the primary building blocks of the universe is the atom. Atoms are communities of fundamental particles that are constantly interacting in a way that causes the entire structure to resonate at a certain level of vibration, and to take on particular physical characteristics. There are a limited number of the types of communities that fundamental particles can join in. Here on earth, we know of 109 kinds of fundamental particle communities that can form. Science has dubbed these types of communities the “chemical elements”. These are represented on the periodic table of elements, which describes the organization of the fundamental particles that make up these communities.

All matter on the physical plane is constructed of these particle communities (atoms). Each of these communities carries a particular frequency of energy. When these atoms join together, they form molecules– which are larger communities of fundamental particles that exist in the same area, resonate together as a whole, but maintain their individual identities. A good analogy for this is that of a city, which is a definable whole, yet it contains many smaller communities that may have their own physical boundaries, language, culture, etc.

Molecules can be either pure or compound. For instance, copper (Cu) is both a chemical element atom, and a metal. When many atoms or communities of copper come together in a copper molecule, it forms as the metal copper. When copper atoms combine with, say, oxygen atoms to form molecules, the result is not copper metal but the mineral copper oxide or Cuprite! The energy or vibration of Cuprite is distinctly different than that of the metal copper. The combination of the copper communities vibration and the oxygen community’s vibration creates a resonant field that is larger and quite different than the individual communities of the compound.

So, we know that each of these atoms has its own vibration. When two communities (atoms) of chemical elements come together, they enter into energetic Resonance with one another; creating a larger field of vibration that is a harmonious blending of the vibrations into a third frequency. All matter that we know of consists of these basic elements that are arranged into different types of larger communities (compound molecules and pure molecules). These can then be classed according to the natural elemental forces of nature. For instance, solid matter is Earth, metastable compounds and fundamental energies are related to Fire, liquids are related to Water, and gasses are Wind.

Remember the law of Resonance? It states that when one system encounters another, similar system, their vibrations must come into a state of Resonance (harmonic vibration). This law also states that the smaller field of vibration will be the one that will be changed to match the larger field of vibration. So, we know that you are composed of many gazillions of communities of atoms that have formed many molecules, and that these molecules have formed you. When you pick up a piece of Cuprite (CuO), the law of Resonance states that the vibration of that piece of cuprite, which is a community of copper and oxygen atoms, will enter into a state of Resonance with the atoms that are of a similar vibration in your own body. In other words, the cuprite will enter into Resonance with the copper and oxygen molecules in your physical body. This will create a larger resonant field between your energy and the energy of the cuprite.

The resonant field that is created within your physical and energetic bodies will then affect other vibrational fields in your body, and a domino or cascade effect is created. With all of your vibratory fields attempting to align with the energy of this piece of cuprite, you would be expected to experience some sort of energetic shift! Especially if you are consciously directing your fundamental particles to enter into Resonance with the fundamental particles of the cuprite.

The symptoms of this energetic shift could be a realignment of the energies of your physical self. You may enter an altered vibratory state where you experience reality from the vibration of cuprite. You may be able to realign your physical body with the vibration of the cuprite, thus stimulating some areas that are particularly aligned with that energy. You may experience new understandings and healing as the vibration “shakes loose” densities and blocks within the energy field. You may find that you can sense that same vibration in other people and through conscious direction, affect their energy fields with the frequency of cuprite that you carry within your own human crystal! You may even be able to access the energy of Cuprite by consciously resonating with the copper and oxygen vibrations in the Earth’s energetic field.

Crystals and stones also affect the physical plane in ways other than by the energy created by the interaction of fundamental particles within the stone itself. Stone and Crystals also interact with light. This interaction is visible to us in the form of color within the stone. The color of a stone is actually a visible interaction between the fundamental particle structure of the stone and the fundamental particles called photons, that carry the energy of light. This interaction between the photons an the stone alters the energy of the light, changing its vibrational frequency, and exhibiting this change as color. When color is introduced into a system, it changes the type of energy that is absorbed by that system; thus changing the way that light affects that system.

The way in which color affects the energy fields of humans is utilized in Color Therapy. This therapy is based on the premise that by introducing controlled frequencies of energy , in the form of color , into the energetic field or environment of a person, one can change the emotional and physical experiences of that person. Because of the incredible range of beautiful color in stones, they are uniquely suited to be natural sources of Color Therapy.

The effects, then, of Crystals and Minerals on the physical body are very real and scientifically based. Of course, the idea that consciousness directs fundamental particles in their actions has not yet been proven, but it certainly has been theorized based on observations and experiments conducted by particle physicists and quantum theorists. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that through consciously directing our interactions with stones and Crystals, the elemental forces, and our own human crystal, we are able to greatly accelerate or ability to effectively heal and balance energies on the Earth plane.

We will discuss the theory and technique of conscious Resonance in the chapter on Resonance. Suffice it say that, even if you were to pick up a stone and not consciously enter into Resonance with it, the effects would still be there but may not be as pronounced. Many of you may have found that when you were first drawn to working with Crystals and stones, there were some stones that you were able to feel, and some stones that you were not able to feel. Probably after much time spent in practicing (consciously or unconsciously) how to feel a stone’s energy, you are now able to feel the energy of most types of stones. If you are not, don’t worry! Remember, this course is about teaching you to fish– and part of that is about learning to consciously attune to the energy of any stone you come into contact with– be it a crystal or a river rock.


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