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Chakra Energy Worker E-Course

Ever feel out of sorts? Wonder why people are always taking advantage of you? Do you want to feel balanced and in harmony with your body?

Well, if so, than this course can help you to identify problems areas in your life and show you how to bring balance back into your life. Easy to learn-Easy to do techniques to add life to your years!

This course will teach methods of activating, balancing, and cleansing the Chakra system.

The Chakras form a holistic system within the body. When one chakra is affected, the others become affected as well. They all work together as one. Discover each chakra’s name, color, mantra, element, sound, etc.

The whole purpose of becoming familiar with the Chakra system is to help us integrate wholeness within ourselves. We can then bring physical, mental, emotional, and subconscious aspects of health into our lives.

Course Cost

Basic Course:$59.00 With Certificate Option: $77.00

Course Lessons

  1. Introduction into Chakras - Learn how methods of activating and closing Chakras. Use techniques to cleanse and harmonize chakras. Introduction into the seven planets, the seven elements, and the seven rights.
  2. The Root Chakra - Known as the “Base”, “Root”, “Seat of Kundalini”. This center is our will to love-to Survive. It is our “grounding” root through which we gain power, stability, and growth.
  3. The Sacral Chakra - This Chakra center provides us with an ease in sharing our emotions with others and our individuality
  4. The Solar Plexus Chakra - Find your power for compassion, charity, and true justice. Here we have the ability to take action.
  5. The Heart Chakra - This is the chakra where our sense of “wholeness” originates. A balance between the spiritual and the physical.
  6. The Throat Chakra - Transforming our emotions into health creative expressions. Our ability to express ourselves.
  7. The Brow Chakra - This chakra is our source of intuition, insight, and clairvoyance.
  8. The Crown Chakra - This Chakra provides us with the sense of Oneness and Unity with the Divine.

Optional Certificates Awarded

  1. Certificate of Attendance
  2. Certificate of Class Participation
  3. Certificate of Appreciation
  4. Certificate of Merit
  5. Certificate of Outstanding Achievement
  6. Certificate of Academic Excellence

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