Chakra Correspondences

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-Root Chakra
Base of spine; low abdominal area.
Hematite - general healing & balancing, focuses energies
Obsidian - general healing, removes blocks
Cinnamon Oil

-Sacral Chakra
About 2 inches below belly button.
Carnelian - health, emotional balance, well being
Peach or Pink Aventurine - balances mind, body & aura
Orange Oil

-Solar Plexus Chakra
About 2 inches below the sternum.
Tiger Eye - prosperity, well being
Yellow Jasper - Circulation, digestion
Lemon Oil

-Heart Chakra
Chest at heart level.
Rose Quartz - comfort for the soul, improves Circulation
Green Aventurine - gives courage, improves patience
Rose Geranium Oil

-Throat Chakra
Hollow area of throat, just above the rib cage.
Blue Tiger Eye - heals the throat area, helps align the spinal column
Blue Lace Agate - anchors spirit to body, assists with clear communication
Ylang Ylang Oil

-Third Eye Chakra
Top of nose area, between the natural eyes.
Sodalite - increases self-awareness
Lapis - stimulates emotional, mental & physical clarity & purity
Camphor Oil

-Crown Chakra
Top of head, center.
Amethyst - brings spiritual clarity, emotional healing
Snow (white) Quartz - brings pure white energy, helps overcome victim-hood
(can be used where clear Quartz is used, equally effective but gentler)
Lavender Oil

Clear Quartz - can be used with any chakra.
Amplifies energy of any other stone or healing modality.
Clears and amplifies focus.

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