Body Massage

Body MassageMassage therapy is a practice that dates back thousands of years. There are many different types of massage therapy but all have one basic factor in common-they all involve the manipulation of muscle and other soft tissue in the body.

In the United States massage therapy is sometimes part of traditional Western medicine but often it is part of complementary and alternative medicine.

Many people include massage therapy to help treat a variety of health related Strauss and illnesses as well as contributing to general wellness. At this time scientists do not understand what changes happen in the body during the massage and how they might influence overall health however there are specific current studies being done now in order to answer those questions and identify the best possible way a massage might be integrated into health care.

Although the size is hands on, there are very few risks to massage therapy if it’s done appropriately and by a trained massage professional.

However, prior to undergoing any complementary or alternative medicine you should discuss the options with your primary care physician in order to determine if they will negatively affect any underlying medical condition or medication that you may be taking at the time.

Massage therapy happens in an individual treatment session and the term covers over 80 different types of therapy. All of these types of therapy will manipulate muscle and soft tissue using a variety of pressures and movements. Some of the more common types of massage include Swedish message, trigger point massage, foot massage, total body massage, or foot massage.

In a recent survey researchers found that 5% of the 31,000 participants had used massage in the past 12 months. According to the reviews people were using it for a variety of reasons – to relieve pain, rehabilitation after a sport injury, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety or depression and improve feelings of overall wellness.

Technically massage therapy helps to relax muscle spasms relieve tension and improve circulation. Proponents also believe that it hastens elimination of toxins in ways from the body as they are released from storage in the muscles. Massage therapy is actually an ancient art and been known to be in practice are over 3000 years.

Some other benefits that individuals can expect to experience are improved posture, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, and improve flexibility. These are all a result of the massage techniques over the musculature and movement of tendons and ligaments that gives the body greater flexibility and future strength.

Massage therapy given for medical reasons is given using the services of a trained professional. However, body massage can also be beneficial between couples by fostering emotional and physical bonding as well as with infants. The practice of body massage on infants is slowly catching interests in the West because studies have shown that this ensures healthy growth and development as well as improving the bond between parent and child.

Individuals who also suffer from specific medical conditions such as migraines have found significant positive benefits from massage therapies. Massage has also been found to increase alertness which is why many large office complexes use massage therapists for back massages during the day.

Massage has had a long history of beneficial health responses in people over centuries of time. And, while massage therapy should be done by certified therapists, many have polluted the practice into sexual massage parlors. Massage therapy works best when it is done consistently over weeks and months, and though it is done best by a certified therapist, the techniques can also be learned.

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