Balancing The 11 Chakras With Color

Color is used in many forms to heal and aid the sick, diseased and distressed. As a color therapist I use the following color to balance the 11 chakras of the physical and energy body of the person. I always start with the heart chakra, the center of the human form and the seat of the soul. Here are the colors I use to balance the 11 chakras:

Heart Chakra: Green (4th) Green is the color of harmony and balance. It is good for tired nerves and it helps with the heart area. It will balance the emotions and bring about a feeling of calmness. Green is a good general healing color because it stimulates growth so it is good for helping heal broken bones, regret of tissue of all kinds. Green is a good color for pregnant women to help create an atmosphere of serenity and calm. Too much green may create more negative energy if there is some already present in the person being treated.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow (3rd) Yellow is the color of intellect and it is used for mental stimulation; it will help you think quicker. It is good for clearing a foggy head. To help cure dermatitis and other skin problems and again it must be used carefully because it is very stimulating and could cause exhaustion and depression.

Throat Chakra: Blue (5th) Blue is the color of truth, serenity and harmony by helping to soothe the mind. Blue is good for cooling, calming, reconstructing and protecting. Blue will help feverish conditions; it will help stop bleeding and will help with nervous irritation. It is very good for burns. Too much blue could leave you cold, depressed and sorrowful.

Sacral Chakra: Orange (2nd) Orange is also a color of energy. It is used to increase immunity, to increase sexual potency, and to help in all digestive aliments, chest and kidney diseases. Orange will give a gentle warming effect if used lightly. Orange, like red should not be used for too long. It is not a good color for nervy people or people easily agitated

Third Eye: Purple (6th) Purple is color that will connect you with your spiritual self. It is good for mental and nervous problems. It will assist very well with rheumatism and epilepsy. Helps with pain, is used in deep tissue work and helps heal the bones. Too much purple and you don’t tend to live in this world!

Root Chakra: Red (1st) Red is the color of energy, vitality, and power. It can be used to reduce pain and to warm cold areas. Red is a powerful agent for healing diseases of the blood or circulation. It will help with depression. Red is not to be used on people who have high blood pressure or anxiety. If you stay under the red ray for too long or are exposed to red for a considerable time, it will make you very agitated or even aggressive.

Crown Chakra: Indigo (7th) Indigo is a higher aspect of blue, so it will have all the attributes of blue plus it is very good for the head. It will clear a congested head to allow a clearer path for the conscious to the spiritual self. It is used for the diseases of the ears, nose and eyes. Plus it is very good for sinuses. Indigo is a good astringent and it is a good purifier. Too much indigo could give you a headache and it could make you very drowsy.

Omega Chakra: Infrared (8th) Infrared is a more intense form of red. It helps to keep one’s boundaries by protecting one from psychic and physical attack

Alpha Chakra: Lavender (9th) Lavender is the color of equilibrium; it helps with spiritual healing. It is used as a tranquilizer and it will aid sleep. It is a color of replenishing and rebuilding. It is like a tonic for the body. Too much will make you very tired and disoriented.

Terra Chakra: Silver (10th) Silver is the color of peace and persistence. It is the major purging color so it is very good for removing unwanted diseases and troubles from the body

Angelica Chakra: Gold (11th) Gold is the strongest color to help cure all illnesses. Gold strengthens all fields of the body and spirit.

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