Aura Reading & Cleansing

The color energy that surrounds us are ever changing based on how we are “inside ourselves.” Physical, mental, and emotional situations show through the colors of our Aura.

The word “aura” is but another name for “forcefield” or “radiation.” Every substance in the universe has a radiation or aura — and the auras of minerals, plants and animals as well as human bodies have special characteristics.

In it’s basic form, it embodies seven major layers powered through seven major energy centers called Chakra and is energized by the Kundalini which is the storehouse of Vital energy situated at the base of the spine. Vital energy should flow naturally up the spine with some energy radiating out of each Chakra with most rising through the Crown Chakra at the top of the head.

The science and art of medicine that was initially one, and then split into two, are now approaching reunion. The healing science that became traditional medicine and alternate medicine is slowly becoming the healing sciences. The history of this topic is extensive — extending back thousands of years.

5000 years ago, ancient spiritual tradition of India spoke of a universal source of all life. The energy called “prana.” This Universal energy is the breath of life which moves through all forms to give them life. Yogis work with this energy with breathing techniques, meditation, and physical exercise to produce altered states of consciousness and longevity.

3,000 years ago, the ancient “Qigong” masters in China were practicing their meditative discipline to balance and invigorate the human energy field. They called this vital energy that pervades all forms, both animate and inanimate, “Qi”. The Qi is the vital energy of the body; while gong means the skill of moving this Qi and working with it. Practitioners use mind control to move and control the Qi to not only improve health and longevity, but also to enhance awareness, psychic powers, and spiritual development.

The ancient Qigong masters also developed Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and the martial arts. In addition, they made the first model for acupuncture. Acupuncturists insert needles, or use moxa, or put magnets at specific acupuncture points to balance the yin and yang of the human energy field. When the Qi is balanced, the entity has good health. When the Qi is unbalanced, the entity has poor or impaired health.

The Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical teachings written about 538 B.C., calls these energies the Astral light. Later on, Christian paintings and sculptures show a halo around the head of Christ and other spiritual leaders. Similarly, we see this halo on statues and paintings of Buddha, and also see energy or light coming from the fingers of many of the gods of India.

In fact, there are references made to the phenomenon of the human energy field (HEF) or the aura of the body, in 97 different cultures.

The Aura can be seen in two distinct ways. One way is by actually training the eyes to see it (unless you are given the gift to see them) and the other way is with Kirlian photography. This is a photographic process that captures the auras or biofields of persons or objects within the photograph.

There seems to be no evidence that Kirlian photography is a paranormal phenomenon. Some experimenters think it reveals a physical form of psychic energy. Another theory is that it reveals the etheric body, one of the layers of the aura thought to permeate all animate objects.

Seeing the Aura

* Although not all people are aware of their aura-seeing ability, all of us sense auras through a combination of perceptions at the subconscious, instinctual level.
* Anyone can be taught to see an aura by squinting their eyes, blurring their vision in a dimly lit area.
* Raise your arm out, holding your hand in front of you. Now, simply move your hand slowly from left to right, back and forth while watching the energy above and around your hand that moves with it. This will give you a better sense of the amazing power, which generates from your source.

The Colors of the Aura

* The colors of the aura provide a guide in understanding our emotions, consciousness, energy processes and centers.
* Red, yellow and orange: these are warmer colors and denote extroversion, expressiveness, practicality and vitality.
* Blue and green: these cooler colors generally show more sensitivity, peacefulness, as well as, an inward and intuitive nature.
* Violet and white: symbolizes a vivid imagination, magic and a spiritual orientation towards life. It tells you that you are, or have the ability to be connected to the one consciousness. It is the highest and truest ability to be one with the spiritual, allow great insight, vision and clarity.
*Black is a color often shrouded in confusion. Many individuals shy away from Black or using Black, especially when using Color Therapy. Black is actually a protective color. It can be used to calm and ground extremely sensitive people. It activates the feminine or magnetic energies of the body, strengthening them. It should be used sparingly for too much Black can cause depression or aggravate emotional and mental condtions. Black is most effective when used in conjunction with White which balances the polarities of an individual. It can activate the level of the subconscious which can put life in it’s proper perspective.

A body that may have a Black Aura is usually a body without life. The light is gone from the body. Also remember, Black contains the entire color spectrum. It is just not visible to the human eye.

Reading the Aura

When reading an aura by sight or with Kirlian photography :

* The right side: emphasizes the masculine energy. The recent past or that which is leaving you.
* Center and above the head: best expresses what you are experiencing right now.
* The left side: emphasizes the feminine energy. The near future or that which is coming into your life.

The Shape of the Aura

* If it is bright and extended widely around you, this means that you are feeling happy, optimistic and good about life.
* If it is dark and narrow, this could mean that you are depressed, ill, listless or afraid.
* If it is even on all sides, this means that you are well balanced and consistent.
* If you see gaps or holes in your aura, this usually symbolizes a loss or a will to let go of something significant.


There is a rhythm to life! From the beat of our hearts to the beat of the streets, everything around us is set to it’s own timing. There is a natural tendency in nature towards harmony. When something is not in sync, has dissonance or dischord, we know it and can sense or feel it. This creates disharmony between two people or a person and their environment.

When our energies are in sync, this resonance is very apparent. For example, being near someone who is calm, often makes us calm. Being in someone’s home that is arranged beautifully, can create a sense of peace. Women who tend to live in close proximity to one another, often become in sync with their menstrual cycles. Couples in a relationship tend to start talking, acting and even looking like each other after time. These are all examples of entrainment.

Creating Harmony Entrainment is an active process. By changing your rhythm and it’s frequency, this changes your vibration.

Here are some great exercises and tips for creating harmony in your life NOW!

1. Deep breathing: Slow rhythmic breathing allows you to decrease your heart rate, respiration and therefore, slowing down brainwaves, altering the overall state of your body.
2. Humming: Humming with your own voice can improve health, greatly reduce stress, release negative emotions, strengthen immune system, increase energy and improve self-confidence. This allows you to tune into our own vibration and create peace.
3. Meditation: Fold your hands in your lap and close your eyes, right where you are. Take a few slow deep breaths. Let go of the tension in your neck and shoulders. Focus on a word or phrase (mantra) or follow the rise and fall of your chest.
4. Musical Rhythms: music is one of the best ways to create harmony in your life. Find music, which suits the mood you wish to create. Slow and relaxing, sensual and romantic, fast and energetic. Music naturally entrains the mood of the soul.
5. Color Therapy: By concentrating on a particular healing color, it is the visualization of that color that will be projected. If we focus on a color, the energy emanates from our body and begins to change the frequency that resonates with that particular color.
6. Energy Cycles: The Cycles in Nature are important when doing any kind of entrainment work. When working with the energy of natural cycles, you are likely to get better results. The cycles of the moon and tides have great power. This influence is not a constant, unchanging thing, however, and an understanding of the basic lunar cycles can help us to understand how these cycles influence our lives.
7. Understand Your Biorhythms: Biorhythms are a method to predict three cycles in your life based on your birthday. These cycles are the physical, emotional and intellectual cycle. Each of these cycles goes through different phases: high, low and critical.
8. Seasonal Healing: is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that it is time to evaluate our health. Our moods and bodies change as the seasons change. Our past cultures have learned how to harmonize their bodies with the world around them.
9. Circadian Rhythm: This is our internal daily biological clock. This clock can be influenced by many different elements, such as light and darkness, time of day and temperature.
10. Exercise: Exercise is what your body instinctively wants to do especially under stress: fight or flight, and it works. It burns off some of the stress chemicals which tension produces.

Therefore, a tired muscle is a relaxed muscle. Regular exercise builds stamina that can help anyone battle stress. But even something as casual as a walk around the block can help you burn off some of the tension that you carrying around.

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