Three Ways to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are wonderful. They are natural, easy to use and can really spice up your life! In fact, people have been using essential oils for centurieslong before you could walk into a pharmacy to purchase expensive medications. People from all over the world have discovered wonderful uses for these great essential oils. If you have never tried essential oils before, then it is time you learn what you can do with them.

You may think that essential oils are only for people that use them in spiritual ceremonies, or for people who shun traditional medical care. This is not true. Essential oils can do so much more for you that they are certainly worth a try. Here is a look at three great uses for essential oils.

Using essential oils for your health: Even people who do go see a doctor on a regular basis, can get a lot of use out of essential oils. Even very common and widely available oils are handy to have around the home for your health. Tea tree oil is probably the most popular. You can use tea tree oil to soothe skin irritations, fight acne and skin blemishes and even help do away with bug bites. Other essential oils can help with congestion and fight off colds. Rub peppermint or eucaplyus on your body with a carrier and it will quickly help break up congestion in your chest. There are many great uses for essential oils that can benefit your health, so learn all you can about these wonderful and helpful oils.

Massages with essential oils: Many people love a good, deep tissue massage. There are lots of spas that specialize in massages, or if you are lucky, you have a partner who will give you a massage now and again. You can ramp up your massage by using essential oils. Either use the oils with a carrier and rub them into your skin, or use them in a diffuser while you are getting a massage and breathe in the scents. Either way, they will benefit you and help you relax. If you have never had an aromatherapy massage, do your research into the types of oils you like. You may find a spa near you that can specialize in these kinds of massage. These types of massage will relax your body and your mind.

Essential oils for aromatherapy: Perhaps the most popular way of using essential oils is through aromatherapy. There are many ways that oils can be used for this purpose. You will first want to find the oils that you like the best and then you will want to use them around your home.

You can even put a fee drops in your bath for a relaxing touch. Look into the different types of diffusers that you can use and you are well on your way of benefitting from aromatherapy and the many essential oils that are on the market.
Once you get the hang of using essential oils, you will love what they do for your mind, body and your spirit.

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