Sensual Massage with Special Essential Oils

What could possibly sound more relaxing than a sensual massage with essential oils? The very thought of getting a good massage with great smelling essential oils can melt away the days worries and stresses. If you have never considered giving or getting an essential oil massage, then what are you waiting for? Here are the basics that you should know.

Massage 101: A massage comes in many forms. The best massage will rub away the tension and help you relax. A massage done properly will have you walking away feeling good, focused and ready to face the day. In fact, many people find that a regular massage can really benefit their well being and stress levels. Add to that some good essential oils and you have a massage recipe for success. Did you know that well chosen essential oils can help with a wide variety of ailments when used in a massage? It is true! Try it and see.

Using essential oils in massage: As mentioned there are many different types of massages that will help your well being and your body. You can choose hot rock massages, massages using nothing but the hands and some that use lotions or crmes. Some of the most popular, however, make use of essential oils. Using essential oils can really set the mood of the massage, too.

Want to feel more energized or sensual? Then choose the appropriate type of oils for your massage. When choosing essential oils for a massage, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. First of all, remember that these oils will work differently for different people. If you dislike a smell of an essential oil, then try another one. There is no solid recipe for using essential oils. Most of it is based on personal preferences, so shop around.

Want to give a sensual massage using essential oils? Perhaps it is your anniversary, Valentines Day or your sweeties birthday. You want to treat them with something special. A massage using the right essential oils is definitely a good start. Start out by choosing essential oils that will put you and your partner in the mood. Sandalwood, anise, cardamom, nutmeg and jasmine top the list as favorites for the romantic side in you.

You will find that sandalwood actually has a scent very close to a human scent and this is quite arousing for some. Others you might try include cinnamon, clove bud and coriander, which has been used in drinks for centuries in some cultures to help the honeymoon along.

Of course, you dont have to just choose one of these enticing scents when it comes to a romantic massage. You can experiment and mix two or three together and find out what works for you and your partner. Some stores sell perfect mixes of oils and sell them as aphrodisiacs. You can also use scented crmes and lotions and burn your essential oils in candles for an extra added touch. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that a sensual massage will be much appreciated.

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