Natural Aromatherapy Spritzer to Energize and Invigorate during Pregnancy

What is MamaGize Pick-Me-Up Spritzer and how can it help you?

Fatigue and feelings of lethargy are common in pregnancy. Although the second trimester may have brought feelings of well-being and vitality, during the third trimester many women feel completely sapped of energy and tired from carrying the extra weight around in their daily activities.

Rest and relaxation, while recommended during pregnancy, is not always possible in the midst of a demanding life, work and family commitments! MamaGize Pick-Me-Up Spritzer contains essential oils of Litsea cubeba, Grapefruit and Mandarin in a spritzer spray. It can be sprayed directly onto the skin to quickly refresh, uplift and energize and is also wonderful used as a space spray.

Use MamaGize Pick-Me-Up Spritzer to:

* Increase energy and stamina
* Decrease anxiety and nervousness
* Energize and revitalize your body and soul
* Regulate sleep patterns and prevent insomnia
* Feel a pampering and uplifting aromatic experience

MamaGize Pick-Me-Up Spritzer contains the following specially chosen pure aromatherapy oils in a convenient spritzer spray:

Litsea cubeba essential oil is derived from the small, pepper-shaped fruits of the May Chang plant and is good for calming anxiety as well as increasing energy. This oil has a fresh, clean scent and is excellent for treating fatigue, lethargy and insomnia.

Grapefruit essential oil has a refreshing citrus scent and is wonderful for reviving and balancing the nervous system. Grapefruit oil also treats stress-related symptoms including headaches and exhaustion. Has excellent detoxification properties.

Mandarin essential oil is a soothing and uplifting essential oil. It has balancing and stimulating properties and is also known to regulate emotions. This oil will help regulate sleep patterns and soothe anxiety and nervousness.

How do I use MamaGize Pick-Me-Up Spritzer?

Use as a space spray or spray directly onto skin whenever you need to for refreshing and uplifting results. Avoid face, especially eye area.


‘About 2 months before my due date I began to feel completely exhausted no matter how little I exerted myself in my day-to-day life. I didn’t know how I would last another 2 months feeling so dreadfully worn out and tired. I ordered your MamaGize Pick-Me-Up Spritzer and am thrilled with it so far. When it gets to the stage of the afternoon when I usually want to keel over despite the mountains of work I still need to do, I just spray this spritzer around my office and on my body and I feel almost immediately revitalized.’ Kelly, UK

‘I absolutely love your MamaGize Spritzer! It is miles better than all the coffee I was drinking- both in terms of lasting effects and of course that caffeine isn’t great for my unborn little one. Thank you so much for this lovely feel-good product!’ Jennifer L.

What else is important?

There are a number of other lifestyle measures that will help to keep your energy up during the third trimester. Here are some ideas:

* Eat a well-balanced, healthy diet and make sure you eat regularly without skipping meals.
* Take some regular, moderate exercise like gentle walking or exercise classes designed for pregnant women.
* Get enough sleep at night and rest during the day if you feel tired.
* Take short breaks from your day-to-day activities by putting up your feet and closing your eyes in a quiet place for a few minutes.
* If you have other children, try to work with their schedules by resting or relaxing when they are having a nap.

MamaGize Pick-Me-Up Spritzer is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

MamaGize Pick-Me-Up Spritzer is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief risk-free.

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