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Statements of Fact in Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Youth Chi Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Natural
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Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Authoritative and Comprehensive Guide

The wisdom of 4,000 years of traditional Chinese medicine, with its accompanying philosophies, continues to gain popularity in Western culture even with many Western medical practitioners. In this book, Dr. Lu familarizes us with the thirteen syndromes identified in Chinese medicine but incorporates more familiar Western medical terminolgy. lThe result is a handbook that straddles both traditions. Dr Lu provides treatments for everything from bronchitis, cirrhosis, and chronic hepatitits to hypertention, osteoporosis, and sciatica-conditions that plague us and are often untreatable with conventional Western medical techniques. In addition to providing help for chronic ailments, Dr. Lu offers treatments for problems that affect men or women specifically, with sections on diseases of the prostate gland and impotence, pre- and postnatal care, and PMS and menopause. Also included are guidelines and specific instructIons for using exercises, herbal cures, acupuncture, and food cures that are not as drastic or invasive as Western medicine, yet can Be very effective while producing very few side effects. Many of the techniques not only rejuvenate the body and sustain it when it has undergone long-term stress but also help maintain lifelong good health through the balancing of the body’s complex systems. Both preventative and curative, “Traditional Chinese Medicine” provides an alternative method for achieving and maintaining good health.

  • ISBN13: 9781591201328
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 4 reviews)

List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 12.61

Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Authoritative and Comprehensive Guide Reviews

Review by Alberto Gauthereau:

I like the simplicity of style in this book. Also I notice is well research into the traditional ways of China. You can learn food cures almost for every symptom you now, or if you prefer to learn Chinese diagnosis, go to the Treatment of Common Diseases chapter. There is a chapter on Tai Chi, that explains each exercise and its benefits. Keep it close, this is no novel, you can read and discard. It makes a good companion to Dr. Maoshing Ni “Tao of Nutrition” and to the abundant books by Bob Flaws on Nutrition.

Review by R. Wilson:

This book is the type that is good if you want a quick and easy reference. If you want to get very in depth in the theory and philosophy, I would recommend others. This guide offers many suggested remedies for various problems and reminds me of one of those herbal remedies from home books. However, the information is helpful and will definitely give you a nice introduction to Chinese medicine as well as a reference guide to explain and try out some alternative remedies for ailments and even an exercise guide. Overall, if you are interested in the subject, I would recommend you add this book to your library.

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TCM: A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

The Dragon’s WayTo Natural, Healthy, Lasting Weight LossHere at last is the secret to taking off pounds and inches and keeping them off for life. Unlike popular “miracle” diet programs and products, The Dragon’s Way addresses the root cause of your weight problems and offers a remarkable six-week program that shows you how to reach your optimum weight and stay there. The Dragon’s Way is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories that have been practiced for thousands of years. Today billions of people worldwide benefit from this medical system. The Dragon’s Way is not about food restrictions, apetite suppression, or vigorous exercising. It’s about treating the whole person instead of focusing on weight; about how to use ancient energy movements to awaken your healing ability; about showing you how to use food as a healing tool; and about helping you achieve the harmony and balance in your own body that can result in natural, healthy, permanent weight loss.Discover:How the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach differs from diet programsHow this TCM program makes you feel better physically and emotionallyHow stress causes weight problemsHow food cravings signal body needsWhy depriving your body of food leads to further weight gainHealing foods and recipes that help you eliminate excess water and body fatHerbal supplements and energy movements that encourage body harmony and help you avoid excess wieghtAdditional health benefits beyond wieght lossAnd Much More!

  • ISBN13: 9780380809059
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 29 reviews)

List Price: $ 14.99
Price: $ 8.59

TCM: A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Reviews

Review by veggie girl:

The negative review posted by the last person is so totally out of line. You really have to do the exercises and follow the program to understand how wonderful it is. I doubt that person tried the exercises or the eating plan. I will admit, it probably could have been written better, but English is not Nan Lu’s primary language. If you are looking for some “literary masterpiece” it’s not, but it wasn’t meant to be. You need to go past the superficial to the message of the book which is total health. It is unfortunate that it is written with a weight loss title because this book is primary about getting healthy which will inevitably lead to weight loss if you need to lose weight. Even if you don’t need to lose weight this book can help you become healthy. I just recommended this book to my dad who isn’t overweight, but who is a diabetic with high blood pressure. I definitely believe the exercises will be able to help him. That’s what brought me to this page, and when I saw that negative review I just had to respond.

I have been doing the exercises for about 3 or 4 years. They are extremely easy and only take about 20-25 minutes. They are definitely very effective – you can feel the change of energy throughout your whole body after you do them.

When I first bought the book I needed to lose weight. I hit a plateau and could not lose any more weight. This book, along with the video by the same name that I purchsed through his office listed in the book, helped me break the plateau and lose weight and inches. You don’t need the video – you can easily follow the exercises in the book, but I like something to follow along with, like I am taking a class.

The diet is excellent – I didn’t even follow it perfectly (I would have a bowl of high fiber cereal per day with some soymilk besides following the rest of his suggestions) and I still lost weight. Another amazing benefit to the diet is I totally lost my desire for sweets and snacks! If you know me, it’s definitely amazing because I have a very sweet tooth and like my snacks. Because I was eating so well I had no desire at all for junk food. After I lost the weight, I still continued to do the exercises to maintain my weight and my health. There were times when I would do them in my office during my lunch break if I was having a stressful day.

I definitely would suggest to anyone that they try the exercises in this book and if they need to lose weight, then follow the eating plan as well. Peace.

Review by anjlmuzik:

I am currently half-way through Nan Lu’s six-week program and I am pleasantly surprised at how good I feel. Working in the finance industry in NYC can be very stressful, yet my head is clear, I feel calm and balanced, an my body feels much stronger. This program is helpful in addressing much more than weight issues. After only four days of practicing the Wu Ming Meridian therapy (Qigong), an ache I had in my shoulder for a few months disappeared. To date, I’ve lost 5 lbs and 4.5 inches. The exercises are the foundation of the program. They are amazingingly effective for dealing with hunger. In fact, I no longer get really hungry. I like all of the foods on the recommended list and have been so much fun creating my own receipes for my vegtable stir-frys, that I haven’t gotten to the recipes in the back of the book yet. The book does gives you tips on how to get through each week, so you feel supported as you go along. He also explains TCM in very simple terms so you can appreciate the process because you are learning why it works. I’ve had success using TCM years ago for migraines so I didn’t have to be sold on it’s effectiveness. I just wish I had started using it sooner to address weight management.

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Voices of Qi: An Introductory Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine

The physiological systems through which traditional Chinese medicine works are discussed, as well as acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, and how to select a practitioner.

  • ISBN13: 9781556433269
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 11 reviews)

List Price: $ 13.95
Price: $ 7.95

Voices of Qi: An Introductory Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine Reviews

Review by kyara:

This book is a little gem. It sets out the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the theoretical framework and types of treatment (acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion, cupping, herbal medicine and Qi gong) in an amazingly easy to understand way. It also includes additional information on the history of TCM, accreditation in the US, and safety aspects. If you want to get to grips with what TCM is all about, but don’t want to be bogged down with a tome, this is the book for you.

Review by :

Voices of Qi is a pleasant way to obtain a great deal of TCM information in a short amount of time. Mr. Holland has the skills and talent to present some very new ways of thinking in some very familiar ways of thought. The book bridges the Eastern concepts with the Western mindset and does so with ease. With the rise in public and private interest of acupuncture this book should be read by all. It is one of those books that makes one say, “I wish I could write like that”. Also, the book has very beautiful illustrations and design from cover to cover. I highly recommend and suggest this book for everyone, from M.D.s to massage students.

Buy Voices of Qi: An Introductory Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine now for only $ 7.95!

Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Woman’s Guide to Healing from Breast Cancer

Discover The Power Of Ancient WisdomFor centuries , Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped millions of cancer patients in China, specializing in reducing the risk of breast cancer and healing it by identifying and treating its root cause. Chinese medicine offers a broad range of time-tested, natural, safe, self-healing treating that can complement prevailing Western cancer treatments. Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a nine-point healing guide that can be individually customized for women diagnosed with breast cancer; those about to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or radiation; breast cancer survivors who want to prevent recurrence, and any woman looking for serious prevention techniques. With his training, Dr. Nan Lu revives the ancient healing wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine –Early warning signs from your bodyAncient self-healing evergy movementsHealing, strengthening foods and ancient techniques to strengthen you before surgeryHow to manage your health during chemotherapy or radiationWhy and how to create a new Traditional Chinese Medicine lifestyle that addresses the root cause of breast cancer…and much more! “I am committed to educating all women that there are natural and effective healing actions they can take to help prevent breast cancer, as well as prevent a recurrence,” writes Nan Lu, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM is a 5,000-year-old medical system based on the concept of internal vital energy (Qi) flow to maintain or restore our organs’ normal function and harmony. According to TCM theory, “you absolutely cannot get cancer if your organs work in harmony and Qi flows freely throughout your body’s meridian network.” This book explains the philosophy, history, principles, and theories of TCM; how these relate to breast cancer; and how a woman can restore harmony with TCM self-healing practices. The practices include movement, dietary recommendations, herbs, emotional balance, and

  • ISBN13: 9780380809028
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 12 reviews)

List Price: $ 15.95
Price: $ 9.48

Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Woman’s Guide to Healing from Breast Cancer Reviews

Review by Christopher A. Heath:


Review by :

I had breast cancer on the same breast twice, in 1983 and again in 3/2001. I want to find the root cause as I do not want it to happen again. I find the book easy to read and understand. I will start the Wu Ming Meridian Therapy which seems easy to do. I will also start to take the healing food and herb listed in the book. Thank you Dr. Lu for helping me to heal. If I had a book like this in 1983, I probably would not have breast cancer again in March 2001. I have been recommending this book to other breast cancer survivers at my support group.

Buy Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Woman’s Guide to Healing from Breast Cancer now for only $ 9.48!

Chinese Natural Cures: Traditional Methods for Remedy and Prevention

The most comprehensive, trusted, and user-friendly guide to Chinese traditional medicine is finally available in a handy paperback.

A perennial backlist bestseller in hardcover, Chinese Natural Cures remains the most complete and up-to-date book available in the Western world on the system and wisdom of Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is made up of four distinct methods of treatment: the use of herbs, acupuncture, the use of certain foods, and massage. Its practices can be used side-by-side with traditional Western medicine and have been growing steadily in popularity in the U.S. over the past decade. Written by world renowned practitioner Dr. Henry C. Lu, Chinese Natural Cures is a complete and user-friendly guide to the principals and methods of Chinese medicine. Included here are treatments for dozens of ailments and complaints such as body pains, digestive problems, sleep disorders, infertility, and more. An encyclopedic section on herbs includes the classification of all Chinese herbs and their application, and a comprehensive section on the Chinese system of food cures offers vital information on how a wide variety of foods can prevent or cure disease. Dozens of easy-to-follow charts organize all of this invaluable information for reference at a glance.

This handsomely designed new paperback edition is smaller and handier, and is sure to bring the traditions of Chinese medicine to an even wider audience.

Rating: (out of 5 reviews)

List Price: $ 22.95
Price: $ 12.85

Chinese Natural Cures: Traditional Methods for Remedy and Prevention Reviews

Review by Bluestream:

If you are interested in traditional chinese medicine(TCM), you will definitely love this book! Firstly, its such a thick book with tons of information. There are several sections in the book. There is a section where he lists out diagnostic of conditions and how to trace it to the cause of the problem (eg. kidney deficiency in yin; or heart and kidney not communicating, or heat in lungs etc). Then there is another section which lists the natural properties of each food (almost any kind of food you can think of, from duck eggs to strawberry, gancao(herb) to mulberry, honey to rice. Another section he talks about the origin of each herb, and what the herb is used for (eg treating false fire condition). Great book! I am buying another one for my mum to read!

Review by Midwest Book Review:

Other books have come out on the topic of Chinese cures – but this is the most comprehensive yet, created by world-famous practitioner Dr. Henry C. Lu who uses his expertise to explain both Chinese medicine and its underlying philosophy of health and illness. Treatments are organized by complaints and include easy reference for treatment and cure and advice on hundreds of foods and herbs as well. Literally hundreds of Chinese herbs and their uses receive clear, specific mention; right down to the formulas and potions which make them useful. Very highly recommended: a must for any serious herbal treatment collection.

Diane C. Donovan, Editor

California Bookwatch

Buy Chinese Natural Cures: Traditional Methods for Remedy and Prevention now for only $ 12.85!

Complete Illustrated Guide to Chinese Medicine: Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Harmony of Mind and Body

This beautifully illustrated, full-color book explains the basic principles of Chinese medicine, the causes of disharmony in the body that lead to disease and the Chinese approach to diagnosis and treatment.The Complete Illustrated Guide to Chinese Medicine is a fine prescription for those tired of the bureaucracy or the ineffectiveness of Western medicine. It’s also a good resource for those who are just interested in exploring ways to improve their general health. Replete with hundreds of color photographs that lucidly introduce and explain the arts of acupuncture, meditation, acupressure massage, and herbalism, the book includes fitness programs such as qigong and taiji, which help to unblock Qi (pronounced “chee”), the body’s life force. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) focuses on Qi and maintains that imbalances of Qi cause illness. The Complete Illustrated Guide shows the meridians, or energy fields, that determine the placement of acupuncture needles to stimulate the Qi. It also explains shen the mental aspect of the body; jing, the constitution; and zangfu, the organ systems. Numerous case studies show how traditional Chinese medical techniques have been used to diagnose and treat patients with various complaints, including heartburn, PMS, and exhaustion. Overall, this is a solid, beautifully organized resource for the family that you’ll turn to again and again.

Rating: (out of 8 reviews)

List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 600.00

Complete Illustrated Guide to Chinese Medicine: Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Harmony of Mind and Body Reviews

Review by Leslie Arden Foote:

This book was loaned to me by a fellow physician and I had a hard time giving it back. It’s a great resource for information that covers a little of everything in Chinese Medicine. I practice acupuncture and have found much of the information useful for preparing lectures, not only for the general public, but for other physicians as well. It’s a versatile book good not only for it’s comprehensive content, but also as a coffee table book as the illustrations are great. Would heartily recommend it to anyone interested in understanding the vast offerings of Chinese Medicine.

Review by Pieter:

Over 3000 years old, Chinese medicine is based on the Taoist holistic vision of balancing all the body harmonies. This book is a lavishly illustrated and complete guide to every aspects of this tradition. It is not a self-help book, but a guide explaining the concepts and principles and providing a detailed description of certain therapeutic exercises that everyone can use to optimise health.

Part One explores the theories behind the medicine, including basic principles like Yi and Yang, the basic substances like Qi and energy flow, the meridian system, the zangfu system and the causes of disharmony.

Part Two considers the Chinese approach to diagnosis, including diagnostic techniques like looking, hearing, questioning and touching, and includes an overview of the patterns of disharmony.

Part Three deals with Chinese approaches to treatment, including the principles of treatment and diagnosis and specific modalities like acupuncture, herbalism, qigong and lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet and feng shui.

The Further Reading section consists of bibliographies under headings like general, herbal, diet and others. A list of useful addresses in various countries is supplied and the At-A-Glance Directory is an illustrative index to finding treatments. The book concludes with a glossary and index and contains full colour illustrations and photographs.

Buy Complete Illustrated Guide to Chinese Medicine: Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Harmony of Mind and Body now for only $ 600.00!

Wood Becomes Water: Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life

Simple, easy to use, and practical, this introduction connects the physical, emotional, and spiritual forces at work in our lives and provides a vital contribution to the field of mind-body medicine.

  • ISBN13: 9781568362090
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 10 reviews)

List Price: $ 20.00
Price: $ 11.97

Wood Becomes Water: Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life Reviews

Review by Andrea Bakanji:

As a Shiatsu (3rd year)student, this book is so helpfull for me, that I am using it every day.

It explaines every Element in such a way, that you can realy understand it and use it in every day’s life.

I reccomend this book to everyone who wants to know more.

Review by :

I found this book great for explaining the cycles of life in a clear manner. I think about the book often since i’ve read it and find it helps me understand where i am.

Buy Wood Becomes Water: Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life now for only $ 11.97!

Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Key to Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • A Key to Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine

List Price: $ 26.95
Price: $ 23.85

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Chi Energy Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Natural
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