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Emotional Freedom Techniques Foundational EFT Sealed
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The EFT Manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques)

This is the print version of the Official Manual for Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. It is one of the most successful psychology self-help manuals ever published EFT is a remarkable new technique which uses the body’s natural stress-reduction points. When organized into the EFT “basic recipe,” self-stimulation of these points by toucing or tapping has been demonstrated to rapidly reduce anxiety, depression, phobias and other conditions. EFT originator Gary Graig takes the reader through the basic steps of identifying the emotional roots of their problems, and crafting a combination of words that will trigger a healing response. He then demonstrates the one-minute healing routine that is the basis of EFT. He discusses the ways in which EFT can be applied to a variety of common conditions, including pain, fears, addictions and cravings, weight issues, insomnia and guilt.

  • ISBN13: 9781604150308
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 30 reviews)

List Price: $ 14.95
Price: $ 8.98

The EFT Manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) Reviews

Review by Reader Views:

Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (9/08)

As a former practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and avid proponent of the system, I commend Gary Craig in providing this concise, small-sized manual that is chock-full of information, not only for someone wanting to learn about EFT but for practitioners to expand their knowledge. Understanding and knowing about the body’s energy system is the key to successful results from EFT.

Craig insists on learning the traditional way of applying EFT and mastering the concept first. This is in section I of the manual. In section II he does give shortcuts, however, I agree with him on mastering the concepts first. The system will take understanding and practice. Once mastered, Craig point outs you would be able to help clients attain freedom in their lives; freedom from negative emotions and self-doubt. He also indicates we can manifest results in goals, e.g., creating greater income. The benefits are abundant on all levels – emotional, physical, and spiritual.

“The EFT Manual” provides steps (Craig calls this the basic recipe): 1. the setup, 2. the sequence, 3. the 9 gamut procedure, 4. the sequence (yes, again). He also supplies tips, explanations, and case studies. This is truly a “manual” for a healing process.

Gary Craig, through “The EFT Manual,” has given us an effortless way to have breakthrough healing results. The power of the simple techniques is phenomenal and may be mastered by anyone, experienced or not experienced in alternative healing methods. This is a must-have book for practitioners, ministers, coaches, and laypersons.

Review by Little Nell:

There seems to be a great deal of confusion about costs for EFT materials and about what it is necessary to buy to become a competent practitioner. In actual fact, if you are ok about not having glossy covers and packaging, all of the materials are available for no cost whatsoever.

I think it is important to point out that you can become a very competent EFT user just by detailed study of the manual. If you want a nice shiny new book, buy a copy, but the manual is also available as a FREE e-book download from Gary’s web site.

You DO NOT NEED the DVDs in order to get some solid benefit from EFT as a self-help tool. If, however, 1) you wish to be a serious student of EFT and want to become an expert in these techniques and/or 2) you are skeptical about EFT and need to see lots and lots of evidence, you should seriously consider getting the DVDs.

Another “reviewer” has noted that it costs 0 for 3 DVDs. Wrong! It costs 0 for 3 SETS of DVDs. This is 40 hours of film, plus audio content, wrapped up in nice packaging.

However, it is possible to acquire the DVDs for “free” as well. If one person buys them, they are allowed to make up to 100 copies of each disk and to distribute them freely. (They are NOT allowed to sell them!) Buy some blank DVDs, find someone who owns the DVD sets and request a copy. There are loads of EFT groups and forums online where you can contact others who are willing to share, or to make a group purchase.

And, in the interests of fairness, I’d like to point out that the money generated from sales is used to promote EFT around the world. Gary Craig makes no personal profit from EFT products.

Buy The EFT Manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) now for only $ 8.98!

Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies

A member of the Energy Therapies family – which includes, acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu – Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple and increasingly popular self- development therapy used to treat a wide range of physical and emotional issues. Popularised by figures including Paul McKenna, EFT is based on the theory that negative emotions are caused by disturbances in the body’s energy. Often referred to as acupuncture without needles, EFT involves locating and tapping on meridian points in the body while thinking of a negative emotion and using positive suggestion and thoughts to alter the body’s energy flow, restore balance and reprogram thought processes. This no-nonsense guide introduces readers to the theories and methods behind the technique and shows them how to use it to reduce the physical and emotional impact of a wide range of issues including, depression, fears, phobias, anger, addictions, sleeplessness and pain. It’s simple, safe, anyone can practice it at home and with EFT For Dummies readers can banish bad habits for good. Includes information on: The path to emotional freedom – explaining EFT Understanding your emotions Basic EFT tapping routines Improving emotional health with EFT Practising EFT on yourself and others   Helena Fone is a registered EFT practitioner and trainer and an advanced hypnotherapist.  She has a diploma in advanced holistic hypnotherapy and   practices CBT and NLP. Find out more about Helena

  • ISBN13: 9780470758762
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 21.99
Price: $ 13.70

Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies Reviews

Review by F. De Munter:

Indeed, having read practically everything I could lay my hands on about EFT, this book however is the very best by far considering its clarity, theory, practicality, exercises and cross-reference. A masterpiece!

Review by R. Twomey:

I have found invaluable information on EFT from this book. I love it!!!!

I’m so happy to know it even exists. It shows me EFT step by step in a very clear and concise fashion. M

Buy Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies now for only $ 13.70!

It Is In Your Hands: Emotional Freedom Technique: The Power To Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, And All Negative Emotions

An introduction to a revolutionary psychological therapeutic method called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which places in the hands of the user the power to eliminate all negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, past traumas, substance abuse, and all addictions. In a matter of minutes, anyone can be free from any negative emotional or psychological difficulty. It is simple, effective, and most importantly, it is free! EFT accesses the body’s energy meridian system and releases the negative energy attached to a negative emotion. IT IS IN YOUR HANDS is written in a simple style, with many practical exercises, case studies to treat specific negative emotions, and illustrations designed to gradually develop and apply the principles. Written by Dr. Sobeida Salomon, an experienced counselor, adult educator, and sociologist.

Rating: (out of 4 reviews)

List Price: $ 13.95
Price: $ 9.23

It Is In Your Hands: Emotional Freedom Technique: The Power To Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, And All Negative Emotions Reviews

Review by Enrique Torres:

An Excellent book! Concise, easy-to-follow illustrations and practical exercises. It was a revelation to discover that I no longer need an expensive therapist to get rid of most of my negative emotions. I have

gone through several kinds of professional “talk therapy” for years and the most I have accomplished is a way to “manage” my stress. However, after applying the Emotional Freedom Technique discussed in the book for a few minutes, I was able to completely dissolve a chronic fear I had since childhood. This was a permanent cure since the fear has not returned since then. I have also applied EFT to completely eliminate job-related stress. I am becoming a more calm and relaxed individual and I am applying EFT daily to deal with any distressful event. For the first time I feel I can indeed eliminate my psychological patterns. I am applying EFT daily and I am becoming a happier, peaceful, individual. This book should be required reading for anyone interested in happiness.

Review by Kathleen Krier:

There are many books on EFT, but so many are too long or too detailed to give to friends so they can understand quickly how it works and what it can do for all of us. This is one of the best I’ve seen.

Buy It Is In Your Hands: Emotional Freedom Technique: The Power To Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, And All Negative Emotions now for only $ 9.23!

Freedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical and Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping

Freedom at Your Fingertips, is the ultimate question and answer guidebook for using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to feel more energized and alive. We all have barriers, beliefs and blocks that show up in our lives as physical and emotional limitations. Now with EFT, you’ll learn a breakthrough system that offers you a simple, powerful way to erase unwanted negative feelings, clearing the way to more positive ones. It’s a self-help tool that you’ll have at your fingertips for resolving just about any physical or emotional issue that bothers you. This book is designed as a reference guidebook in a Questions & Answer format. Simply look up a question in the Contents section. Then quickly and easily page to the answer you need. In Freedom at Your Fingertips, we’ll introduce you to 20 World Class EFT experts, including EFT Master Practitioners, who have written chapters on ways you can use EFT to overcome some of the most common life issues. There are 19 topics areas, over 300 examples of specific EFT setup phrases and 50 real life cases stories of proven results with EFT. Of course, as you’ll learn in the book, we encourage you to try EFT on everything and discover its surprisingly wondrous results for yourself.

Rating: (out of 24 reviews)

List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 15.95

Freedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical and Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping Reviews

Review by R. Swanson:

When I first found EFT, I ordered several books and sets of DVD’s on the subject. While watching a DVD has obvious advantages over reading a book, I have to say that I found this book almost more helpful than the DVD’s and it is definitely the most useful of all the books I bought.

It’s very readable. There is a great variety of styles presented…from a charming fellow who once studied to be a clown to more serious academics with lots of initials after their names. One of the nice things about EFT is that it is so adaptable to different personalities and uses. Some people have a definite spiritual bent, for example. Others have different perspectives. Here you get to see how 20 people use it in a vast number of different ways, which gives you the freedom to find your own way of using it.

Each presenter writes a short chapter focusing on a particular subject, eg. pain management, sports performance, weight loss, procrastination, etc. There is something here for everyone. Each expert gives examples of how EFT has been used successfully for that problem and offers abundant suggestions for EFT set-up phrases.

It’s possible for a beginner to pick up the book and start using EFT almost immediately. And yet it has enough solid information to be used as a reference for an experienced EFT professional for a long time. I’ve referred to it over and over and have given it to clients.

There’s a nice, friendly tone to the book, too, which I appreciate. It doesn’t try to impress you with a lot of difficult methodology. It doesn’t leave you overwhelmed with information that you feel you’ll never assimilate. It doesn’t make you feel that you have to spend large sums of money to study further with the writers or consult with them personally, although some of them do offer these options.

Review by Anna Bryde:

This is a fabulous book! Freedom At Your Fingertips is a treasure chest filled with quick, painless formulas to help clear away emotional issues and physical ailments. That may sound very simplistic, but EFT is so effective that it almost sounds too good to be true. Well it is good, and it is true, and it really works!

I chose to read the book from cover to cover even though it is designed as a reference book, and found it to be a fascinating discovery journey. I looked into EFT a while ago, (created by Gary Craig, engineer and Master NLP Practitioner) and found it to be very quick and easy to learn to use. I now use EFT regularly for different themes in my life. Some physical pain that I had for a long time just vanished. Some emotional issues also went away. Some of the changes are so subtle that they are almost indetectable, but there is this good “something different” quality present.

It is important to remember to take SUDS (’subjective units of distress scale’ from 0 to 10 of the issue being addressed) before tapping so as to be able to really note the shift in energy that takes place.

Freedom At Your Fingertips covers many different subjects by twenty different experts in this Energy Psychology. There is enough material in the book to keep any keen EFT enthusiast busy for a long time. I have also myself been able to help other people with both physical and emotional issues already with EFT. Within these techniques there is a very strong spiritual componant present.

It is one of the most powerful healing modalities I have come across to this day, and I have learned many different healing techniques as I am a qualified healing practitioner. The more people who learn EFT and use it, the more we can affect the quantum field and contribute to the healing of our planet. EFT really works! Do yourself a favour and don’t hesitate for one more moment in buying this book. What have you got to lose?

Buy Freedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical and Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping now for only $ 15.95!

Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT: The Emotional Freedom Techniques

You are about to witness the next generation in healing. This is the first of two DVDs that present the fast and effective meridian-based techniques described in the inspiring self-help book “Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT” by Phillip and Jane Mountrose. Each DVD can stand alone, as well as complementing the other part. This professionally produced DVD provides real examples of each of the Emotional Freedom Techniques in action. You will see now EFT can create profound breakthroughs and emotional clearing in minutes. The demonstrations on this DVD will help EFT users to hone their skills, timing, and delivery. The DVD offers different examples of common problems. The procedures have helpful commentaries by Phillip and Jane Mountrose. This DVD also has a menu that provides easy navigation between techniques/segments. It includes: * Introduction * The Short EFT Sequence Explanation * Demonstration with man unsettled by his divorce and separation from his children * Using EFT for eliminating Chocolate Cravings * The Complete Sequence Explanation * Demonstration with mother feeling devalued by her teenage son * Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) Explanation * Muscle Testing another using the person’s arm * One-Hand and Two-Hand Muscle Testing * Switched Circuit (Neurological Disorganization) Explanation * Psychological Reversal Explanation * EFT use with Procrastination * Collarbone Breathing Explanation and Demonstration * Energy Toxins Explanation and Two Demonstrations regarding negative energy and sugar * Holistic Process Demonstration identifying and clearing different levels of body-mind-emotions affected by a woman who feels excluded by colleagues at work The Mountroses also have a related audio 2-CD set with the same title, which explains EFT and has five

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 21.95
Price: $ 16.95

Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT: The Emotional Freedom Techniques Reviews

Review by Bustani:

Because EFT is partly a PHYSICAL technique, it is so helpful to be able to watch how it works. I really appreciate the Mountrose’s effort in bringing the EFT technique to DVD for a reasonable price. I could feel their sincerity and enthusiasm for the process. It is not a fancy video, just good instruction and demonstration. It looks like they are working with clients in their home. If you are not ready to invest in the videos from Gary Craig the founder of EFT, then you can’t go wrong with this DVD.

Review by J. Barker:

YES! I popped it in and after getting passed the wallpaper and wardrobe — I learned how to do EFT. It was so much better than a book or CD. I could see it all and now I practice it on any resistance.

Buy Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT: The Emotional Freedom Techniques now for only $ 16.95!

Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping: A Revolutionary Method for Stress Free Living

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Meridian Tapping combines ancient Chinese medicine with modern psychology to create a remarkable new approach to stress.

Rating: (out of 6 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.95
Price: $ 19.86

Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping: A Revolutionary Method for Stress Free Living Reviews

Review by Jim:

There are many titles out there that are dedicated to the subject of EFT. All of them are worth reading and I have over the years as a big fan of EFT done so.

“Another Book on the subject?” Was my thought when I saw this one. Much to my surprise after reading it, if I had to hand out one single book to a friend so that they could understand what I am talking about and why I am so passionate about EFT.

This is it,.

This is the one Book that I would recommend.

Dr. Carrington has done it again. Her direct, simple, sincere and upbeat style will keep you reading and amazed. In her words: “the possibilities are endless” therefore the title of the book is very fitting.

I strongly recommend it as a beginners book, as well as a seasoned enthusiast gaining deeper insight on the subject of EFT.

Review by Margaret M. Lynch:

Clearly written and engaging reading!

Dr. Patricia Carrington provides an expertly written handbook that comes alive with the real stories of real people. This book puts a cutting edge tool, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), in your hands in a readable and user friendly way. And the author passionately believes it should be in your hands, as she calls it, “The People’s Method”.

Carrington, a clinical psychologist, states convincingly early in the book that “all evidence suggests that EFT may soon transform psychological treatment for emotional problems once believed to be treatable only by lengthy and partially-effective procedures.”

She follows up this bold statement by teaching how you can be successful using EFT for a variety of common issues. For example anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults! Dr. Carrington teaches how EFT can often effectively reduce or eliminate anxiety in its many forms: fear of public speaking, emotional eating, phobia’s, etc. But there are so many more uses for EFT and the very title urges you to try it on everything!

Unlike a dry textbook, Carrington skillfully illustrates many uses of EFT by interweaving interesting and often quite moving case studies of real people. These are real people and stories that we can all relate to and draw hope from! This kept me engaged, connected and turning pages throughout the book.

With it’s straight-forward “how to” approach, easy to use “choices method” and accompanying examples of EFT in action, this book is sure to accomplish it’s intended goal. After reading this book, I believe her goal is to put EFT in the hands of the people where it can transform empower and heal!

As she says, “the possibilities are breathtaking.”

Dr. Patricia Carrington, who is also a featured expert in a powerful and moving documentary film sharing the name “Try It On Everything”, also adds a bonus chapter with behind-the-scenes stories of the documentary and it’s real life characters. An wonderful extra and intriguing introduction to an important film!

Buy Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping: A Revolutionary Method for Stress Free Living now for only $ 19.86!

10-Day Money Makeover – Simple Steps to Create More Money and Financial Prosperity Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (BoldThoughts.com Presents)

“How to Wake Up the ‘Money Magnet’ Inside You…in Just 3 Minutes.” If you don’t have all the money you want, you need this book. Inside everybody is a “money magnet” which, when activated, will attract money like a honeypot attracts flies. This book will show you how to do this in just three minutes per day. This “quick start” guide will get you up to speed on the mechanics of EFT (even if you’ve never heard of it) within minutes. It’s so quick and easy, you’ll literally be able to start using these powerful techniques to generate more money in your life today! You’ll learn… – A quick and easy way to “unlock” abundance, which you can instantly activate to bring more money your way…even if you’ve never used EFT before. – How to get rid of invisible, yet very powerful, mental and energetic blocks which are standing in the way of you and your money. (Don’t have enough money now? This is probably why.) – My 3-minute “tapping system”, which attracts more wealth than you’ve ever imagined…even in a bad economy. – One of the oldest (and most powerful) “self-improvement” tools, that is especially effective for attracting money. This method has been used by hypnotists and Olympic coaches for decades. – The most crucial element to attract more money in your life…and how you can master this using EFT. Ready for more money in your life? This book will show you how to make it happen.

Rating: (out of 10 reviews)

List Price: $ 14.95
Price: $ 13.45

10-Day Money Makeover – Simple Steps to Create More Money and Financial Prosperity Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (BoldThoughts.com Presents) Reviews

Review by Devin Langley:

The current economy has been scaring me a bit. Had heard of EFT and have friends who have had success with it, so I got this book to help ease my fears more than anything else.

This is a nice book with a 10-day play, which takes you step-by-step through a “makeover” process, to help you restructure your negative beliefs about money. EFT (or “tapping”) is like acupuncture, for those who believe in that. But there are no needles, just your fingers tapping on various points in your body.

Yeah, I thought it was crazy too! Like I said though, I’ve had friends who’ve had luck with it and I was looking to feel better about my money situation, so why not?

I’m a believer in the results I’m seeing. I’m not sure if it’s the tapping or a placebo effect, but I am in a better place now than I was when I started the plan. Definitely not as worried as I was.

Some interesting things have happened regarding money. Finding money I didn’t know I had, for example. Not like in your pocket, but about 00!

Coincidence? I don’t know. The results are there though. My situation is better than it was 10 days ago and I am feeling better about everything.

This is a good book, even if you just buy it for the information about money it contains. It is much deeper than just EFT.

Review by Pam Senter:

I am a yoga teacher and am open to things like this, but I am also skeptical of them at the same time. Maybe skeptical is a strong word, but let’s just say I approach with caution.

Took a shot at this book after watching a Tony Robbins video where he talked about GETTING PHYSICAL while making goals and working on yourself. This is why you see him jumping around, clapping, and yelling, getting people motivated. He gets not only your mind into it, but also your body. Seems to work for Tony Robbins and his students!

This principle behind this book is similar– get your physical body involved with your money issues. These can include:

- knocking out debt

- paying off bills

- bringing in more money

- getting a raise

Any number of things dealing with more money, less debt.

The exercises are simple. They are like standard affirmations, but with “tapping” that you do via your fingers on various points of your body. Look it up on YouTube to see examples of this.

Book has good specifics about where to tap and why this technique works the way it did.

I really felt better after doing the techniques in this book and plan to continue with the exercises, even though my “10-day money makeover” is now done. Am seeing good results and want to continue them.

Buy 10-Day Money Makeover – Simple Steps to Create More Money and Financial Prosperity Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (BoldThoughts.com Presents) now for only $ 13.45!

Attracting Abundance with EFT*: *Emotional Freedom Techniques

If you are tired of not having enough money, time, love or success, this exciting new book, ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is for you. It combines the simplicity of EFT, the fun of Abundance Games and the power of the Law of Attraction to help you increase your financial abundance and magnetize success into your life. You will be given step-by-step instructions for more than 45 different EFT Exercises to release any blocks or limiting beliefs you might have to receiving wealth and joy. Maybe your block to abundance is guilt about having more than others, or fear that others will be jealous when you have an abundant life. Perhaps you struggle with “standing out” and don’t want to be noticed. Some people are convinced financial resources are scarce. Still others feel they don’t deserve more and believe in the “virtue” of poverty. Do you have a consciousness of prosperity or poverty? Abundance or lack? Use this book to help you break through these limitations and attract what you want into your life. This book will also introduce you to 8 playful Abundance Games to help raise your vibration by directing your focus to attract your desires. Put into practice powerful games such as the Gratitude Walk, the Yes Game and the Thank You Game to instantly help you attract what you want. Most of you have heard of the Law of Attraction, but are you using it to your advantage so you magnetize success into your life? We are all virtual

Rating: (out of 21 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.95
Price: $ 44.99

Attracting Abundance with EFT*: *Emotional Freedom Techniques Reviews

Review by Rick Wilkes:

As an emotional freedom coach, I find that many clients have anxiety and worry around money and success. Inside, they know they have not reached their potential for financial abundance. They have resistance, fears, guilt, past failures, inner conflicts, and limiting beliefs about money that block their ability to use the law of attraction to allow well-being to flow into their lives. I recommend this book to my clients, and we often tap together using EFT on the specific memories Carol’s abundance tapping exercises and games bring up.

Let me share with you a few specific stories of how I’ve used this book. One client is a new mother, her second child. She and her husband really needed money. Their car was broken down. They were tense and worried. I had her do just one of the games, the Cash Comfort game where she held a 0 bill in her hand, noticed the feelings it brought up, and tapped on the sequence of points while staring at the bill and holding it. There is more to the game, but the key point for this client is that after the game, she felt calm and hopeful. She did their taxes, which she had dreaded. And it turned out they were owed 00 in a tax refund. Naturally, they would have eventually done their taxes and received the refund. Those of us who work with Carol’s Attracting Abundance with EFT materials, though, see this kind of “surprise” happen for MANY people when they let go of even SOME of their fear and worry.

Another client was obsessing about his financial situation… and some would say with good reason. It was keeping him from sleeping and his negative, hopeless thoughts were leaving him with no energy to take proactive action. He tapped through the entire book and the exercises. And he continued to tap for 20 minutes every day using the book as his guide. His energy improved and his faith started to return. At the end of 30 days, his mental clarity and level of positive action towards turning around his financial situation were dramatically better. No miracle fortune arrived, but he also didn’t lose the house and the car. We know from the Law of Attraction that first we must shift our vibration into one that attracts and allows the flow of abundance. This client’s persistent action not only has helped him engage in a new business venture, it also has restored much of his hope and confidence (and when he needs a boost, he has a tool he can use for emotional self-care). I’ve found that when we are surrounded by negative circumstances, daily tapping with EFT using a series of well-crafted steps like these in Attracting Abundance with EFT is like taking a “shower” to wash off the “dirt.” It feels so much better when we’re done!

My last story observes the effect of this book on someone who was already successful. This client has a growing practice in the health arena. People who know him consider him positive, upbeat, and confident. All true! Yet, his business had hit a ceiling, and he knew his own limiting beliefs were keeping him from breaking through to a new level. We used EFT to tap on specific issues, and I sold him a copy of the book. After going through it once, he continues to tap on an exercise or two EVERY DAY. The results he credits to the book and EFT include:

- Changing his confidence level with other professionals; he’s networking far more and building collaborative and profitable partnerships.

- He signed an agreement with his risk-adverse partner so he can take risks (and benefit from the upside) while providing the security the partner demanded; he stepped up as the leader rather than staying within his previous Comfort Zones.

- His vibration changed around his location, and a new location is opening up that will mean far more visibility.

- His business is generating more cash than at any previous time; his employees are going to be getting a nice bonus.

To me what this book does is help activate ALL that I already know about business. Clearing the blocks to success & abundance, increasing prosperity consciousness, activating the Law of Attraction, and claiming abundance now… these are the four simple steps covered in this book. Carol makes it fun. This book makes it easy.

Review by K. Holmes:

Wow this book really was a great way to start learning EFT. It was my first book on the subject. An easy read, I spent less than an hour reading the book and immediately was able to start the process. She has great scripts that you can follow without having to create your own. The majority of the book is of her different scripts for specific issues. Most people think of abundance as monetary, however I was using her same scripts for abundance in health. You could also use it for abundance in love, relationships, career, sports etc. Since starting with this book, I’ve purchased two other EFT books because I believe in this stuff and want to hear how different people use it. Carol’s book however is the only one where I’ve found a multitude of specific scripts and she also has a positive clearing script to end each of her individual scripts. The other authors do not have this positive clearing statement and it is a powerful thing to do. I find I am always going back to her book because it is so simple to follow. I highly recommend it. If you have little time to spare but still want to help yourself get out of your rut and take action the same day you read it, this is the book to read.

Buy Attracting Abundance with EFT*: *Emotional Freedom Techniques now for only $ 44.99!

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