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Reflexology Acupuncture Wooden Massage Sandals / Shoes
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Acupuncture for Everyone: What It Is, Why It Works, and How It Can Help You

Learn how to find a good practitioner and what to expect from consultation and treatment * Recommended for acupuncturists’ waiting rooms. * Designed for people with no previous knowledge of acupuncture. In this revised edition of Acupuncture for Everyone–regarded by many practitioners as the most concise and useful book about acupunture available–Dr. Kidson provides a clear understanding of how acupuncturists make their diagnoses and how this determines what treatment they implement. Illustrations are included to help the reader understand what the acupuncturist does and why. Kidson also explains the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine underlying this effective therapy, offers advice on how to find a good practitioner, and shows what to expect from consultation and treatment. Anyone considering acupuncture for treatment of a health condition will find their questions and concerns allayed by this invaluable little book.

Rating: (out of 4 reviews)

List Price: $ 12.95
Price: $ 7.49

Acupuncture for Everyone: What It Is, Why It Works, and How It Can Help You Reviews

Review by Kat Thompson:

I bought a number of acupuncture books to learn a little bit more about the treatments I am getting. I really wanted to know the general history of the subject and how it works and why. This was definitely the best book out of the six I looked at! There were some other good ones, but they were too involved and much more suited to someone studying the practice. Some were just too elementary or dummed down. This presented a very intelligent and interesting historical review and then taught you the basics of the body’s systems, meridians, points, and gave examples of how certain diseases, ailments, injuries are treated. Not all encompassing, but just the exact amount of information that I wanted and needed. I would recommend it to anyone considering acupuncture or anyone who just wants to have a better understanding of it. It’s a pretty quick read that I did in a matter of a few nights.

Review by Demitri Pevzner:

What I like about this book, is that it lists hypothetical scenarios of patients coming in with specific health problems, guides you through the diagnosis of the patient based on TCM, and outlines the treatment points.

Definitely a useful addition to a TCM student’s library.

Buy Acupuncture for Everyone: What It Is, Why It Works, and How It Can Help You now for only $ 7.49!

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Acupuncture and Acupressure

If you are interested in knowning more about acupressure and acupuncture, this guide covers all aspects of treatment from choosing a practitioner to follow-up excercises. It provides a comprehensive listing of medical ailments from acne to menopause that can be healed naturally.

  • ISBN13: 9780028639420
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 12 reviews)

List Price: $ 18.95
Price: $ 9.40

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Acupuncture and Acupressure Reviews

Review by N. Bilokonsky:

I am looking to understand accupuncture and accupressure without having to suffer through reading text-book style presentations on the subject. Hence my choice of an “Idiot’s Guide” book — I thought it would give me, in layman’s terms, a greater understanding of the concepts on which accupuncture and accupressure are based — kind of a mini-course on the subject. Instead, it focused on what practitioners of these medical arts can do for the patient and what to expect when visiting a practitioner.

While the book does provide descriptions of points that can be stimulated on one’s body to alleviate selected conditions as well as visuals in the form of pictures, these are quite limited and not easy to follow.

Also, as I read the book, I was annoyed by the poor editing of the text. Frequent grammatical problems undermine the book’s credibility.

Hence my disappointment.

Review by David A. Burnet:

This book is just what it should be – a good overview, an excellent survey, with useful information. Information you wouldn’t likely see in any one book.

If you’re looking for a single book to help you get started – this is a good one for such a purpose.

The depth of material is reasonable, considering that it covers so much and is an overview/survey.

Buy Complete Idiot’s Guide to Acupuncture and Acupressure now for only $ 9.40!

A Manual of Acupuncture

Once in a great while an extraordinary book is published that sets an entirely new standard in its field. A Manual of Acupuncture, published by Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications, is just such a book. Painstakingly researched over many years by Peter Deadman, editor-in-chief of The Journal of Chinese Medicine, and colleagues Mazin Al-Khafaji and Kevin Baker, this book has become the primary reference in the West for the study of acupuncture points and channels. With the subtle use of color to illustrate the acupuncture points and anatomical features, the new second edition of A Manual of Acupuncture is even more attractive and user-friendly than the first. Introductory chapters describe and illustrate the channels and collaterals, the various categories of points, and methods of selection, location, and needling. Ensuing chapters present each of the points of the 14 channels as well as the extra (miscellaneous) points, identified by their English and pinyin names, and Chinese characters. Each point is located in accordance with the most exacting anatomical standards to be found in any Western textbook. For each point there is a dedicated drawing, followed by regional body drawings. The quality of the 500 drawings is far superior to those in any other TCM text. There are also practical pointers for finding and needling the points, and cautionary information about what to avoid. In addition to point indexes by their English and pinyin names, there is an index identifying every part of the body reached by each of the channels, and separate indexes of point indications listed according to both TCM and biomedical symptoms.

Rating: (out of 32 reviews)

List Price: $ 150.00
Price: $ 142.75

A Manual of Acupuncture Reviews

Review by Mauricio C. Quintana:

At last! This book is not a manual of acupuncture, it is THE manual. Students of TCM, don’t let the price tag intimidate you, and let me assure you that it is worth every penny. This hefty and handsome volume leaves nothing unsaid, and meticulously provides detailed information, plenty of informative quotes from a wealth of classical sources, and is a joy to handle, browse, and read from. Of particular interest and value are the sections which describe the special point groupings, because they not only provide the lists of points which belong to these categories, but also systematized and coherent explanations behind the workings of cleft-xi, yuan-source, luo-connecting, and many other point categories. Also of great value are the commentaries pertaining to each individual point, because they describe relationships and important pointers regarding the workings of each individual point, how their use and indications developed through history, and other tidbits of information which will open new avenues of investigation and application for astute students and practitioners. The commentaries on the points provide not only information, but are written in a lucid prose, the style of which aids memorization and learning of important information. The point location information is accurate, albeit in a few cases too brief, in my opinion. The illustrations are very detailed and actually useful (unlike in other texts) in locating the points. The notes and cautions on needling of points in sensitive areas are placed where they are readily visible, and provide information on the local anatomy of the point, and what the consequences of inappropriate insertion could be. There are charts which show major points per anatomical region (which are actually legible and understandable), and indexes aplenty: pinyin and chinese point names, english point names, and a particularly interesting point indications index. There is also a Glossary of the Wisemanese-seeming terminology used by the authors, which although similar to that of A Practical Dictionary, is not exactly the same.

Should you buy this book? ABSOLUTELY!!! You will never need another acupoint book, EVER. There is a companion set of Point cards by the same authors, which uses the same illustrations and a summary of point information based on the contents of the book. One word of advice, though: if it stays standing on the shelf for too long, the pages tend to sag. However, given the amount of use this book has, that’s unlikely to happen.

Review by Jonathan Bailey:

This is the only text that I have on the subject of acupuncture. I am not a practitioner, but had hoped that this one (expensive) text would be sufficient to give me a total foundation in the discipline and would eventually allow me to use acupressure or some rudiments of the field in my own efforts to promote good health.I was a little dissappointed that the introductory and foundational material was lacking in the book, and that there were no separate sections on diagnosis or expositions of the nature of pathogens. The book is essentially a description of each and every one of the 360 or so primary acupuncture points of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is a good bit of material about methodology of point selection, but the real gem of this book is the intelligent and thorough descriptions of the points, their properties, and how to locate and needle them. The reason that I gave the book five stars is that it is far more complete and logical in its point descriptions than any of the Chinese texts used by my acupuncturist, a Chinese chiropractor who was a medical doctor Shanghai for eight years before coming to the US and becoming a chiropractor. Often when a discipline is translated from one language and culture to another, the highly systematized translation is more complete and sensible than the eclectic literature corpus upon which it is based. Those who devised this book have created a phenomenally comprehensive synthesis of over 3,000 years of Chinese medical tradition. They have taken on a monumental task and succeeded brilliantly. The quality of this reference is so high that I would even recommend it to practitioners from the orient who are coming to the US or other English-speaking countries to start a practice. First, it will it help them learn the English vocabulary of acupuncture jargon and help them understand our butchered pronunciations of the many Chinese words in an English acupuncturist’s vocabulary. Second, they will be able to better communicate their activities to their patients. Finally, the book is as high a quality reference as anything they will have brought with them from Asia.

Buy A Manual of Acupuncture now for only $ 142.75!

Acupuncture Needles by Seirin – Sterile #3 Gauge 30 mm Blue J-Type by AME

Seirin Sterile Acupuncture Needles The SEIRIN disposable acupuncture needles with a new technology allows for smooth painless insertion using less pressure and features an easy grip, color coded, lightweight plastic handle with a soft touch top. The Seirin Acupuncture needles are packaged 100 needles per box. D-Type needles are only available in 15 mm and have no insertion tube. J-Type needles are available in 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and include insertion tubes. Seirin Needles are only available for shipment in the United States.

  • #3 Gauge 30 mm Blue J-Type
  • Seirin Disposable Sterile Needles
  • 100 per Box
  • Available Only In United States For Shipment

List Price: $ 15.95
Price: $ 9.95

Color Atlas of Acupuncture: Body Points – Ear Points – Trigger Points (Complementary Medicine (Thieme Paperback))

This is the book professionals have been asking for! For the first time, a single pocket atlas covers all the major body and ear acupuncture points, as well as an extensive coverage of trigger points. Detailed descriptions of the localization, needling depth, indications, and functions of each point are provided. The different schools of ear acupuncture (e.g. Chinese v. Nogier), often a source of confusion for many practitioners, are presented side-by-side, enhancing this book’s usefulness as a daily reference guide. This second edition includes an updated and expanded section on trigger points with 30 additional full-color images.<br><br>The authors come from diverse specialties, giving you the most complete and accurate information available. Acupuncture points are described using the “visual-didactic processing system”, which is rapidly gaining praise and recognition for its easy-to-use format. The clearly written text is augmented by high-quality color images. <br><br>The Color Atlas of Acupuncture is ideal as a quick reference in your daily practice or as an exam preparation guide. This wealth of information makes it invaluable to experienced practitioners and to those new to acupuncture. This book is just becoming a classic text in the field!

  • ISBN13: 9783131252227
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 8 reviews)

List Price: $ 44.95
Price: $ 37.15

Color Atlas of Acupuncture: Body Points – Ear Points – Trigger Points (Complementary Medicine (Thieme Paperback)) Reviews

Review by kyara:

I was a bit dubious about buying this book as I have a lot of books on acupuncture already and no one had reviewed it. The reason I was considering it was mainly because of the ear acupuncture, which is often not covered in much detail in mainstream acupuncture books. Anyway, about a year after looking at it (since it was always popping up when I was browsing), I took the plunge – and it was well worth it.The book is paperback size and weighs about 280 g (10 oz), mainly due to the glossy high quality paper used. The contents are extremely well organized and key information is presented clearly. The illustrations and photos are excellent. The introduction covers the body cun measurements. Part I covers the 12 main meridians and the conception vessel (Ren mai), governing vessel (Du mai) and extra points. For each meridian, all the points of the meridian are shown in one photo of a real human body, followed by detailed illustrations (showing bones, muscles and tendons), locations, actions, indications and needling of the major points. There are also blue boxes containing extra tips for locating points or warnings about treatment. Part II (50 pages) covering the ear is well done with reference to both the Chinese ear points and Nogier’s ear points, including indications. The locations of points (or areas) in this section are depicted on photos of real ears. Part III (90 pages) on trigger points is equally well done. The references indicate a wealth of acupuncture research and resources in German. While this book may never become a recommended text in North America due to the already well-established texts available, it would be useful as a compact compendium for carrying around or as reference for both the student and practitioner.

Review by Marcio Luiz Goulart:





Buy Color Atlas of Acupuncture: Body Points – Ear Points – Trigger Points (Complementary Medicine (Thieme Paperback)) now for only $ 37.15!

Basics of Acupuncture

Basics of Acupuncture shows that it is possible to combine Western medicine with traditional Chinese concepts. It starts with an updated review of the scientific bases of acupuncture and related research. An short introduction on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is followed by a detailed account of diagnosis. Main topic is the description of the Chinese systems of channels, functional organs and the most important acupuncture points. The remainder of the book is devoted to treatment, based on western modes of diagnosis. The methods and applications of needling and moxibustion are described, and dthe most important points are given for frequently encountered diseases.

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: $ 39.95
Price: $ 26.16

Basics of Acupuncture Reviews

Review by :

This book is excellent, which makes me wonder what the heck the last reviewer was thinking. This book doesn’t have point location errors…I am a certified acupuncturist and I can assure you this book is not only accurate, but Bruce Pomeranz uses Western methods to validate the use of acupuncture in the mainstream. Many people don’t like his “anatomical” method of relating the acu-points, but for Western trained health care professionals, it is much easier to integrate into practice, sell to patients and to explain using science than the traditional Chinese medicine. Let’s face it, the Chinese knew what they were talking about 2000 years ago (or more!) but they explained it in a way that made sense to them. Well, we’re a bit more scientific now and explaining the results we get with a bit of science may offend some, but it is progress because we are integrating old style wisdom with new understandings.

Buy Basics of Acupuncture now for only $ 26.16!

Finding Effective Acupuncture Points

There are many books about acupuncture points, but what is lacking are descriptions by expert practitioners of how they themselves actually go about selecting, finding, and using the points. This type of book would allow the reader to “peer over the shoulder” of the expert to find out what they really do in the clinic. Finding Effective Acupuncture Points does just that. Shudo Denmei, author of Japanese Classical Acupuncture: Introduction to Meridian Therapy, and a leader of the meridian therapy movement in Japan, has selected about 160 of his favorite points, the ones he actually uses in the clinic. Here he describes in specific detail how to use palpation to find each of the points on the body, and to determine whether or not they are “active.” Then he identifies the particular conditions for which each point is best suited, rather than merely reciting a laundry list of all possible indications. With insightful stories about his own discovery and use of the points in a practice that has spanned nearly five decades, this master teacher brings each of the points to life for other acupuncturists. The book is organized by body region, which makes it especially convenient for finding appropriate points on particular parts of the body. There are also over 90 drawings which illustrate the locations of the points in relation to anatomical landmarks and other points and channels. This is a book that belongs in the pocket of every practitioner, where it will become a well-thumbed treasure.

Rating: (out of 7 reviews)

List Price: $ 29.95
Price: $ 25.99

Finding Effective Acupuncture Points Reviews

Review by Thomas Ingegno:

Shudo Sensei is a true gift to the Acupuncture community. It is rare to find and acupuncturist with such great skill and even more rare to find one who is willing to share his information and personal experiences so openly. Shudo Sensei provides a practical look at points which are commonly used and explains proper needling technique, location and indications. He still stresses the need for a proper root treatment, but also provides “symptomatic” uses for points, along with stories of personal experience. Steven Brown does an amazing job translating this book and makes me think that his skill as a translator is only matched by his abilities as an acupuncturist. If you want your acupuncture treatments become more effective you must read this book.

Review by Thomas Ingegno:

I have been fortunate enough to attend a seminar with Shudo Demei and his ease, technique and understanding of acupuncture blew me away. I highly reccomend this book to anyone who wishes to improve their abilities as an acupuncturist. Shudo Sensei fills the pages with alternative point locations, alternative uses for common points, case histories, and clinical experience. The information in these pages can be found no where else as Shudo Sensei himself has based the majority of this information off his many years of clinical experience. I must also thank Stephen Brown for his great work in translating this book. His translation skills are matched only by his skills as an acupuncturist.

Buy Finding Effective Acupuncture Points now for only $ 25.99!

Professional 2500Hz Dual Channel Massager Acupuncture Therapist, Pain Relief and Relaxation for All Around Your Body

Professional Dual Channel Massager is an easy to use, safe and non-invasive body massager that provides a variety of benefits.

This dual channel massager enables you to effectively reduce and relieve your pain symptoms through therapeutic massage and non-invasive acupuncture.

For active people, it provides a flexible massaging experience which has a very beneficial effect on muscle and back, shoulders or neck stiffness. This unit is also very good for soothing overall bodily fatigue and improves blood circulation and metabolism in the treated areas.

Intelligent electronics preprogrammed treatments allow a wide variety of applications. Setting the device is remarkably easy and each massage mode and program stage is easy to monitor on the large display.

  • Intermediate frequency of 2500Hz to penetrate into the skin deeply, a natural, drug free pain relief
  • Extra large LCD screen to display operating status, easy to use with illustrated user manual
  • Three automatic modes specifically designed for neck/shoulder, waist/legs and foot
  • Three body shaping programs for reducing weight ,skin tightening and releasing toxin

Rating: (out of 5 reviews)

List Price: $ 169.99
Price: $ 99.99

Professional 2500Hz Dual Channel Massager Acupuncture Therapist, Pain Relief and Relaxation for All Around Your Body Reviews

Review by J. Anderson:

Professional 2500Hz Dual Channel Massager Acupuncture Therapist, Pain Relief and Relaxation for All Around Your Body

Quick Shipping from Gadgets n Gifts!!! :D My Dad loves it!!! He set it on acupuncture for about 20 min on his upper back and said that he could move much more freely!!! My Mom used it for about 40 min on her sore shoulder, which has limited mobility…she could barely reach her arm back to put on a coat..she said she could move her arm back about 5 more inches after using the little machine…pretty amazing!!! I’m not sure which setting she used. I can’t say much else, since they’ve only had it for 2 days, although I plan to update after they’ve used it for a while. :D Excellent product so far!!! :D

Review by S. Woodson:

I owned another one by the same company, purchased through my chiropractor for a lot more money. Had it for several years and loved it, until I dropped it. Found this one, and it is even better. Really helps with all my back aches and pains.

Buy Professional 2500Hz Dual Channel Massager Acupuncture Therapist, Pain Relief and Relaxation for All Around Your Body now for only $ 99.99!

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