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Alternative Cellulite Treatments

[21 Apr 2010 | No Comments | 45 views | Author: Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT]
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Cellulite is that orange peel look that is apparent on the legs, thighs and upper arms of most women as they age. Caused by the storage of fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue and the subsequent pushing of fat against the skin from microcirculatory changes, which cause an increase in fluid retention. Alternative cellulite treatments offer women non-invasive options outside of the doctors office and hospital.

Many women, in fact, most women, struggle with cellulite as they age. Doctors estimate that over 85% of women suffer from cellulite deposits in their buttocks, thighs, upper arms or stomach. Although it is more common in women over 35 it has been diagnosed in girls at 16 years of age. Some alternative cellulite treatments are designed to work with the developing girls bodies.

Many women feel driven to stay away from the beach or choose what they wear depending upon whether it hides their problems with cellulite. It is a condition that affects womens self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Society appears to value the perfect body that is elusive and just out of reach and cellulite just doesnt fit the perfect picture.

Cellulite isnt a medical condition but rather a nuisance. Insurance doesnt pay to have the condition alleviated and it isnt covered under physicians visits. However, psychologists may differ in this opinion as they treat the fall out from cellulite when women suffer from feelings of depression and lack of self-esteem as a result of not living up to the perfect picture that society paints.

One alternative cellulite treatment is cellulite Ionithermie Reduction. This treatment alleges to get rid of cellulite by cleansing your body of accumulated and unwanted toxins and fats through massage of the lymphatic system. It also involves electric pads that massage parts of your body affected by the cellulite and the use of a clay mask on the affected areas.

The alternative cellulite treatment Ionithermie reduction therapies are done at a cellulite treatment parlor or spa. It starts with a manual massage to stimulate the lymphatic glands. Then a thin material is placed over the affected parts and clay applied to the material. The electric massaging pads are put over the affected areas and various levels of stimulation are applied. After the electrical massage is completed more massage is done by hand and an anti cellulite lotion is applied.

Another alternative cellulite treatment that is available is the Synergie cellulite reduction, which uses an FDA approved machine for the reduction of cellulite in a non-invasive technique. In a recent study 100% of women who participated noted a loss of inches from their bodyies and 90% had visible improvements in the smoothness of their skin.

The Synergie machine uses an alternating suction and pressure to allegedly release the fluids in the fat cells, increase lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation. Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes and 2 sessions are done a week for a 4, 8 or 16 week period depending upon your particular situation. After this time period a monthly maintenance session is recommended to maintain the results and continue to improve circulation.

There are also at home alternative cellulite treatments and techniques. These techniques are not new age or require the use of a doctors prescription. Herbs used in cooking are thought to have antioxidant qualities to reduce cellulite such as Cayenne pepper, juniper berries, black pepper extract, ginger, grape seed, garlic, peppermint tea.

Another alternative cellulite treatment at home is body brushing. It allegedly improves circulation and allows faster delivery of nutrients to the skin. The issue with this technique is that it doesnt address the issue of decreased circulation to those areas already affected by cellulite thus the toxins and fat cant be transported away since there is nothing to transport it.

Weight loss will not automatically decrease cellulite but will help to decrease the stored fat under the skin. Not necessarily an alternative cellulite treatment weight loss will help to decrease the overall fat storage and help to maintain a more healthy you.

Alternative cellulite treatments can sometimes be helpful in the fight against time. However, although most are harmless you should do your homework first to determine if they are worth your time and your money.

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