All You Need to Know About Protecting Yourself Against Daily Toxins.

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The University of California has conducted a study to show that out of a sample of 268 pregnant women surveyed, a staggering 100% of them were contaminated with highly toxic synthetic chemicals, including PCBs, pesticides, PFCs, PBDEs, phthalates, and PAHs! These chemicals are known to exhibit various harmful effects on human biology, potentially putting people at risk of anything from neurological problems to cancer and hormonal disorders. Of course this doesn’t just apply to pregnant women, but everyone. But during pregnancy it is even more important to try to avoid any excess chemical influence to ensure healthy growth and development of the baby. Now, this isn’t one of those articles telling you to stop doing anything, anywhere, anytime, and to sit in a corner, shaking scared to so much a breathe in fear of ingesting a chemical! We live in a modern world, and the body is very adaptive, otherwise we wouldn’t exist in today’s world :) . However we shouldn’t also become accepting and complacent about what our bodies can and can’t handle. It is all about balance between the two. Not extremes

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All you need to know about protecting yourself against Daily Toxins.

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