Signs of ADD and Depression in Adults

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Adult Deficit Disorder, commonly called ADD is a developmental disorder manifested by the requirement of unsuitable levels of attention. Some people describe ADD as a profusion of attention as some people find it difficult to focus attention on one thing at a time especially when it appears meaningless and boring to them rather than a lack of attention.

Even though studies estimate that almost 3.5% of the population is affected by ADD, diagnoses of ADD is a controversial issue, since many experts believe it to be a psychological rather than a biological disorder.

Following are the symptoms of a person who suffers from this condition:

  1. Inability to focus attention to detail, making careless mistakes while going about daily work schedule
  2. Appearing not to listen when spoken to
  3. Ignoring instructions or finishing tasks
  4. Avoiding tasks that require higher levels of mental effort
  5. Frequently losing items required for the work at hand
  6. Getting distracted easily
  7. Excessive forgetfulness

However, the presence of either of the above symptoms is not a conclusive sign of ADD. A person requires Adult ADD medication only if at least six of the above symptoms are manifested in a person continuously for more than three months.

There is a prevailing association of Depression with ADD. Usually Depression starts later than the first onset of ADD, as with time, the predominant symptoms of adult Attention Deficit Disorder tend to shift from external visible ones to the internal symptoms of Mood Disorders such as Major Depression, Dysthymia (Chronic low-level Depression) and Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depressive Disorder.) It cannot be however, ignored that Depression can be a side effect of Adult ADD medication as stimulants have been known to aggravate Depression and mania.

Depression is viewed as being different from feelings, commonly known as ‘blues’ that every one experiences sometime in one’s life. ‘Blues’ are normal and simply a transitory feeling of sadness or demoralization during difficult times. Depression is an illness and is indicated only when a person cannot snap out of or get over such feelings within a reasonable period of time, say, two weeks. Depression is a pervasive feeling of sadness that refuses to go away even with a conscious effort.

Some of the major symptoms of Depression are a noticeable change in appetite accompanied with significant weight loss or weight gain, change in sleeping patterns such as fitful sleep, Insomnia, sleeping too much, feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, feelings of inappropriate guilt, loss of energy, fatigue and loss of interest in formerly enjoyed activities. The most serious symptom of Depression that requires immediate Adult ADD medication is when suicidal tendencies start showing.

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