Choose natural treatment for ADD to augment the effects of prescribed medication

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Even though the prescribed medications help in providing relief from the symptoms of ADD, child ADHD treatment is not complete until you consider and include various kinds of natural treatments in the overall scheme of cures. A holistic approach is likely to benefit your child to a much larger extent teaching adaptive techniques along with alleviating the symptoms of ADD. Although natural treatment for ADD, include therapy, lifestyle Homeopathy and mind-body techniques, nutrition management is one of the most accepted and well-researched ADD treatment being used today. This helps in augmenting and complementing the prescribed medication without really interfering in the process.

This nutritional alternate therapy comes in handy especially with children who are at a higher risk to exhibit side effects due to prescribed medication. There are two aspects of this nutrition management – diet restriction and supplementation. In an observation study conducted as early as 1975, it was shown that a large proportion of children showed signs of improvement in symptoms of ADD when artificial food coloring and flavors along with naturally occurring salicylates were eliminated from their diet. In a recent clinical, children were administered a placaebo and tartrazine and their behaviors were observed over time. It was noted that when children were given tartrazine, about 50% of them showed signs of irritation and restlessness.

Even though many believe that refined sugar causes signs of ADD, there is no study that supports this empirical observation. But most of the restrictive diets that have been formulated for children suffering from ADD eliminate the consumption of sugars, candies and chocolates. The one thing to note is that even though these are basic measures that any of us can take on our own, these diets should be followed in consultation with a nutritionist since reduction of various essential forms of food may cause malnutrition in children.

The supplementation aspect of nutritional remedy for ADD includes the ingestion of various Minerals that are essential for proper brain development. Supplements or high doses of many Minerals are recommended. These recommendations include high levels of Vitamins (much higher than the Recommended Daily Allowance or RDA), magnesium, Vitamin B6, Iron, Zinc, Melatonin and essential Fatty Acids. Even though each of these nutrients is linked to proper brain development, there is no proof of the fact that adding on extra doses of these Minerals will ensure proper treatment of the condition. But they do provide a possibility of reducing the symptoms of ADD and therefore, is worth trying, given that there are no side effects of the treatment.

Another type of treatment that can be explored in the fight against ADD is Herbal Remedy for ADD. Similar to nutrition management, there are no clinical studies that prove the efficacy of the Herbs used in treatment of ADD. But the fact that there is empirical evidence is motivation enough for parents to try these for their children.

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