Adult ADD Homoeopathic Treatment and Principles

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Founded by Samuel Hahnemann, in 1755, on the principle of “Similia Similibus Curentur” (Like Cures Like), the homoeopathic treatment regime is basically a holistic method of healing that seeks the help of healing properties of your own body. Homoeopathy focuses on the treatment of each patient as an individual addressing all expressions of a person, be it mental, emotional or physical. The best part of a homoeopathic treatment is that its remedies are gentle yet powerful and at the same time have minimal or no side effects.

All homoeopathic remedies are based on natural resources and do not have any synthetic element. The basic principle is that a drug in its diluted form will cure an individual of the symptoms that the same drug induces when administered in its crude form. The homoeopathic regime has a peculiar system of dilution whereby rectified spirits are added to the mother tincture in ratios of nine or ninety-nine to one depending upon whether the decimal or the centesimal scale is being used.

The admixture is then shaken vigorously number of times and further diluted and shaken in the same manner to arrive at the desired potency. The homoeopath uses a particular potency of a remedy based on the acute or chronic nature of the symptoms and the comparative significance of physical to mental symptoms and at the same time keeping in mind that higher potencies have a faster effect.

As such, in the matter of Adult ADD medication, a homoeopath will treat on the basis of the totality of the symptoms present in the patient at the time of examination rather than on the basis of labeled symptoms of adult deficit attention disorder.

Before prescribing Adult ADD medication, a homoeopath will first prepare a “symptom profile” peculiar to the particular patient after making a list of all symptoms and noting the medical and family history. He/she will also give credence to the way external factors like change in weather, temperature, preference in diet and mental attitudes manifest themselves in the patient. The homoeopathic approach is a personalized one. This translates, in the matter of Adult ADD medication, into a system where both inattention and hyperactive behavioral symptoms of Adult Deficit Disorder are taken together while examining the patient along with external factors that are normally ignored by other systems of treatment. For example a symptom of adult Attention Deficit Disorder can manifest itself in a patient due to either inattention or hyperactivity or both. Moreover, homoeopathy will treat individuals differently on the basis of his/her overall personality.

Despite all that has been written about homoeopathy and its merits about how it scores over other treatment regimes, it can prove effective in only in cases of mild to moderate symptoms of adult Attention Deficit Disorder. The decision whether homoeopathic Adult ADD medication is required or not is better left to the doctor as some cases may require to be treated in the traditional manner.

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