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Acupressure a Chinese Alternative Medicine


One of the popular techniques that come from traditional Chinese medicine that is considered to be a bodywork technique and is gaining popularity in America is acupressure. It is very much like acupuncture in that it involves different points of the surface of the body but unlike using needles as is done in acupuncture, acupressure uses physical pressure done by the hand or elbow or various devices to different points on the surface of the body. This pressure brings about relief from the symptoms.

There are 14 primary meridian or channels in which qi flows through the body and acupressure removes blockages in these meridians. This pressure stimulates a natural healing process within the body.

When the different points are pressed muscular tension is released and this promotes better circulation of blood and other life’s forces, which will then aid in healing.

Acupressure is safe to do on oneself as well as to have a professional person who uses acupressure may apply the pressure. The best part is that there is no equipment needed, only your hands.

Acupressure can relieve arthritis, backaches eyestrain, headaches, neck pain, muscle aches, and tension aches as well as constipation, indigestion, menstrual cramping, and the pain from ulcers. Applying acupressure can also help you to sleep better at night.

Acupressure can help to balance your body and maintain good health by reducing tension; increasing your circulation and allowing your re learn how to relax deeply. Using acupressure can strengthen your resistance to illnesses and help to promote wellness.

A professional person who practices acupressure may use acupressure and also deep breathing exercises, range-of-motion exercises, and relaxation techniques to help individuals improve their health.

When faced with severe neck pain from arthritis, using acupressure an individual can experience increased mobility and decreased pain.

Acupressure is not only helpful for relieving pain it can also rebalance the body by getting rid of the stresses and tension build up and thus keep your body functioning better and increasing the effectiveness of the immune system so the individual can resist disease.

When an individual catches a cold or the flu the body goes into protective mode by increasing the mucous membranes in the nose in order to flush out the virus that causes the cold or flu. Acupressure cannot cure a cold or flu, but by putting pressure on appropriate points the body can be stimulated to expel the virus more quickly so you feel better faster.

Acupressure is not a substitute for professional medical care but an alternative medicine that helps to relieve symptoms and helps the body to heal itself.

Certain points like the tonic point must not be used during pregnancy so it is vital that those who are pregnant receive acupressure from someone trained in the techniques of acupressure.

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