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Acne Make Up Coverage


Acne. It affects people from childhood through adulthood. Although teens are more likely to suffer the effects, adults also experience the trauma of new white heads, zits, black heads, pustules and pimples. And unfortunately adults also suffer from the problems of covering the scars of long forgotten acne breakouts.

Acne make up coverage includes covering the active break outs and the scars that result from those breakouts. Sometimes there are temporary discolorations that leave the skin red and blotchy and other times, from cystic acne, you can experience pits left in the skin after the cyst has healed and finally disappeared.

While the acne is active your skin can be red, appear bruised or have just one white head located prominently at the end of your nose. Whatever your problem you may be looking for acne make up coverage that will take care of your issues.

When you are considering which coverage to purchase there are a couple of things to consider that will help you choose a product specifically for your individual skin type and issues. If you are still working with a dermatologist you should get a recommendation from him or her since not all products work well for all people. You should also check out the potential medicinal properties of the make up since some may provide advantages that keep your pores from clogging, are non-allergenic or claim that it doesnt cause any further infection.

Most people chose their products based on coverage ability and how well it matches their skin tones. However, choosing the wrong product can actually make the condition even worse and damage tissue. The make up should provide coverage with the illusion that spots, blemishes, bumps and red areas are non-existent. It should blend well with your skin tone and stay on all day to give you a worry free appearance.

If you dont want to purchase an entire bottle of the make up you may ask for a trial version. Most companies have trial versions that allow their customers to try the product without spending money on a product they may not use. Some companies actually have money back guarantees if their product doesnt meet your standards or live up to their claims.

When you apply the make up always start with a clean face. Us a gentle cleanser and forgo the toner until nighttime after youve removed your makeup. Use a light layer of moisturizer and dont apply your concealer or foundation until at least 15 minutes after the moisturizer was applied. When you apply your base make up use light strokes so you dont irritate any breakouts. If you are using mineral make up it should be placed when you would normally apply translucent powder.

If you have red blotches on your skin from older breakouts or new ones arising use a green concealer. Green is on the opposite end of the color wheel as red and they will cancel each other out. You can find a green concealer where ever make up is sold. Put it on gently, pat it and blend it out thoroughly. Use a sponge or your fingers – but be gentle.

Next apply a concealer in your skin tone dotting it over any areas covered by the green concealer and any other spots that were not covered that you feel need the coverage. Use concealers that come in pots or tubes because they give better coverage than those used from sticks. Choose a concealer that is the same color or slightly darker than your skin tone because the darker color makes the application recede and seem smaller. If you choose to go darker be sure it is only one shade darker than your natural tone and not so dark that it stands out from your skin.

At this point you can lightly dust your entire face with powder. This loose powder sets the concealer and gives the skin a matte appearance without extra color. If you didnt use a foundation or base before and use a mineral make up you should apply that now.

If you want to the concealer to last the longest time possible let is set for at least 10 seconds before blending.

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