A Patient’s Guide to Dealing with Elderly Depression

Nobody wants to be a bother and you are no exception. You might have noticed a loss of short term memory and maybe even had an episode of an unexplained crying spell or suddenly realized that your overall positive outlook on life is no longer as good as it used to be. You may find yourself too tired to get out of bed and no longer interested in visiting with friends and family members.

If you are fortunate, you will have a caregiver who will be dogging you to find help and get to a doctor. If you do not have such an individual in your life it is vital that you do not fall into the trap of self medicating with alcohol or questionable herbal supplements that you may find advertised on the Internet, the television, or the health aisle of the store.

A patient guide to dealing with elderly depression always – without exception – begins with a visit to a physician’s office. Do not hold back and instead list each and every symptom you have noticed. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that treatment for elderly depression is modern, minimally invasive, and very often will have almost immediate results that you will notice!

Granted, those older individuals who may have had close to 80 candles on their last birthday cake may respond to medications a bit slower than those will fewer candles on their cakes, but by and large rare is the elderly individual who will not respond well to the plethora of treatment options currently at the beck and call of physicians.

In some cases, medication may not even be necessary and instead a combination of talk therapy in a comfortable environment and a change in diet, such as an inclusion of high quality vitamin supplements or the inclusion of more fruits and vegetables, will do the trick!

Any patient guide to dealing with elderly depression would be incomplete if it failed to point out that many of the preconceived notions you may have had – or may still have – about seeking such treatment by and large are antiquated. After all, there are so many urban legends around that deal with depression and the Nurse Ratchet approaches that may have been the hallmark of yesteryear’s treatments. Please remember that suffering from depression is more common than you think and the likelihood of facing hospitalization for the condition is virtually non-existent.

Instead, the use of medication, talk therapy and a change in dietary habits is most often suggested. In addition to the foregoing, be prepared to not let go of enjoyable habits and activities but instead find that your doctor and therapist most likely will encourage you to pursue them or, if you do not have any activities in your life at this point in time, they may seek to help you find something that will bring joy to your life and that will provide a healthy activity to take on.

Thus, those recognizing their bout of elderly depression and choosing to deal with it usually end up with a much higher quality of life and overlook satisfaction with their life and situation than those who believe they can just carry on as though nothing was wrong and hope that this ostrich approach will somehow see them through.

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