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Positive Effects of Autogenic Training


It’s no secret that stress is damaging to your physical and mental welfare. Autogenic training might extend a little assistance in that area. It’s been exploited to help diminish stress symptoms in the body.

What Is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic training is a type of stress reduction technique. It acts by helping you to attain a meditative state in which you will be able to learn to control your body’s reaction to suggestion. From there, you will be able to commence taking control of your life and defeating the ravages of stress.

In a nutshell, the method acts to reverse the stress response in the body. Once we’re stressed, the body responds as though it were detecting peril. This is termed the fight or flight reaction. It’s generally shown when we feel that we’re in jeopardy or in peril of bodily damage.

It results in a intensified awareness. Pupils dilate to bring in additional light. The pulse rate steps up. Adrenalin is released into the system, gearing up your muscles for a battle or to have to run for your life.

Well, imagine being in that state of high alert all the time. Whenever we’re stressed, that’s in essence what the body is doing. It can bring havoc to our systems and cause conditions like elevated blood pressure, anxiety, tension, irritability, anguish and headaches.

Autogenics utilizes the body itself to bring down the stress. Here is how it functions. This meditative process was 1st exploited by a man named Johannes Schulz in Germany in the thirties. Through utilizing affirmations spoken aloud, the body can be lulled into a easier state simply through suggestion.

The autonomic nervous system which governs the fight or flight reaction is bore upon. Autogenics has been shown to deliver positive effects on those suffering from stress, seasonal affective disorder and similar conditions in the body.

You can rehearse it with very little training. Start by finding a serene location where you will not be distracted. It’s crucial to be free of distractions of any sort. Get rid of tight clothes, glasses and even contacts. Relax in a chair or lie down flat on the floor.

Control your respiration. If you do not already know, find out how to breathe deeply from the diaphragm to step-up your oxygen intake. Begin with a positive affirmation. If you’re attempting to reach a calming state, employ that as your affirmation.

You are setting the stage, then focus on your arms. State that they’re becoming heavy and then experiencing warmth. Now, proceed to your legs and duplicate the same affirmations.

You will be able to move from there to concentrate on other parts of your body and then your heart rate, your breathing, and any additional regions of your body that may show stress. Continue to duplicate your affirmations in addition to affirming the fact that you’re in a calm state. You’re completely mindful of your environment so your body will react. Once you’re totally at ease you may open your eyes.

Autogenic therapy has a positive effect on conditions like stress, heart issues and hypertension. Teaching your body to react to relaxation can abbreviate the fight or flight response started by stress in the body.

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