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Vitamin C and the Winter Cold

We are more susceptible to colds and flu when the weather grows cold.  Your grandmother would say that it is because you don’t wear your coat outside whereas some believe that vitamin C in larger doses during the winter months especially can help combat colds, but, does it really help? It has always been a […]

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Face Creams that Cause Harm

You may think you can slather on face creams with reckless abandon. After all, if a little helps a lot, then a lot must help more, right? Whether you’re trying to smooth out wrinkles, protect from sunlight, cover up blemishes, or something else, it makes sense to use lots, and to mix many different types. […]

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Crystals for Harmony and Balance

Each of us seeks to find something new which will take us to the next level in our lives. As humans, we constantly need something to believe in, have faith in, and have hope for. It could be from the simplest pleasures of having a good day to the beginning of a new relationship, good […]

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How to Make Easy Spider Cookies

No baking required for this easy Halloween treat that the kids will love to prepare. Supplies Needed: Oreo cookies for the body Thin licorice, cut in short pieces, for the legs Colored candies for eyes Icing to keep things together Step 1: Add the Legs Open the Oreo cookie and carefully place the licorice to […]

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