Are You Having Problems Ending Your Smoking Habit?

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If so, you are not alone. According to the research, over 90% of active smokers would like to quit and wish they had never started1.

As you will see the likelihood of successfully quitting without help is not very high. Before giving up, keep in mind that there is a specific hypnosis protocol for quitting smoking that has been statistically shown to greatly increase the success rates of smoking cessation.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • About 90% of smokers are clinically ‘addicted’ to smoking
  • Estimates of the number of those making a serious attempt to quit smoking each year ranges between 33%2 to 66% for all active smokers
  • Studies show that of those who try to quit smoking alone without any additional help or support (hypnosis or otherwise), the success rate is very low. Only between 2-5% of those who try are successful after 12 months, with most failing in the first 2-3 weeks
  • Of those few who do successfully quit on their own, it takes an average of 5-6 attempts before finally succeeding

As you can see, without getting help, your chances of permanently quitting are pretty slim. However there is a way to greatly increase your chances of giving up smoking.

Understand Your Choices

An examination of multiple research studies show that a single session hypnosis treatment to stop smoking produced about a 25% success rate, whereas about 66% of those engaging in at least 4-5 sessions of hypnosis quit smoking after a 6-12 month period.

To be fair, there are other methods.

Those engaging in a behavior modification program, nicotine replacement, or a Zyban medication approach alone average about a 25% success rate and up to a 50% success rate when used in some combination with each other after a 12 month period.

In order to provide you with the greatest chance of quitting smoking permanently, Randy Gilchrist Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, has created The Non-Smokers Edge, the most comprehensive program to quit smoking with hypnosis available today.

The Non-Smokers Edge stop smoking hypnosis program combines the same multi-session hypnosis format supported with a 66% success rate and combines it with cutting edge behavior modification strategies that alone produce success rates of 25%. Dr. Gilchrist also includes a review and advice on the latest nicotine withdrawal relief products, including natural remedies, nicotine replacement, and Zyban medication.

Comments from some of Dr. Gilchrist’s clients:

I am 63, I was told that I had to stop smoking for severe health problems. I tried every other possible program, method or gimmick. I was desperate. My friend recommended the program. It had worked for her so I sent for the CDs. My desperation left me and I began to face the real possibility that I could actually quit. The calm voice became a daily companion. I can now say that I am a non-smoker. It has taken me 47 years to be able to say that. Truly one of my greatest accomplishments!

Julianna Poderzay - Mazula, Montana

How about that? It actually works. My wife didn’t believe that I could do it. It took a couple times through, but I am not smoking any more. I have extra money to take my wife out now. We both thank you.

Jay Rogers - Winnemucca, Nevada

My doctor told me to get some help to stop smoking. The CD’s were really relaxing and helped me get through busy stressful days. It all came together, I don’t smoke and I’m much calmer overall. Good program. It worked for me.

Allan Randall

“Since your hypnosis, I am not only staying away from smoking, but I also stopped eating the junk food I used to eat. There were no fireworks. I am simply a new person–how I’ve wanted to be for a long time. This is wonderful!”

Kim Johnson - Sacramento, CA

“It was amazing. After the hypnosis (with you), something clicked in my mind and everything became much easier for me. My attitude has changed, along with my desires. I have no idea how it worked, but it did. This has helped me more than anything else.”

Tracy M - Roseville, CA

“You’ve helped me gain the inner strength to quit. I didn’t know I had it in me. The power of the mind is amazing. I wish I knew about this a long time ago. Thank you so much.”

Dawn J. - San Diego, CA

“I am happy to say that it (smoking) never even came to my mind after hearing you and going through these exercises. It just hasn’t even been a part of my day. It’s almost as if I just forgot about it”.

Natalie C. - Escondido, CA

“Since working with (your program), I’ve quit cold-turkey for 5 months now. It was much easier than I thought it would be.”

Raymond C - Roseville, CA

Choosing Your Path to Success

The choice is yours. You can try to quit alone or you can try an approach which has a research-supported success rate of well over 66% - the highest of any smoking cessation program available today. Even though The Non-Smokers Edge is the most comprehensive and effective smoking cessation program available today, we also know it can�t work for every one who tries it because of the difficult nature of smoking addiction. Nevertheless, it is essential for your health to give yourself the best possible chance of quitting smoking forever.

We are still going to offer you our unconditional 1-year money back guarantee. We hope that by eliminating all risk, you will give yourself the best tools and resources currently available through this program to begin giving up this detrimental habit now.

The Non-Smokers Edge is a 7-CD Program:


Dr. Gilchrist guides you through the latest research on smoking cessation


Dr. Gilchrist provides you with cutting edge behavioral modification strategies and advises you on how to integrate other smoking withdrawal products into this program

CD3 (Hypnosis Sessions)

* Session 1: Motivation and Confidence

This session will provide you with the motivation and confidence necessary to succeed as a non-smoker

* Session 2: Overcoming Past Connections

This session will remove the anchors that you associate with being a smoker

CD4 (Hypnosis Sessions)

* Session 1: Creating New Connections

This session will allow you to create the necessary associations towards being a non-smoker

* Session 2: Relapse Prevention

This essential session is designed to prevent a relapse before it occurs

CD5 (Hypnosis Sessions)

* Session 1: Handling Feelings

This session will help you handle difficult feelings in a new way, thus helping you cope without smoking.

* Session 2: Preventing Weight Gain

This session will help prevent what is often an unwanted side effect of smoking cessation

CD6 (Hypnosis Sessions)

* Session 1: Overcoming Social Stress

This session will help you cope with social pressures that might have previously caused you to smoke

* Session 2: Maintaining Energy and Concentration

If you use nicotine for concentration, then this session will help you maintain the level of focus and concentration without smoking

CD7 (Hypnosis Session)

* Smoking Aversion

Dr. Gilchrist will take you through a cognitive technique that will help make you totally averse to the idea of smoking (not for the squeamish).

Check Out The Non-Smokers Edge Now!

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