Monitoring Diabetes on a Daily Basis

Diabetes is manageable and a high quality of life can be maintained if you stay on top of your health.  Once you are diagnosed with the disease you should start following a Diabetic plan for optimum health immediately.

One of the most important things that Diabetics can do is follow a meal plan.  Do not leave eating up to chance.  You must have a plan everyday and know what you are eating before the time to eat arrives.  Not eating when you have Diabetes can lead to hypoglycemia or a Diabetic coma which can be fatal. Constructing a low carb menu and sticking to it will help you from having Diabetic episodes.

Your meal plan will be a combination of breads, meats, dairy products, fats, fruits and vegetables just like everyone else’s.  When dining with friends and family you can feel free to make the same foods for them that you are eating.  You won’t be having special foods or anything different from anyone else.

By following your meal plan you will be able to get to a healthy weight that will help you keep many complications of Diabetes at bay.  You also will have more energy to keep up with the exercise regiment you will need to follow.  Diabetes does great vascular damage to the heart and blood vessel when its symptoms are not tended to.  Eating foods in the right amount will cut down on the damage that is being done.  Never ever skip meals even if you are at work or very busy.

Another essential part of Diabetes management is exercise.  Be sure that you share your exercise plans with your doctor.  You will also need to check your blood glucose levels before you start exercising.  You want to be sure that your body is properly fueled before you start working out.

Strive for five days of activity.  Do not push yourself. Begin small and work your way up to 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week.  You may find that it is easier to just make exercise an everyday thing and go for seven days a week of moderate exercise.

Most people can exercise whenever they want but Diabetics must be careful and aware of the time that they exercise.  Never exercise right before you go to bed because hypoglycemia could occur.  Also, have a snack before you exercise if your blood glucose level is between 100-120.

Whatever type of medication you have to take for Diabetes, make sure you take it, even if it makes you sick to your stomach.  Sometimes it can take a while for people to get used to diabetic pills or insulin.  Your body will adjust over time but you can not afford to take a break from medications until that happens. Tell your doctor about your intolerance but continue taking them.

Stay optimistic when it comes to your medications.  They may not be a life long thing if you take care of yourself and work hard to stay healthy.

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