The Many Causes of Tendonitis

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You have tendons in many different parts of your body. We move different parts of the body in different ways and use different body parts in different ways so therefore there are different causes for tendonitis.

The common causes of tendonitis are repetitive strain on a tendon, age related tendon changes, putting too much strain on your tendon, an injury to a tendon, another condition that contributes to the tendonitis, a thermal injury to the tendon, and also anatomical causes which are rare.

One of the most common causes of tendonitis is the repetitive strain that can happen on the bicep, elbow, hand or shoulder. Those who work on production lines often complain of repetitive motion bothering these areas of their bodies. Those who are golfers or tennis players can also suffer tendonitis from repetitive strain.

Age is another cause of tendonitis. As we all know the human bodies ages from the moment we are born. Our tendons get harder and when they do, they lose their elasticity. It becomes more difficult for the joint to have motion when the tendon gets harder. The older an individual gets the higher their risk for tendonitis becomes.

Strain is another cause for tendonitis especially among athletes and bodybuilders. This strain occurs when the individual does not properly warm up or does a workout that they are not ready for. It can also happen if the individual does not use proper technique or proper form.

Tendonitis can also happen as a result of injury or surgery. This can occur if the injury or wound from surgery has not healed properly before being subjected to exercise, sport or workout.

Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes can cause tendonitis. It is rare for this to happen but it does happen when the individual’s body is under pressure or strain.

Thermal injury is another one of those uncommon causes for tendonitis but it can on rare occasion happen. Those who are at most risk for thermal injuries are those who are rock climbers or hikers. The body parts most affected are ankles, feet, hands or wrists.

Finally, we have anatomy as another rare cause of tendonitis. Anatomical issues can mean that a smooth surface is not possible and the tendon will rub against the tissue or joint. Inflammation and irritation is the result. Surgery is often necessary in order to correct the anatomical issue.

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