TV, Prostate Health, Vasectomy, and Value for Money!

by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

An odd headline I know.

What prompted me to write this article was a question from a reader asking about the effectiveness of Beta Sitosterol. This is the main ingredient in a supplement for prostate health which he saw advertised on TV. Because this ingredient comes up from time to time I thought that I would not only give you some information about it but also provide a few pointers which you may find helpful when comparing different supplement products.

This was the question: from Jay

I noticed some other TV promoted products supporting the prostate health. The current Xtend-Life product Male Rejuvenator has most of the same ingredients but I am wondering about one in particular, Beta Sitosterol. Can you comment on the effectiveness of this ingredient? The product is called ‘Prostate Miracle’.

Also as a follow up question I have recently had a vasectomy should I worry more or less about prostrate health?

My Answer:

OK, the simple part first….A vasectomy will not have any impact on your prostate health. I know that from first hand experience as I had a vasectomy 32 years ago after I figured five children was enough. And….my prostate health is still excellent. Therefore in my opinion provided the procedure is done by a competent Doctor there should be no future issues.

Now, let’s have a look at ‘Prostate Miracle’.

I see when I look at their website that they claim that ‘Prostate Miracle’ is 3,000 times more powerful than Saw Palmetto! Wow! That’s quite a claim, not to mention a miracle! Is there any validity to it?

Absolutely not! So, how do they figure it out then? Well, it seems that because the saw palmetto plant only contains an infinitesimal amount of beta-sitosterols (1/3000th according to them) then it makes their product 3000 times more effective than saw palmetto.

What a load of old nonsense!

I wonder if they really understand what they are talking about. It is like trying to compare apples with oranges. Just as apples and oranges play a role in your health even though they are significantly different foods, the same principle applies to saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol when it comes to prostate health. They are different but they both have a role to play. This is why we use both in our Male Rejuvenator.

Oh…I should also mention that not all Beta-Sitosterols are the same either! It comes in a variety of potencies, from 30% up to 95% total sterols. These people do not reveal which potency they are using in their product. We use only the 95% potency.

Where do Beta-Sitosterols come from? Well, the form that is used in supplements certainly doesn’t come from saw palmetto. It would be prohibitively expensive if it did. They are actually extracted from soy beans.

It’s quite an inexpensive ingredient, even the 95% potency version which is at least 40% cheaper than a saw palmetto extract.

So, in summary Beta-Sitosterol is a good tool/ingredient in the quest for maintaining prostate health, but it is not the only one and not necessarily the best, and it would be unwise to rely on it as the only line of defense.

If you wish to maximize the health of your prostate you need to use a wide variety of plant based extracts, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other specialty ingredients.

As well, the correct forms of minerals need to be used. As an example, I notice that in the ‘Prostate Miracle’ they use 15mgs of Zinc Citrate per capsule or 30mgs per day.

Zinc of course is an essential mineral for the prostate, but citrate is the wrong form. The citrate version follows a metabolic pathway that ‘feeds’ the entire body but it does not directly go to the prostate. On the other hand some other forms such as Aspartate do follow a pathway that goes to the prostate.

This is the reason why we use 10mgs of Zinc Citrate a day and 50mgs a day of Zinc Aspartate in our Total Balance Men’s Plus in order to specifically target the prostate.


Now that I have addressed the issue of Beta-Sitosterol it may be an appropriate time to do a ‘head to head’ comparison with ‘Prostate Miracle’.

I would like to do this as an example.

The reason? Well…one of the biggest frustrations we have at Xtend-Life is that we develop the best possible products with no compromises in quality and efficacy, but then we have difficulty in being able to have prospective customers understand the differences between our products and others which seem cheaper.

This is because often prospective customers will make a judgment on the bottle price and because our products are more complex than other they never really understand that they are getting much better value for money than other seemingly cheaper products even if the bottle price is higher.

We get this problem all the time with Total Balance, but it also happens with our other products as well. Hey, I don’t mind if someone buys a different product. Our frustration is not due to losing the sale but rather because we know that the person who bought the other product just didn’t understand the difference and as such they are not getting the best possible outcome, either in efficacy or value for money. And that is a pity.

So, this article is in part an attempt to convey to you how you can assess the differences.

Here we go!

First, let’s look at ‘Prostate Miracle’

A bottle of this product contains…

• Beta Sitosterol – 18,000mgs
• Zinc Citrate – 900mgs
• Selenium – 6mgs

Total active ingredients per bottle - 18,906mgs .

The price ranges from $25.95 for one bottle down to $15.95 per bottle if you buy 6 bottles. Plus shipping! (Personally I think that it is unfair to inflate the price of the bottle so much and force you to buy 6 at a time)

Now, we will look at Xtend-Life Male Rejuvenator.

A bottle of this product contains…

* Bromelain** - 1,350mgs
* L-Arginine HCL – 12,000mgs
* Magnesium Ascorbate – 1,500mgs
* Manganese Citrate* – 150mgs
* Vitamin B3 as Niacinamide – 750mgs
* Vitamin B3 as Nicotinic Acid – 300mgs
* Vitamin B6* – 600mgs
* Vitamin C – 1,500mgs
* Damiana** – 6,750mgs
* Epimedium Brevicornum* – 7,500mgs
* Ginkgo Biloba* – 1,500mgs
* Grape Seed* – 3,750mgs
* Green Tea* – 3,750mgs
* Beta Sitosterol – 4,065mgs
* Piperine***** – 600mgs
* Quercetin* – 15,000mgs
* Saw Palmetto* – 3,300mgs
* Silymarin* – 3,750mgs
* Tribulus Terrestris* – 3,750mgs

The * after the various ingredients denotes those ingredients that are more expensive than Beta-sitosterol! If it has two *s it means that it is more than double the cost.

Total active ingredients per bottle of Male Rejuvenator – 71,865 mgs!

The cost for a bottle of Male Rejuvenator is $29.45 or $26.50 if you are a loyalty program member. Any order in excess of $60 is eligible for free shipping.

So, in other words you get almost four times as much active ingredient in a bottle of Male Rejuvenator compared to ‘Prostate Miracle’ even though the majority of the ingredients are significantly more expensive.

Even if you purchased six bottles of ‘Prostate Miracle’ at the cheapest price of $15.95 each ($95.70 plus shipping at $8.40 = Total Cost $104.10) you would still only get 113,436 mgs of active ingredients.

Contrast that with purchasing four bottles of Male Rejuvenator at $26.50 for a total cost of $106.00 and receiving 287,460mgs of active ingredients.

Which product will work the best?

I think that the easiest way to answer this is to say that the Male Rejuvenator will do everything that the ‘Prostate Miracle’ will, and much, much more.

For example, the Male Rejuvenator has many anti-prostate cancer ingredients within it whereas the ‘Prostate Miracle’ just focuses on an enlarged prostate. Although we have plenty of clinical data to support this comment, here is a simple down to earth example of its anti-prostate cancer properties.

This came from a customer just the other day.

This is what Dave said:

“Four years ago at the age of 39, I had a PSA test and the results came back with a reading of 4.3. I never saw the results until a year ago and at that time, contacted a urologist to have a new PSA done.

The result of that PSA was a reading of 6.3. At that time, the doctor decided to do a Biopsy, which came back normal. The Urologist directed me to have a follow up PSA test every 6 months. At that point, I decided to be my own test subject and add the Male Rejuvenator to my daily regime of Total Balance and Omega-3.

The 6 month follow-up PSA test showed a drop back to 4.5, still double what it should be for a 43 year old but heading in the right direction.

I just had another 6 month PSA follow-up test and the results were 2.56!

I haven’t changed anything in my health regime other than the addition of the Male Rejuvenator product. I give this product full credit for the results. Thanks to all involved in this product”.

I am sure that his results will continue to get better. As a point of interest my latest PSA which I had done a couple of months ago was 0.3 which is pretty good for a 60 year old. I also attribute that to a combination of Total Balance and Male Rejuvenator.

A word of Caution.

The Male Rejuvenator is designed to be taken with Total Balance Mens Plus for optimal results. This is because Total Balance Mens plus has additional Beta Sitosterol, along with Lycopene, selenium, additional zinc of the correct type, chrysin to help avoid testosterone converting to estrogen….and many more co-factors.

However, neither of these two products is designed for those men who are suffering from confirmed prostate cancer or, whose PSA exceeds 10. To be on the safe side if you are in this situation you are better off using the Unisex version of Total Balance.

We are developing a new product which will be VERY helpful for those men who have already been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Hopefully this will be finished within the next 3 – 4 months.

An added benefit?

The Male Rejuvenator when combined with Total Balance gives some rather pleasant and unexpected benefits in the bedroom department. There are more details about this check out this protocol.

Here is what one customer had to say.

“…I am in my early 40s and my wife is 29. I had been feeling the “effects” of my age and job stress, which basically equated me to a 4 cylinder engine in the “love” department, even though I’m in good physical condition. I tried your recommended “protocol” with Total Balance Men’s Plus and Male Rejuvenator - 6 tablets a day of each for a month, plus your Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Esters.

The word “Wow” cannot come close to describing what happened. I gained two cylinders a week! By week 4 I was a 12 cylinder powerhouse! Ford Escort to Ford GT 500 HP race car… My wife couldn’t believe the power, endurance and stamina….Men, look no further, and throw that Viagra away!! Talk about rejuvenation…wow, it’s called ‘the Xtend-Life Protocol’!”

Now, although that is a great testimonial it may or may not give you these sorts of results. It is not designed for that purpose, so don’t expect too much. Its design is to help you avoid the risks of developing prostate cancer and helping you continue to function normally until the day you ultimately die…hopefully of old age…not from a disease. The additional ‘kick’ that most men experience is just a nice little benefit.

I appreciate that this has been a very long article but I really wanted to try to convey to you that it is important that you take your time when buying supplements and consider all aspects of your purchase carefully. What can sometimes sound like a great deal is not always the case when you examine it further!

I don’t have to tell you that your good health is your most valuable possession. Never compromise it!

Warren Matthews, Xtend-Life

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