Enhance Your Immune System With Herbal Medicine

What is ImmunityPlus?

ImmunityPlus is a blend of African, Asian and other herbs specifically formulated to optimize immune functioning.

ImmunityPlus is a potent, complex remedy that contains ingredients to provide a wide range of benefits to those suffering from depressed immune systems or wish to boost their optimal functioning.

This includes a liver tonic; immune system strengthening; improved body functioning; detoxification; and enhanced convalescence.

ImmunityPlus can be used to tone and strengthen the immune system during and after illness and is a useful overall tonic for the body.

Use ImmunityPlus regularly to:

* Assist recovery and convalescence from illness
* Boost energy when feeling run-down and listless
* Attain optimal immune functioning to fight against disease
* Prevent illness and premature degeneration of body cells

How has ImmunityPlus helped others?

I will be ordering Immune Booster from you for the rest of my life…every 3 months…it is the cheapest insurance a Senior Citizen can $$$ Buy $$$ !!!!!!

The older we get..the more baggage we have to carry with us… ache’s and pains and disorders….Native Remedies is liken to having your own in house Doctor at a fraction of the fees and high costs in this 21st Century. You might give it some thought to have a ” Fan Club Room”..a place where we can post our success stories and a piece of cake for a Web Master to do. You have my permission to post this email….keep up the great work!! - R.J., Stuart Florida

“I have been on antibiotics almost constantly for the last two years…since using this product, I have been antibiotic-free for nearly three months.”

“For years I suffered, with a digestion fault. After many hours of research, I finally found out that this was due to a deficiency in my immune system. So I started to browse the internet to boost it. A lot of products are to be found, I lost count of the number of different one’s I tried. One day while looking for yet another product to try I came upon this site. Unlike a lot of other sites it did not base its help through a vitamin C base. As it was probably the cheapest product I tried, I did not hold to much faith in its results. But to my utter surprise, after 17 days of use I started to feel more alive than I had felt for a long time. I have continued using ImmunityPlus for a few months now and the effect as been good health. As this was the cheapest product it was the one I expected the least from, but as a result it is the one I have gained the most from. I strongly recommend using this site. My latest order came today 5 days after order. Which is good as I live in the UK.” - Garry, UK

“I have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for two years with all the classic symptoms. I have a shelf full of vitamins and still felt half dead most of the time. This formula has boosted my energy levels to the point where I am beginning to consider going back to work. I feel so different in the morning that life has begun to feel worthwhile again.” - Gail, USA, single, 34 years old.

“As a Clinical Psychologist, I often counsel people who are suffering from illnesses like AIDS, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, viral Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and other conditions. Many people who are depressed also find themselves constantly ill and run down due to malfunctioning immune systems. In order to assist in recovery and boost immune systems, I have developed ImmunityPlus - a powerful combination of African, Asian and other herbs. Taken regularly, ImmunityPlus can improve quality of life and strengthen body and immune functioning.” - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist.

ImmunityPlus contains the following ingredients:

Hypoxis Rooperi (extract of African Potato). Hypoxis contains phytosterols and Sterolins, which help to modulate the effect of the immune system and enhance its performance. It is traditionally used as a convalescent and as a strengthening tonic in the treatment of ‘wasting diseases’ like TB, AIDS and cancer.

Agothosma betulina (buchu) is a urinary antiseptic and possesses diuretic properties. Buchu has been used by the natives of the Western Cape of South Africa for many centuries. and assists the body to rid itself of toxins by stimulating the secretion of retained water.

Mentha piperita, also known as ‘inxina’, is a calmative and analgesic herb which aids digestion, prevents nausea and vomiting and promotes the flow of bile.

Solidago virgaurea acts as an anti-inflammatory and prevents the build-up of mucous.

Viscum album enhances the immune stimulating properties of the other ingredients in this remedy and also acts as diuretic, stimulant and vasodilator, strengthening capillary walls, reducing inflammation and encouraging repair of damaged cells.

Crataegus oxycanthoides, sometimes known as ‘Doringappel’ in Afrikaans (Dutch), has powerful antioxidant properties and improves circulation.

Schizandra sinesis is a powerful native remedy of China. Scientific research supports its effectiveness in the treatment of Hepatitis and in the regeneration of liver tissue damaged by viral hepatitis and alcohol. Schizandra is also used during chemotherapy to boost energy levels and to protect against toxins and cell damage.

Astralagus membranaceus is another potent Chinese remedy, also called ‘huang qi’, and has a variety of benefits as a convalescent and rejuvenating tonic and is also useful in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Olea europea (extract of olive leaf) contains a compound called oleuropein acid, which is effective against numerous viruses, bacteria and fungi. It has been used in the treatment of people with viral illnesses such as Epstein-Barr disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Herpes and AIDS.

Caution: ImmunityPlus should not be used if there is any known allergy to bees or to substances containing honey or bee products.

How do I use ImmunityPlus?

Take 10 to 15 drops in a little water three times daily

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of ImmunityPlus will last 25-30 days.

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