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7 Little-Known But Effective Home Remedies For Common Illnesses

[11 Aug 2010 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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With advances in modern medicine, you would think that home remedies would no longer have a place in this world. Surely, there has to be a well thought out, well researched solution to all the common illnesses.

Still, the popularity of home remedies lives on. Some stand by these cures as being more effective than those presented by the medical profession, others use them in the interest of more natural living. Of course, if you have a medical problem you will want to seek out a professional, but here are seven little-known but effective remedies for common illnesses that may even save you a trip to the doctor’s office.


Constipation can have many causes, the most common being a poor diet that is high in refined foods and low in fiber. Constipation is when the bowels do not empty or are not completely emptied during bowel movements.

Grapes are known to help alleviate constipation. Their combination of cellulose, organic acid, and sugar help to clear the bowels of a person with constipation. They provide the complementary benefit of helping to improve the functioning of the stomach and intestines which may help to prevent the problem from returning.

The Common Cold

There are countless home remedies for the common cold. One you may not know about is garlic. This has long been a treatment for colds as garlic helps to removes toxins from your system and thereby can reduce a fever.

Many claim that garlic’s antiseptic and antispasmodic qualities aid in its effectiveness in helping to cure the common cold. A few cloves can be boiled in water to create a soup so that the healing qualities of garlic can be utilized.

Sore Throat

A teaspoon of cinnamon can be boiled in a glass of water along with two teaspoons of honey. This concoction can often relieve symptoms of a sore throat.


Clove oil can be put directly on a toothache to bring relief. Clove can decrease a feeling of pain and possesses antiseptic properties to help fight infection.


Aniseed is one way to deal with a dry hard cough. It can help with the breaking up of mucus. Aniseed can be used to make a tea to be taken regularly to help alleviate this type of cough.


Water that contains a few drops of mint essence is often successful in relieving occasional indigestion. This liquid is known to have a soothing effect on the stomach.

Back Pain

Back pain may not be an illness per se, but it does affect many people. One little known remedy is to place slices cut from a raw potato onto the affected area. While you want to find the true cause of the back pain, in cases where the pain is mild and isolated you may want to try this simple remedy.

These home remedies are simple ways to help improve your common health ailments. You should always consult a doctor or other medical professional before attempting to treat any health condition on your own. What works for one person does not always work for another and many conditions have hidden underlying causes. Still, these home remedies show simple means that many people believe can be used to treat common illnesses.

Thomas Rheinecker is a freelance writer and covers topics such as nurses assistant and medical careers, healthcare topics, and more.

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