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Arthritis is one of the oldest conditions mankind has suffered from. In fact there is scientific evidence that the first cave man had arthritis.

Not only that it is very old, but it is also very common- around 50 million people in the US alone have one form of arthritis or another. But what exactly is arthritis?

The word arthritis is a collective term for over 100 musculoskeletal disorders. The common thing between these disorders is the chronic inflammation of the joints causing severe pain, stiffness and swelling.

The treatments for this condition range from simple lifestyle changes like an improved diet or participating in yoga to drastic measures as surgery. In this post I will show you a rather alternative treatment for arthritis- herbs.

Herbs can ease joint pain in several ways. Some are able to aid joint and bone repair, others have very potent anti-inflammatory properties, and of course there are the herbs that simply relieve pain, which isn’t to be underestimated.

Please keep in mind that before taking herbs or changing any part of your arthritis treatment you need to contact your personal physician.

7 Herbs that Ease Joint Pain and Fight Arthritis:

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Alfalfa is an herb that can be commonly found in farm fields across North America. It contains certain chemical compounds that are necessary for proper joint and bone repair, therefore it can be used as a natural treatment for arthritis.

It is always better to consume this herb by preparing tea from its leaves, since other parts of the plant (especially the seeds) contain the toxic chemical L-canavanine, which can be dangerous in high quantities.


Feverfew is an herb that I am especially familiar with because it is indigenous to the Balkan Peninsula, which is where my country Bulgaria is situated. Here people have used it to relieve joint pain for hundreds of years.

This amazing herb has shown to dilate the blood vessels in your joint tissue. This improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the joint membranes and bone cells, thus relieving joint pain associated with arthritis. It also reduces fever and inflammation in the joints.


Turmeric possesses extremely strong anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it excellent for people suffering from arthritis as it is characterized as a chronic inflammation of the joints. The inflammation decreasing effect is thanks to the chemical curcumin.

A good way to add some bioavailable curcumin to your diet is through making a microemulsion by combining one or two egg yolks, a tablespoon of curcumin and a teaspoon of melted coconut oil. Then emulsify the powder with a blander.


Nettle is a great herb for those suffering from arthritis. It is known to ease pain, reduce inflammation and promote bone health thanks to some of the minerals found in the herb. It is also beneficial because it inhibits the growth of dendritic cells, which are linked to arthritis.

Studies show that applying the leaf of the herb onto the aching area will reduce pain and inflammation the most. However, this might be slightly uncomfortable for some people, so they should probably stick to nettle leaf tea instead.


Thanks to the compound glycyrrhizin, Licorice is very effective in reducing inflammation. Furthermore, glycyrrhizin inhibits the production of enzymes that cause arthritis. Basically licorice acts like a corticosteroid (arthritis medication) without the side effects.

You can find licorice supplements or prepare a tea, but keep in mind that if you have high blood pressure, headache or heart problems, you need to avoid the herb.


Dandelion is a really great herb if you want to relieve arthritis. First, it is capable of flushing the specific toxins that cause arthritis and joint pain. Further, it reduces the uric acid in your body, which leads to reduced stiffness and increased joint mobility.

You can prepare a massage oil or a salve with dandelion, or you can drink it in the form of a tea.

Devil's Claw

This African herb has been used to reduce joint pain, indigestion and skin inflammations for centuries by the native people of the Kalahari Desert. Recently Devil's Claw has gained a lot of popularity in Europe as well. Studies have shown that its anti-inflammatory effect is as strong as some of the popular drugs on the market. It is however, preferred due to the lack of severe side effects.

You can make a tea out of devil’s claw; however, it is best to use it topically. I have devil’s claw cream at home and it did wonders for my lower back pain, so I absolutely recommend it.

This was the last herb in the list. Hopefully these natural medicines will help you in the uneven battle with arthritis.

Herbal Help for Joint Pain

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These herbs will absolutely help you, but in order to be in full control of your arthritis and to prevent joint pain you really need to consider lifestyle changes. Eating properly, losing weight and improving flexibility are a great place to start your journey.

There was no one to tell the cave man that, but with the abundance of information nowadays it would be a shame to neglect your condition and suffer in the hands of arthritis. For more information read Causes, Symptoms And Relief For Your Joint Pain



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