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7 Excellent Foods for Longevity


7 Excellent Foods for LongevityGenetics tend to play the biggest role in how long we live whereas lifestyle choices affect how well we live.

Many people don’t realize that a diet rich in certain nutritious foods can greatly increase our chances of living long and well.

Our bodies are remarkable mechanisms that have the ability to heal themselves in ways most of can’t even fathom.

But in the grand scheme of things, our bodies are only as good as the food we put in them.

Here are seven foods that have been linked to longevity when eaten consistently throughout life.

1. Nuts

Nuts are one of the best sources for the healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The unsaturated fats and protein in nuts make for one of the best natural anti-inflammatory foods to help heal cartilage tissue as well as muscle tissue.

2. Berries

Packed with antioxidants, berries are some of the best food out there for you. Each major berry contains its own blend of healthy nutrients but its berries like blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries that carry the most plentiful sources of anthocyanins.

These compounds are notably linked to inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, improve brain function, and improve muscle tone.

3. Red Fruits

7 Excellent Foods for LongevityFruits such as Apples and tomatoes carry a compound called lycopene in their skin. This nutrient helps you maintain youthful skin texture and can help you reduce your chances of developing cancer in your stomach, prostate, and lungs.

4. Salmon

The king of heart health, Salmon is the most plentiful source of omega-3 fatty acids in the world. The significant amount of protein combined with a variety of healthy fatty acids and vitamins, makes salmon on of the healthiest main dishes you could possibly have.

The anti-inflammatories in salmon have been found to combat aging in cells by preventing a process called telomere shortening. Telomeres are the particular sequences of DNA in your body that are linked with the 8bfcba62 and the decline of your immune system.

If you can’t eat salmon as often as you know you should, a good, solid Omega 3 supplement should be added to your diet. f6c3d223 is the one we recommend. It contains both Omega-3 fish oils and CoQ10 with Ubiquinol.

5. Whole Grains

Whole grain pasta, bread, and cereal contain high dosages of fiber, complex carbs, and vitamins. Fiber is important for digestion and can really help clear out all of that excess weight in your stomach.

Complex carbs do not convert to fat as easily as simple sugar ones do so it always better to go with an oat or bran cereal over a sugary one. If you experience sensitivities and digestive problems when consuming whole grains, look into an effective natural remedy such as AllergyEase Grain & Gluten to help with the symptoms.

6. Dark Chocolate

7 Excellent Foods for LongevityOne of our favorite treats surprisingly has nutritional effects that can help us get on the good side of father time.

Dark chocolate’s most pivotal anti-aging effect is it’s ability to combat inflammation which is a major cause to the aging and deterioration of our cells.

7. Green Tea

For thousands of years green tea has been a staple of longevity in Asia. It’s variety of nutrients is quite possibly only rivaled by salmon.

Green tea is commonly mixed with a substance called ginseng which is known to speed up your metabolism, improve digestion, aid in tissue repair, and even serves as a natural aphrodisiac. It’s no wonder the Japanese on average live longer than anyone else in the world!

What is Aging?

Some scientists and physicians suggest that aging is a ‘disease’. This is not a fair description. Aging is not a disease but part of the process of life itself! You cannot reverse aging but you can help slow it down to an optimal level which nature intended.

So, how long should we live for? This is a subject of much debate and disagreement. Some scientists claim extraordinary times…200+ years. However, this is really in the realm of science fiction.

The position of Xtend-Life is that it is possible to live to the projected maximum human life span of 120 years. To achieve this, your life has to be well balanced! In other words, your lifestyle, your diet, the amount of exercise you do, the environment you live in and your nutrient intake have to be as close as possible to optimal.

To learn more about how aging occurs and ways to slow down your biological clock, visit Xtend-Life‘s Overview of Anti-Aging research page today.

About the author:

Jared Pennington is a health and wellness writer who spent the majority of his youth in athletic training rooms weathering every little injury known to man. When he’s not running or rock climbing he writes for Just Home Medical, a supplier of home aides such as grab bars to assist the injured and disabled.

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