5 Physical Therapy Techniques To Speed Recovery

Physical therapy techniques to speed healingPhysical therapy is a common treatment in case of a chronic injury. However, recovering from such injuries can take a long time. Some of the injuries that take a long time to heal include ACL, MCL, carpel tunnel syndrome etc. There are some physical therapy techniques that can be used to speed up the recovery process.

1. Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy can significantly help a recovery process. This technique works by working on different trigger points around the injured area. The massage can be done with fingers, a foam roller, or a tennis ball. Trigger point therapy increases blood flow to the joints, which helps them to recover at a faster pace.

2. Thrusting

This technique aims to enable the joints to open and close properly through the restoration of gliding motions. It involves thrusting a joint up to the restrictive barrier. The joint should experience increase mobility and strength if thrusting is utilized properly. The thrust velocity is of low amplitude, which is less than 1/8 inch. The patient won’t experience an increase in pain after the treatment.

3. Ultrasound treatment

While recovering from an injury through physical therapy, the patient can go for ultrasound treatment. This treatment involved using a device that emits sound waves that provide deep heat to the tissues. The process is used to ease pain, increase the temperature of body tissues and break up the scar tissues. The joints are given an optimal environment to recover.

4. Relax and compress the muscles

The injury isn’t going to heal quickly when the muscles are tensed. To speed up recovery, the patient has to make sure that the muscles around the injured joint stay relaxed the whole day. For this purpose, they can use different medical wear products. Some of the options include Mendmeshop’s inferno wrap and RejuvaHealth’s compression stockings. They will keep the muscles around the injured area relaxed and compressed throughout the day.

5. Mediation and yoga

Injuries are known to recover faster with the right mind-set. Meditation can help the mind clear up from any disturbances, and this will speed up the process of recovery. A positive state of mind is achieved through meditation

Yoga is scientifically known to warm and relax the muscles. There are several different yoga poses that can be done around the injury to speed up the injury recovery.

A patient can reduce the time of recovery through one or a mixture of these techniques.

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