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Slow and Steady: 5 Benefits of Moderate Exercise

Slow and Steady: 5 Benefits of Moderate ExerciseEver been to a gym that tells you to go hard, or go home?

Exercise addicts and hardcore trainers want people to believe that in order to be healthy, they have to push their limits each and every day.

While this certainly has its benefits on some occasions, many people can benefit just as much from adding moderate exercise into their daily routine.

Health experts have long recommended moderate exercise:

1. Extend your lifespan – Want to live longer? Moderate exercise can add years to your life. One recent study done by the Cooper Institute in Dallas monitored runners who regularly hit the road at various speed intervals.

The study found that joggers running a 10 to 11 minute mile had a lower mortality rate than faster paced runners who ran 7 miles an hour or faster. Other studies have found similar results.

As long as you are moving and not living a sedentary lifestyle, you can add life to your years and live longer.

2. Have more fun – Let’s face it. Knowing that you are about to endure a highly intense and uncomfortable workout is not always motivating enough to get you out the door.

Extreme exercise can be difficult to maintain for the long haul and often times leads to athlete burnout. If you want to keep a regular regimen, try moderate exercise that is more enjoyable and still very healthy.

3. Curb your cravingsThe American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a study that found women at more after high intensity workouts than they did after lower intensity training.

Another study by Brigham Young University found that cravings subsided with low intensity training. With moderate exercise, your body is still able to process insulin and lower your blood sugar levels. This can mitigate your hunger leaving you feeling full for longer and less tempted by unhealthy treats.

Slow and Steady: 5 Benefits of Moderate Exercise4. Feel less groggy – When was the last time you got a great night’s rest? Sleep quality is directly impacted by the activity you performed during the day. For people that workout after work or in the evening, high intensity aerobics can leave your body in overdrive.

Your adrenaline levels can make it difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep, leaving you feeling groggy and tired the next day. With moderate exercise, your adrenaline levels are not so amped up that you can’t fall asleep.

Instead, your body is able to maintain a healthy regimen of rest and activity so that you feel balanced and energized.

5. Easy to fit in – High intensity workouts usually require a trip to the gym or extensive planning. But moderate exercise is easy to fit in to your busy schedule.

Taking the dog for a walk on your lunch break if you work from home, partnering up for an evening walk around the park with your friend, or walking while you work on a treadmill desk are all easy ways to get in more moderate exercise throughout the day.

Want to be healthy, but hate hardcore intense workouts? Moderate exercise is your answer.

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About the Author:

Kimberly Crossland is passionate about healthy living. She loves to share the tips that work best for her on healthy living blogs online.

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