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3 Types of Cardiovascular Disease


3 Types of Cardiovascular DiseaseCardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and abroad. In fact, 40% of deaths in the U.S are caused by heart disease.

This is more than all of the different types of cancer combined. The truth is that a better understanding of heart disease, your risks, and how to prevent it can help you escape this alarming statistic.

It all begins by learning the different types of cardiovascular disease.

Ischemic Heart Disease

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease covers a broad scope of tissues and organs. Anything having to do with the heart, heart valves, arteries, veins or the smaller capillaries and venules that provide blood to your tissues and organs is considered part of the cardiovascular system.

Ischemic heart disease is the most common type of heart disease. It occurs when there is a blockage of one or more of the coronary arteries that reduces the blood to the heart.

This type of blockage, partial or full, can result in a lack of oxygen which causes shortness of breath and chest pain. A complete blockage generally results in a heart attack, aka myocardial infarction.

Heart Failure

The heart is a muscle. Over time this muscle can develop scar tissue either from infection or heart attacks. If your heart is denied oxygen due to a blockage some of the heart tissue can die as well.

These factors can lead to your heart swelling as well as cause your heart to stop working. This is also called an enlarged heart or Cardiomegaly and can be caused by high blood pressure which requires your heart to work harder to pump sufficient blood to your tissues.

Vascular Disease

There are two types of vascular disease, peripheral vascular disease and cerebrovascular disease. Both are the result of a blockage in your arteries.

In Cerebrovascular disease the blockage would be in your brain. Blockages can cause clots and strokes.

Peripheral vascular disease affects the circulation of your extremities and generally occurs in the legs. It’s often caused by an increase in a person’s clotting factors which can be caused by sitting for a long time, hormones, and a genetic predisposition.

Other Less Common Types of Heart Disease

There are other types of heart disease that are much less common. They include congenital heart disease, which occurs when a person is born with a malfunctioning heart.

For example, they may have a heart valve that doesn’t close completely. Rheumatic heart disease is caused by a childhood infection in the heart.

The different types of heart disease can cause a whole host of problems including angina, Atrial Fibrillation, strokes, clots, high blood pressure and death.

Taking good care of your heart health is the best prevention for the vast majority of heart related diseases and complications.

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