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The humble onion is world-renowned as a cooking ingredient and no-fuss garden staple, but its boons and benefits extend beyond making your dishes taste better. It’s been used in many cultures and societies over history to treat illnesses and ward off health problems, and many of its healing attributes work wonders for the skin and hair, too.

The onion isn’t the only natural source of medicinal and aesthetic improvement, but the pungent bulb makes an excellent edition to beauty regimens, natural or not. Below are three of the onion’s beauty benefits you might not expect.

Skin Clearing

You may have heard of putting a cut onion in your sock to draw out impurities and fight off a cold. Whether you’ve tried this method or not, the onion does have nutrients and compounds that help clear up the skin and several skin problems. Vitamin C, sulphur and antioxidants in onions clear the pores and help blood circulation to the face; the vegetable’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties fight off acne and other afflictions.

The same properties that combat acne work for other minor skin inconveniences, as well. Insect bites, small burns and bruises are just some of the problems onions can help fix; you can remove skin tags at home with daily applications of the juice, too. Your face will be all the clearer for a bit of the juice applied via a face mask or even plain, so long as you don’t overdo it. Thanks to all the benefits you get both from eating and applying onions topically, it’s no surprise that they can do great things for your skin as a whole.

A Beautiful Mouth

While it does sound weird that the strong-smelling onion can work wonders for your oral condition, the bulb does offer several benefits. Chewing on raw onion for a couple of minutes both fights ugly diseases away and kills germs in your mouth that would otherwise give you bad breath. What’s more is the Vitamin C content can gently whiten your teeth without stripping away the enamel and be making them weaker. If you don’t prefer to eat them alone, you can always prepare a dish that features them raw, like a sandwich or salsa. Not only will your food taste better, but your teeth will be polished up for it.

Hair Growth

The onion might not be the most pleasant-smelling thing to put on your head, whether in pungent juice form or in a mash, but people have been doing so for decades. Besides giving your locks a healthy sheen, you can apply it to repair hair loss and help it grow back. The sulphur present in onions is not only a building block of hair, but it also helps with blood circulation to keep follicles nourished and working smoothly. An antioxidant named catalase promotes hair staying colored instead of going grey prematurely. The antibacterial properties can also ward off some of the issues that cause hair thinning, like scalp infections, so onions play a part in both preventing loss and new, fresh growth.


No matter which benefits you seek, onions and their juice are easy to include in your routine. They’re best used raw most of the time, but if you’d like to cut the smell, oils like olive and sweet almond or honey can be added to the mix. Essential oils also make great additions and offer beautifying benefits of their own. Onions are typically safe enough to put on alone, however, and can be left on the skin and hair for extended periods of time if the smell isn’t a huge concern. To be sure they won’t irritate you or cause an allergic reaction, try a 10-minute patch test on your skin first.

The humble onion can help you out despite its tear-inducing aroma. It might be more popular as a food item, but don’t let that stop you: the nutrients and minerals that you eat make a difference inside and out. Like with other natural treatments, regular applications have to be repeated for at least a few days to be effective. So long as you’re patient, though, you can reap the benefits.

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