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What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a natural compound that is found in healthy cartilage. Glucosamine sulfate is a normal constituent of glycoaminoglycans in cartilage matrix and synovial fluid. Available evidence from randomized controlled trials supports the use of glucosamine sulfate in the treatment of osteoarthritis, particularly of the knee. It is believed that the sulfate moiety provides clinical [...]

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Live Without Panic Attacks

We live in stressful times. A rocky U.S. economy has made it harder than ever to live the American dream. You might want a family and a house, but you must constantly retrain yourself to compete and make a living. That can make your work day longer and harder. As a result, you might worry more often. When worry takes over, it can lead to a panic attack. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have panic attacks frequently and constantly worry about the next attack, you may have panic disorder.1

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New Toxic Side Effects of Nicotine & How to Beat Them – As Seen on The View

Even as a child you were likely told that smoking was bad for you! It is common knowledge in today’s society both smoking and secondhand smoke are extremely damaging to your body. A new scientific study points the finger, no longer just at the toxic chemicals you find in cigarettes, but also at nicotine itself, [...]

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Choosing a Toothpaste to Fight Bad Breath

It used to be that choosing toothpaste was a simple matter of going to your local market and picking between two or three popular brands. You may have had a choice of brands and varying flavors, but all in all, the toothpaste was made the same. It was to clean your teeth and to fight [...]

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3 Sneaky Symptoms of Stress: How to Cope

We all know that excessive stress can negatively impact our health. However, we may not always make the connection to stress when we begin to experience unusual symptoms. If you’re under a lot of stress, chances are you are not getting enough sleep to begin with, let alone any of quality.

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Is Cancer Caused by Candida?

Interview with Doctor Tullio Simoncini By Emma Holister of EH: Having read your articles about your revolutionary cancer therapy, I cannot help but wonder how difficult it has been for you to continue working as an oncologist in the world of mainstream medicine. What has been the response of the medical authorities to your [...]

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Middle Aged Men At More Risk Of Infertility?

It’s been well established that as men age, the quality of their semen tends to drop. Like all cells in the body, sperm cells are no different and over time the body can produce less and more ineffective sperm. Although this isn’t normally the case with those men who have followed a healthy lifestyle throughout their years… in fact, men have been fathering children well beyond their semen’s ‘sell-by-date’. It seems to be associated with genetics, lifestyle and many other factors… not age alone. However, according to this Reuters article , a recent study has found that the quality of semen in Chinese men drops significantly after the age of 35.

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Lavender Eye Cream

Ingredients: * 1 tablespoon lanolin * 1 teaspoon liquid lecithin * 2 teaspoons thick coconut oil * 1 tablespoon hazelnut oil * 1 teaspoon sesame oil * 1 teaspoon jojoba oil * 2 tablespoons rosewater * 2 drops Lavender Essential Oil Instructions: Melt the hazelnut oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil to a [...]

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Natural Substance May Help Asthma Sufferers

New research shows that it may be possible to alleviate symptoms of allergic asthma by using quercetin, a plant derivative found in fruits and vegetables. In a recent study conducted at Comenius University, scientists found that quercetin could open up parts of the respiratory system that become narrow during asthma attacks.

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Exotic Aftershave

Ingredients: * 3 tablespoons witch hazel * 5 tablespoons cider vinegar * 5 tablespoons orange flower water * 15 drops bergamot essential/fragrance oil * 10 drops lemon essential/fragrance oil * 8 drops neroli essential/fragrance oil Directions: Combine all the ingredients into a bottle, shake well. Set aside for 1 week. Shake once a day. Store [...]

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