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Panic Attacks: What Would Happen If You Do Not Get Treatment

At the onset of panic attacks or disorder, it is best to go see your doctor immediately and have it evaluated as this will not only give you a clear understanding of what condition you are undergoing but this could also prevent the aggravation of the disorder. Here are several possible scenarios if you do [...]

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Native Remedies’ Thanksgiving Pot Luck Recipes

Our Thanksgiving potluck was a huge success and we had a lot of fun! Just as we did with our last potluck, we wanted to share some of the recipes with you. Hopefully you’re in need of some ideas for your own Thanksgiving meal. Enjoy!

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Diverticulosis Oil Blend

The inflammation, pain, flatulence, and discomfort of this condition are effectively eased by using the essential oils, but nutritional habits must be examined to ensure there is no recurrence of the problems. Rub the following oil over the abdomen twice a day: * Peppermint 2 drops * Chamomile 1 drop * Rosemary 3 drops * [...]

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How Probiotics Benefit Vaginal Health

Studies have shown that a woman’s vagina contains many different kinds of bacteria, and these forms of bacteria make up what is called vaginal flora. When the vaginal flora is in balance the vagina is considered healthy; however, many external factors cause an imbalance in this flora, leading to vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

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Statistics of attention deficit disorder cases

The number of cases of ADD/ADHD continues to rise every year, with more and more children and adults receiving a diagnosis each day. There are numerous statistics with Attention Deficit Disorder and while not every result is the same for each study, there are definite trends and common traits that seem to emerge over this [...]

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The Hormonally Vulnerable Woman

According to Geoffrey Redmond, M.D., a majority of the 42 million American women between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-five suffer from vulnerability to their own hormones. Appearance, emotions — and even sex drive — may be affected. Symptoms include thinning hair, persistent acne, mood swings, low energy, loss of pleasure in sex, weight gain, [...]

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Why Does My Pet Have Gas?

It’s completely normal for your pet to have gas just like humans do, however if your pet has excessive amounts of gas, unwanted side effects can occur for both pets and owners.

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When Dietary Supplements for PMS Do Not Work

If you suffer from PMS and have actually discussed the condition with your doctor, the odds are good that you were urged to increase your intake of certain dietary supplements, such as magnesium, calcium, vitamins E and D, and maybe even some evening primrose oil. You may have followed this regimen faithfully now for two [...]

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Feeling Queasy? Foods to Eat if You Suffer From Nausea

When you feel sick, even normal activities can feel overwhelming. However, feeling nauseous from time to time is not all that uncommon, and may result from overindulgence, the flu, motion sickness, lack of sleep, anxiety, or even stress.

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What Keeps Old Men Young?

I guess there are endless answers to that, and they are all opinions.  I am referring to ‘answers’ that fall outside the scope of lifestyle, diet and exercise, and of course supplementation. Why do I raise it? The other night I attended a function put on by the Thai/New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok.  If their monthly functions happen to coincide when I am in town I usually attend. Anyway, there was a new member there this time and I got to talk to him.  I could see that he was older than me and as often happens, the topic got around to age and health.  He was from Holland and had lived in Thailand for 22 years.  I asked him how old he was and he asked me to guess.  I figured he would be in his late 60’s, maybe early 70’s.   He was actually 81. He guessed that my age was in the early 50’s so I was quite happy that he was 10 years out. He still works full time as a consultant. He then volunteered that his secret for keeping young was that he had a 5 year old child.  I suggested that this was not my idea of keeping young.  I have three grandchildren which are delightful, but it is good to be able to give them back after having them for a while.  But, it seems to be working for him. He was fortunate that his child is good and healthy…but, it is a risk for men fathering children at that age as the chances of a child been born with a defect goes up significantly.  I think that if I had the inclination to have another child at that age I would do what a friend of mine did in Bangkok (even though he is still within the safe age for fathering a child).  He adopted a little girl of 4 years of age who was a friend of his daughter of 10 years who as one of her hobbies helped teach little kids English in the toughest slums in Bangkok. She has turned out to be a smart young girl and already fluent in English.

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