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Digestive Conditions, Headline »

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1. Color: Stool color should be a walnut brown. Given temporary variations with dark green leafy vegetable or beets.

2. Consistency: Stool should be smooth with the consistency of paste. This shows the bowels are well hydrated. The length of stool should be the length of a banana or longer.

3. Frequency: As discussed above, this depends on the individual, but in the natural health community, one movement per day is good, but two-three per day is healthiest!

4. Gas and Odor: A normal amount of gas is the …

Sexual Health »

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There are several types of erectile dysfunction or male impotence. The first is arteriogenic in which the arteries which supply blood to the penis do not have enough blood to cause an erection. This is a more common occurrence when there is narrowing of the arteries from a disease such as diabetes or in the elderly.

Individuals who have high blood pressure or have had an injury in the genital region can also have a blockage in the artery that supplies the penis. An injury is more commonly …

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In Santiago, Pablo Garcia creates rectangles of copper and adds splashes of enamel for these unusual earrings.

In Santiago, Pablo Garcia creates rectangles of copper and adds splashes of enamel for these unusual earrings. The earrings are 2 inches long and 1 inch wide and hang from a silver hook.

Price: $24.99

Learn more about Rectangular Copper Earrings with Enamel – Chile now!

Aromatherapy »

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* 6-8 teaspoons grapeseed oil
* 6 drops of chamomile essential/fragrance oil
* 2 drops rose essential/fragrance oil
* 2 drops rosemary essential/fragrance oil


Blend ingredients well, warm up oil before doing any massage including your fingertips.

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Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 1 Pouch Servings Per Container: 7 Amount Per Serving Calories 70 Calories from Fat 0 Total Fat 0g Saturated Fat 0g Cholesterol

Recommended Reading »

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As part of our ongoing effort to provide our readers with quality information on natural holistic health, we’d like to offer you this completely free ebook. Our ebooks cover a wide variety of topics including men’s health, child health, women’s health, herbal remedies, natural beauty, natural help for anxiety and depression, and alternative medicine and remedies for a myriad of other common health complaints. All ebooks are in pdf format are certified virus and spyware free. You will need Adobe Reader to view our ebooks. If you do not have …

Health and Vitality, Pain Management »

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7 Super Foods That Silence Pain

There’s a whole bunch of foods that keep you stuck in pain. Eat them and you’re practically asking for trouble. But life isn’t all about what you can’t do. That’s probably why so many people fail to stick to diets… even when we know it’s for our own good. We just don’t like feeling like we’re missing out on something by following some big list of “don’ts.” So how about we turn the tables on that and take a look at foods that aren’t only tasty, but can actually help end a lot of our pain. That’s right. Eat any of these super foods and you’re not only enjoying your meal or snack, you’re actually fighting the inflammation that’s keeping you in pain. Here are my seven favorite super foods that fight inflammation: Jalapeno peppers – chop these up raw into your salsa for a great kick and pain relieving power Dry roasted almonds – grab a handful of these tasty pain fighters for a snack Carrots – they aren’t just for Bugs Bunny… enjoy them raw as a snack or on your salad Broccoli – cooked or raw, broccoli quickly goes to work on that inflammation too Olive oil – just a single tablespoon drizzled on your salad has as much pain fighting power as an entire half cup of broccoli Raw spinach – hope you love salads because adding some raw spinach to it will pump up your body’s ability to fight off systemic inflammation Wild Atlantic salmon – my all-time favorite inflammation fighting food… wild Atlantic salmon is a heavyweight champion in a small package – a 3oz portion can fight inflammation as well as 6 cups of raw spinach! Now those just happen to be some of my favorites. But there’s a lot more foods that can help you end the pain caused by systemic inflammation

Pregnancy, Birth »

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Gestational diabetes is a condition that happens to between 3 and 5% of women during the last 2/3 of their pregnancy. During gestational diabetes the woman’s body is unable to use the insulin that is produced and becomes insulin resistant.

This is a problem because insulin brings the sugar that is metabolized from the food we eat into the cells to be used as energy. Without the sugar the body is forced to burn fat for fuel which as significant negative effects on both the mother and the baby.

Without …

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7 Servings Elite High Protein Oatmeal is exactly the kind of whole oats meal that you would expect from Dymatize Nutrition. Power packed cutting edge and absolutely delicious! In each of the 7 convenient single serving pouches you get rich hearty oatmeal plus an added 34+ grams of our famous Elite Whey Protein. Instead of fueling up with only simple carbs get a real start with protein and the goodness of whole oats. These oats contain high levels of Soluble Fiber which plays an integral role in promoting a healthy …

Aromatherapy, Health and Vitality »

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Did you know that there are some direct connections between the food we eat and our sexual responses both male

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