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The thyroid gland, which is housed just below your voice box, derives its name from the Greek word for shield due to its shape. A healthy thyroid is just a little bigger than a quarter and cannot be felt under the skin. It has two lobes. A swollen lobe may just feel like a lump in your throat.

A swollen lobe is called a goiter that is normally caused due to iodine deficiency. There are, however, other abnormal conditions of thyroid, out of which, thyroid cancer (thyroid carcinoma) is the most serious.

Often, thyroid cancers in early stages produce no thyroid cancer symptoms. As the cancer grows, a small lump or nodule can be felt in the neck. The vast majority of thyroid nodules are caused by benign conditions – only about 1 percent of these types of nodules actually signify the presence of thyroid cancer.

If it is indeed thyroid cancer and begins to spread, it can cause thyroid cancer symptoms that include:

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Natural Colon Cleanse Product Supports weight loss programs More energy Helps relieve bloating Improves skin appearance Helps flatten your waistline Promotes regularity Relieves occasional constipation What Is Sculpt n� Cleanse Natural Colon Cleansing Product? When toxins preservatives in foods chemicals pollutants in our air and water and processed foods (i.e. white flours sugars dyes etc.) cannot always be eliminated they lodge in the intestinal tract in the form of dried fecal matter and mucus known as mucoid plaque. It is estimated that the average person has between 4-20 lbs of this toxic intestinal build-up in their system � which can keep accumulating over the years! Besides pushing out the abdomen and waistline this intestinal build-up is also attributed to gaining fat and bloating a slower metabolism as well as many other health problems. The first step in any weight loss body shaping or anti-aging program should be cleansing. Colon cleansing is one of the most important steps – and usually the most overlooked – when attempting to lose weight shape the body flatten the waistline improve the immune system help the digestive and eliminative systems assit certain health problems and achieve optimum health. Sculpt n� Cleanse is an all-natural herbal colon cleansing formula. This time tested safe and gentle colon cleanser is made to help break down and eliminate the toxic build up in the intestine and colon over a three to five month period. This product is great in helping flatten the waistline stimulate the metabolism and enhance any weight management or diet program. Why Our Natural Colon Cleansing Product is better� It gently and safely eliminates toxic build-up It�s a self-regulating formula � you only take as much as your body actually needs It fits into any diet program or weight management system It does not inhibit normal day to day activities � You will not become a prisoner to the restroom Each batch tested for purity and bioavailability All Natural � vegetarian formula and vegetable caps Helps break down Mucoid Plaque How Does Sculpt n� Cleanse Natural Colon Cleansing Product Work? Sculpt n� Cleanse helps eliminate this intestinal build-up by using herbs to gently break down the mucoid plaque in your intestines over a three to five month cleansing cycle. Then once a year an additional bottle should be taken as part of a maintenance program. Sculpt n� Cleanse can also be used during the holidays on vacations or whenever occasional irregularity occurs. What Is In Sculpt n� Cleanse? Supplement FactsServing Size: 2 Capsules Servings Per Container: 100 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value (DV) Proprietary Blend: 900 mg* ** Ingredients: Vegetable capsule. Contains all-natural herbs in vegetable capsules. NO binders fillers or foreign materials used. All herbs are tested to ensure purity and biological availability. * Cascara Sagrada (bark) Senna (pod) Psyllium (seed) Turkey Rhubarb (Rheum officinale – Root) Slippery Elm (bark) Barberry (Berberis vulgaris – root) and Aloe Ferox (Cape Aloe-leaf).

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Menstrual migraines affect only women and are quite debilitating. The migraines are affected by hormones fluctuating through the menstrual cycle. Women suffer from migraines 3 times more frequently then men and those which are controlled by hormones are classified as menstrual headaches and PMS headaches. Menstrual migraines and PMS headaches occur in 60% of all women who suffer from migraines.

Menstrual migraines are a complex problem that requires a significant amount of skill to diagnose and treat successfully. Women shouldn’t be satisfied with the first answer or even the second one but should seek out care for menstrual migraines until they are satisfied that their particular menstrual migraines are adequately treated.

Serotinin is involved in the trigger of many menstrual migraines. Some researchers believe there is also a genetic link in the way that people metabolize serotonin and then the way in which the hormone interacts with the female hormones.

The symptoms of menstrual migraines are similar to those of migraines. The headaches usually start on one side, are throbbing and accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to bright lights.

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Varicose veins are veins which are abnormally and irregularly swollen and are a condition for which many seek varicose veins treatment. This is the part of the arterial system that returns blood to the heart after oxygen has been delivered to the tissues. The symptoms of varicose veins can occur in multiple different areas of the body on both men and women.

The most common form goes down in either one or both of two large veins near the surface of the leg. Varicose veins can also occur inside the anus, the vagina and the testicles as well as spider veins which can occur on the face and upper arms.

The signs and symptoms of varicose veins will depend upon the area of the body which is experiencing the varicose veins. In the legs, individuals will recognize symptoms such as itchy or heavy legs, especially if they have been sitting or standing for any length of time. Varicose veins will also appear blue and twisted. If they are severe and without varicose veins treatment, the skin covering the leg can also become dry, itchy and swollen.

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Do you have a job that involves repetitive motion? If you aren’t careful, you could end up needing home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. For people who already suffer from it, here are some home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome to help relieve the pain.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome? The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage on the inside of your forearm at the level of your wrist. It houses the medial nerve and tendons that flex the fingers on your hand. All of these structures fit nice and neat in this passage that protects them from injury.

The problem comes in when swelling in the area causes the median nerve to get pinched. Anyone who has ever had a pinched nerve knows the amount of pain associated with it. The nerve can be agitated by fine motor skills and vibrating movements that cause inflammation.

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Written in accessible language for bodyworkers and hands-on therapists, Healing with the Chakra Energy System describes the use of very simple non-suppressive and nons-ymptomatic techniques in which the cause of the disease process may be halted and disharmony within the body may be changed into harmony.

Each chapter contains case histories and descriptions of how to treat many conditions, including muscular, joint, spinal, organic, and emotional. Based on the author’… More >>

Healing with the Chakra Energy System: Acupressure, Bodywork, and Reflexology for Total Health


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