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Conventional medicine or allopathic medicine use drugs to treat a disease. These drugs produce the “opposite effect of the disease when given to an afflicted individual.”

For example, conventional thyroid medications attempt to either suppress the production of excess hormones or administer additional hormonal to supplement natural low levels.

Alternative therapies are based on an entirely different philosophy and perspective of a disease. And the basic philosophy is the same for all treatments including thyroid treatment.

* Homoeopathy – This line of medicine believes that treatment requires analysis of minute personality traits of the patient along with the prevalent symptoms to arrive at the final diagnosis.

* Ayurveda – The ancient Indian system of medicine considers the body, mind and soul as factors that are responsible for sustaining body health and preventing degeneration and finally death.

* Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): This stream of oriental medicine believes that the source of all health and ailments is the vital energy, Qi. The body remains healthy if Qi is unblocked and can flow freely in the body, But if the Qi is blocked in certain places, various health concerns can surface.

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When ointments, creams and medications are not effective as forms of eczema treatment, perhaps it is time you consider wet wrap therapy. This kind of therapy is able to provide immense relief and at the same time moisturize the sooth and itchy skin. But what is wet wrap therapy?

Wet wrap therapy is all about wrapping wet bandages around the sore skin. It is a mixture of warm water and a special moisturizer and before you wrap yourself up, you have to soak yourself first in a bath with emollient oil so the skin will soon become moist. In cases when the eczema is severe, you can apply anti-itching cream first.

This type of therapy can be used on any part of the body including the face. To make it effective, the wet bandages should be wrapped over dry ones.

The advantage of wet wrap therapy is that it can rehydrate the damaged skin, make you sleep better, reduce the itching you feel and decrease the redness on your skin. This also prevents secondary infection because sometimes, you have the urge to scratch the affected area and without protection, you are sure to make things worse.

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You and I both know that the eyes are responsible for giving us the gift of sight and are very important. They are extremely sensitive organs and really do not have much protection.

Maybe as we evolve further a bulletproof shield will cover them but for now we are stuck with the eyelid, eyebrow and tears for protection. I strongly doubt we will ever have bulletproof eyes but it was worth a shot at humor. Maybe you needed a good laugh or are thinking right now ‘Wow! This guy is lame.’. No matter.

Many things can cause our eyes to become irritated. Wind, bright lights, environmental toxins, seasonal allergies and environmental pollutants can all cause our eyes to suffer. The result is often red eyes, straining eyes, eye inflammation, itchiness or dry eyes.

Medical conditions, such as diabetes, can cause eye problems to develop without warning. In the case of diabetes, glaucoma is often the unwanted result. Infections can also cause problems with the eyes such as with conjunctivitis and episcleritis. This one might blow your mind. Eye problems can be caused by STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) like herpes and genital warts. This only occurs when the eye contacts the area of infection.

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We all have certain foods that we love to eat even when eating too much is bad. These are most often comfort foods that are hard to give up. If you are making food choices that aren’t the best, here are some suggestions for making changes.

You have probably sabotaged your eating habits once or twice. You didn’t intend to but it just so happened that you had that last box of chocolate cookies in the cupboard. Since you know they are there, you’ll be more likely to reach for them when stressed or you think you are hungry.

Before you fret, there is hope for all of us. Use the following steps to turn those hard to get rid of habits into winning techniques for weight-loss success.

1. Never go to the grocery store hungry. This is another sabotaging method. You might be saying to yourself that you are only going into the grocery store for a few things. With your stomach rumbling, you are prone to abandon the pack of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for fried chicken wings at the deli.

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[24 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 11 views]

For the most part smokers learn early in their habit to put up a wall of denial between smoking and the reality of the damages that happens to the body with every cigarette that is smoked. Eventually, most people find that they are fearful or highly anxious about the consequences of long-term cigarette smoking.

In the old days it was considered cool to smoke. Television carried commercials about Marlboro Man and movies featured actors and actresses smoke long cigarettes and spoke dramatically. But today many of the research studies show that life-threatening illnesses and diseases can be significantly linked and contributed to the tobacco, nicotine and over 2000 other chemicals which are known to be part of a cigarette. And, while individuals may know of some of these hazardous effects, it is also known that the addiction to nicotine is comparable to heroin so it isn’t such an easy habit to break.

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