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There are many reasons that can lead to the occurrence of ADHD in children. Most of these factors have been studied in detail. One of the causative factors that have been postulated to have a profound impact on ADHD is lack of proper nutrition. A growing number of scientific studies have linked nutritional deficiencies like deficiency of essential fatty acids and amino acids has been linked to ADHD. Also, intake of some ingredients found in foods has been linked with the onset of ADHD.

If this does not convince you let us look at the results of some of the studies conducted in different parts of the world. The first study that linked ADHD with lower levels of essential fatty acids was conducted in 1981. A similar study conducted in 1983 found lower levels of essential fatty acids in children with ADHD.

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Contagious Diseases, Detox, Immunity, Infection »

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In early 2009 an outbreak of a flu virus in Mexico City sent the media and the local population into a slight panic over the possibility that a new pandemic flu virus may be emerging within the country. The virus was identified as what was then called the swine flu and has since been renamed H1N1 virus.

Most of the people who were severely affected by the virus in Mexico were young, healthy adults who were between the ages of three and 60. It appeared that no one under the age of three and no one over the age of 60 were as severely affected as others. Following this initial observation researchers were able to determine that those over the age of 60 had been exposed to a similar virus earlier in their life and had been effectively immunized against this particular strain.

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Beautiful Hair, Featured »

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Hair loss is not welcomed in men or in women. We expect it more in men but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. If you are experiencing hair loss, there is more than one type of hair loss that you could be suffering from. Read on to find out more.

Hair loss comes under a blanket term called alopecia. It refers to the loss of hair that is not natural. Each day, a person loses between 75 and 100 strands of hair from their head. This is all a part of the normal cycle of hair growth, loss and re-growth.

Each hair follicle goes through a hair growth cycle that lasts anywhere from two to five years. It begins with the Anagen phase. This is when the hair is actively growing out of the follicle. The Catagen phase is the transitional period where the hair shaft detaches from the blood supply that was nourishing it through the growth phase.

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Skin Care, Ailments »

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Pimples and zits are just of the problems that affect our skin. But did you know that eczema can also happen? Eczema treatments are available. The only problem is that these aren’t cures which means it could come back.

The simplest way to battle eczema is by using moisturizers. By applying some in the affected area, it will help your skin heal and give you relief from the symptoms associated with this problem. Before you apply the moisturizer, it is best to have a room temperature bath as this will help remove crusted skin. Once you towel off, this is the time you apply the moisturizer.

When you are looking for a moisturizer, make sure it two or three of the following ingredients; alpha hydroxyl acids, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, butylene glycol, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, mineral oil, panthenol, petroleum, prolipids, propylene glycol, stearyl alcohol and tocopheryl acetate.

A very good example of such a moisturizer is eucerin because its main ingredients are petroleum and mineral oil. You can buy this in cream or lotion form and has been proven to relieve itching.

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