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What is the purpose of a Mala? The purpose of the Mala from the point of view of the Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem or Christian traditions is for counting of of sacred mantra(prayers) during a period of recitation. For example, one might recite, “Om Mani Padme Hum,” “Hail Mary, full of Grace…”, or “Om Tare Tam Soha” and keep a count of each mantra by moving your fingers over each bead. Of course, one can use the Mala for any sacred prayer from any spiritual or religious tradition.

The Mala, rosary or prayer beads would be best seen as inseparable from God, Buddha, or the Deity. It is not jewelry, and should not be considered as such. If one treat the Mala with respect and care, and the magnetism of it will grow proportionately.

Do not lay it on the ground or floor. If you drop it on the ground, clean it off, and place it on top of your head as you say Om, Ah, Hung, OR another prayer of blessing from your native tradition.

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Contagious Diseases, Detox, Immunity, Infection, Featured »

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Between 1918 and 1919 over 20 million people died from the influenza virus. There were not many ways known to treat the virus and as a result it spread quickly and killed many. The influenza virus is spread through respiratory secretions, from coughing and sneezing, and will usually run its course within one to two weeks. Symptoms include chills, fever, headache, soreness, backache and fatigue. Individuals who are at higher risk for developing more severe disease often have an underlying medical condition that affects their immune system, such as AIDS, diabetes or asthma, or they are greater than 65 or younger than five.

For the largest majority of people, however, the flu causes uncomfortable and irritating symptoms that resolve on their own. The best way to treat the flu is to prevent getting it in the first place. That is accomplished by keeping your immune system in good condition and practicing good hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Diet, Weight Loss, Featured, Insomnia, Sleep Disorders »

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Sleep is an important part of our daily cycle. It is during sleep that the body begins to regenerate and repair itself from the activities of the day. Shorting yourself when it comes to getting enough sleep can lead to changes in your body that promote weight gain.

Each person has a certain amount of sleep that their body needs each night. Depending on your age, you need more sleep than at other times. For children, the sleep requirement is usually between nine and ten hours a night. The body is still developing. With growth spurts, teenagers may sleep a little one night and half of the day another night.

The body does lots of work during this time. The brain processes what has happened during the day while you sleep. The body recovers from stress at night. If you exercise, your muscles are still burning fat while you sleep.

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Skin Care, Ailments »

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Eczema is a skin disorder. It is one of those problems that has no cure and can return and you cannot undergo eczema treatment without knowing first what caused it.

Some doctors believe that there is an imbalance in the body which is why you have eczema. In some cases, the body is producing too many or too few hormones. One example is when you have low thyroid function. When this happens, you will also have poor blood circulation and your skin will now develop the symptoms of eczema such as blistering, itching, oozing and swelling.

Eating also causes some people to have eczema. In fact, some patients have complained of certain food allergies before the flare-ups occur.

We all know that if we sustain an infection, the immune system will not work properly and your body will shut down. When this happens, we are also vulnerable to this skin disorder. A casing point is the growth of Candida albicans which is a yeast type infection.

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