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Alternative Therapies, Featured, Pain Management »

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Most headaches result from tension. Tension produces pain in the neck and shoulders resulting in constriction of the blood vessels and blood circulation resulting in headaches. Stress, guilt, fear, anger, depression, and rage are all contributing factors to tension headaches. Underlying health problems can also result in headaches.

Everything from sinusitis to nutritional imbalance, spinal misalignment to PMS, poor circulation to TMJ are all culprits. Food allergies and additives, cigarette smoke, air pollutants, poor ventilation, certain drugs, chemicals, and overexposure to sun are also factors. Proper diagnosis of the particular headache makes treatment much more specific and easier to diagnose.

Migraines are the result in an abnormal flow of blood to the brain. Pain can last for several hours to several days. Migraines are frequently related to food and environmental allergies. They may also be brought on by poor circulation, chemical sensitivities, changes in humidity, stress or underlying illness.

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Contagious Diseases, Detox, Immunity, Infection »

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Tamiflu is a medication that’s been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of influenza virus which causes seasonal flu. It is approved for adults and children aged one year an older and, to date, is the most frequently prescribed flu medication.

The manufacturer believes that its the first step in treating and preventing the flu is the use of Tamiflu which must be taken within the first 48 hours of symptoms. Tamiflu is available in capsule form and fruit flavored liquid form for dosages in younger children. It can be taken with or without food and is usually taken twice daily for five days. At this time the medication has also been approved for flu prevention.

However, as much as a be used of a medication to decrease the effects of the influenza virus or to prevent the contraction of the flu is enticing, there have been some significant side effects from the medication reported in the literature which begs the answer to the question of risk versus benefit.

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Energy and Fatigue, Headline »

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In modern society, more people than ever are suffering from both mental and physical exhaustion. When a person becomes exhausted they can become terribly frightened. Worrying, set backs, pressure and responsibilities building up become scary because they have lost the ability to cope well.

Sure fire symptoms of physical and mental exhaustion are feeling completely worn out and tired. It goes without being said that these symptoms can affect all areas of your life. Work suffers and relationships are not the same as energy levels drop off a cliff.

Ignoring the symptoms of exhaustion can lead to major problems in your life. You can become burned out, stressed, depressed and your immune system will struggle to keep up. If you let it go further it can end up causing you to be more vulnerable to become sick or picking up an infection. The cycle never ends.

There is something very important that you must understand. Most people do not realize this but exhaustion is caused by emotional or physical problems in your life. It is important that you step back and examine your lifestyle to see where things have gone wrong.

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Diabetes, Featured, Health and Vitality »

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Diabetes is a group of diseases that is marked by high levels of glucose, or sugar, in the blood. The increased amount sugar in the blood is a result of either defects in the production of insulin or the way in which insulin is used by the body. Complications from diabetes can result in further medical conditions that make it even more difficult to treat the diabetes, such as kidney failure, peripheral vascular disease or heart disease.

Type 1 diabetes is the result of a lack of insulin production because of the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas. These beta cells are responsible for the production of insulin that regulates blood glucose. Researchers have found that there is a combination of genetic and environmental factors that increase a person’s risk for developing Type 1 diabetes.

If these factors can be identified through further research then it is feasible that scientists will be able to make recommendations for the prevention of this disease. Researchers do know that the body attacks the beta cells in the pancreas because of a mistake made by the immune system. Researchers theorize that Type 1 diabetes happens when an environmental toxin or pathogen triggers the immune system to attack itself.

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When you have attention-deficit disorder (ADD), you don’t spend money like most other people. Past-due bills and impulsive spending can throw your finances into turmoil, and because these financial pitfalls are directly related to your ADD symptoms, they can seem impossible to overcome.

The good news is that it is possible to get ADD-related financial disorganization under control and begin to enjoy a more stable relationship to your money. ADD and Your Mon… More >>

ADD and Your Money: A Guide to Personal Finance for Adults With Attention Deficit Disorder

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Digestive Conditions, Featured »

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It’s not just the peppermint candy you pop into your mouth when your mouth is dry or in order to refresh your breath. Peppermint tastes great in candy but did you know that it could also settle your stomach? Here is the skinny on this pungent plant.

Peppermint can be found in everything from tea to candy to medicines. Peppermint itself is a plant called “Mentha piperita” in botanical terms. Including spearmint, peppermint is the mint most often used in aromatherapy, medicinal and commercial products.

When you use peppermint, it can be in plant form, as an essential oil or in balms. This particular mint contains lots of menthol. This is the component that makes you breath feel cool when you inhale after eating peppermint candy or drinking peppermint tea. If you’ve ever sniffed peppermint at full strength, the result is watery eyes and opened nasal passages that you could drive a train through.

It is the high level of menthol that makes peppermint such a great resource for stomach aches. Its antispasmodic properties calm a rumbling tummy. For the same reason, peppermint preparations are great for menstrual cramps and headaches.

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Anxiety and Depression »

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Living Without Depression and Manic Depression outlines a program that helps people achieve real breakthroughs in coping and healing.

This exhaustive handbook covers the following issues: self-advocacy, building a network of support, developing a wellness lifestyle, achieving calmness with energy, symptom prevention strategies, building self-esteem, developing a personalized plan for mood stability, building a career that works, trauma resolution, dealing with sleep… More >>

Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability

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