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If you’re feeling a little sleepy late in the afternoon, instead of taking an over-the-counter stimulant, you can have a caffeinated drink and get a little pick-me-up. If you’re planning on working out, you may wonder about caffeine and exercise. Is it a good idea to mix the two?

Caffeine is a stimulant, pure and simple; it is quickly absorbed into the body and begins to lose effectiveness after one to two hours. Stimulants increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and release glucose into your blood stream. This may explain the extra energy.

Scientists also explain how caffeine increases the level of dopamine in your system which activates the reward center of your brain. In short, caffeine makes you feel good. The stimulant effect may make you feel more awake and more energetic for a short time, but will it affect how well you perform if you participate in sports or exercise?

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Beautiful Hair, Herbal Recipes »

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The proteins from the malt and hops in the beer coat the hair and build it up and help repair damage. It leaves the hair with wonderful body.

* 3/4 cup beer (any cheap brand)
* 1 cup inexpensive shampoo

Boil the beer until it reduces to 1/4 cup. Cool the beer and add it to the 1 cup of inexpensive shampoo

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Diabetes, Health and Vitality »

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Gestational diabetes is the medical term used to describe diabetes mellitus that presents during pregnancy and disappears after the baby has been delivered. The American Diabetes Association estimates that approximately 4% of women who are pregnant will develop gestational diabetes. This condition requires very specialized care for the remainder of the pregnancy in order to protect the health of both the mother and child.

During pregnancy some women develop a resistance to insulin that results in gestational diabetes. Insulin is the hormone that draws sugar from the bloodstream into the cells where it is burned to supply energy at the cellular level. Without the sugar the body is forced to burn fat for fuel that has a significant negative effect on both the mother and baby. The extra sugar in the bloodstream also causes complications in the health of the mother.

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