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What Is overflow Incontinence?Overflow incontinence is a symptom which both men and women can experience as a result of other underlying medical conditions. Millions of women experience in voluntary loss of urine called urinary incontinence which can range from a few drops to a large amount. Women experience urinary incontinence twice as often as men but overflow incontinence is more common in men who also suffer from benign prosthetic hypertrophy.

Depending upon the underlying medical condition the symptom is caused by the inability of the bladder to completely empty each time an individual urinates. Small amounts of urine left inside the bladder leads to irritation of the bladder wall which can result in contractions of the bladder wall and urinary incontinence. While urinary incontinence is more prevalent in women overflowing continence is more prevalent in men.

Individuals who are suffering from overflowing continence feel as though the bladder is never empty and often have to get up during the night to urinate. At times they are on able to urinate even when they feel the urge to go. At other times your and will continue to dribble from the urethra even after they have stopped voiding.

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Cold Weather Running Tips Just because the weather is turning colder, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your outside exercise routine. The temperatures may be lower, but following these cold weather running tips may make running during the winter months something you can continue to do and enjoy.

When you go out to run in cold weather, it’s important that you remain warm and dry. This means you’ll want to start with dry clothing in layers. The layers, made of different fabrics, will allow the sweat and moisture to be wicked away from the skin which will help keep you dryer and warmer.

Start with a thin synthetic material like polypropylene rather than wearing cotton, as cotton holds the moisture next to the skin. Polar fleece can be added next to help keep you warm with an additional insulation layer. Finally, use a breathable nylon material for the outer layer. This will protect you against wind and precipitation but will let out sweat and heat so you don’t become overheated.

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Beauty - Lips, Mouth, Oil Recipes »

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* 6 drops tea tree oil
* 6 drops myrrh oil
* 6 drops peppermint oil
* 2 T grain alcohol

Bring about 7 oz water to a boil. Add eo’s and alcohol and stir well then strain through coffee filter. Cool and bottle.

Use about 4 t and swish around in mouth for about 30 seconds. Don’t swallow.

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