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How to Make Luscious Cream Perfume FormulaAdapted from Perfumes, Splashes, and Colognes, by Nancy M. Booth (Storey Books, 1997). http://www.care2.com/

I couldn’t believe how easy it is to make this luxurious cream perfume. It is such a great gift idea, and so quick you can whip up a batch at the very last minute and still have it done in plenty of time!

We include two different formulas: one is bright and citrusy (according to a recent study I just saw discussed on the internet, wearing citrus scents makes you appear thinner to the opposite sex!) and one spicily reminiscent of the Three Kings’ gifts. Both are completely divine.


* 2 tablespoons grated beeswax
* 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil
* 1-2 teaspoons pure essential oils

1. Melt beeswax in an enamel or glass pan over boiling water. Add sweet almond oil; combine. Be patient with this step; it’s important to blend them completely.

2. Allow the mixture to cool slightly before adding the oils of your choice (see formulas below).

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To Go or Not to Go Herbal, that is the Question…Many people nowadays are turning to “organics” and “naturals” otherwise known as herbals. The rising popularity of herbal supplements has created a new fad if not a new health lifestyle. But before you join the bandwagon, here are some things you need to know about this mean, “green” dietary supplementing machine.

What is the difference between a drug and a dietary supplement?

According to the definition set by food and drug administrations in different countries, drugs are chemicals that can prevent, prolong the life, treat other effects of a health condition, improve the quality of life, and/or cure ailments and diseases, or alter the function of any part or chemicals inside the body. These drugs have approved therapeutic claims.

For example, paracetamol is a drug given to bring down the body temperature in fever. Ascorbic acid is indicated for the treatment of scurvy. Iron supplements are given to treat mild cases of anemia.

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